Weight gain during pregnancy: what is “normal”??

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First things first: every woman is different and unique. And that’s how it is with weight gain during pregnancy too.

You can’t make a blanket statement about how much every woman needs to gain and at what point it’s too much or too little.

This article is about how much extra weight you should gain during pregnancy, how these extra kilos are distributed in the body, and what the risks are of overweight or overweight. Underweight can arise.

How much weight gain is "normal?

The weight gain during pregnancy varies greatly from woman to woman and also depends on the initial weight.

The fact is that every woman needs to gain weight during her pregnancy.

This increase is of course not constant. Thus, women in the first trimester of pregnancy usually gain very little weight. In some cases, some women even lose some weight because of the initial loss of appetite or even nausea. But this is usually not problematic.

From the second trimester, when the hormone balance has stabilized and everything has settled down, a "normal" weight gain should be between 1.5 and 2 kilos per month, so that at the end of the pregnancy a total of between 12-14 extra kilos are on the scales.

To document weight progress, you will also be weighed at your gynecologist appointments.

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How are the extra kilos distributed on my body?

Mostly not so much happens on the scale in the first trimester. You will probably weigh 2-3 kilos more in the fourth month. The embryo grows very slowly and your body adjusts to the upcoming time.

From the second trimester you should then gain a little more weight.

At the end of pregnancy, an approximate weight distribution looks like this:

  • your baby weighs about 3500 grams
  • your uterus weighs about 1 kilogram
  • the placenta 750 grams
  • your amniotic fluid about 1.3 kilograms
  • your breasts weigh about 600 grams
  • Your blood volume 1.15 kilograms
  • additional tissue fluid about 2 kilograms
  • Depot fat with about 1700 grams.

This brings the total weight gain during pregnancy to about 12 kilograms.

This is to be seen however please only as approximate guideline value. Every woman is different and unique. Many also gain significantly more weight and are still healthy and fit.

In addition, it also depends on your initial weight how many extra kilos are healthy for you and your baby. You can follow the body mass index (BMI) and roughly orient yourself to these values:

If you’re worried or seeing very large weight fluctuations, it’s best to talk to your doctor about it.

Risks of being overweight or underweight

Many women have concerns when it comes to weight gain. "How can I get rid of these kilos so quickly?" or "Oh dear, I mustn’t put on too much weight" are understandable thoughts during pregnancy.

Some women even start a regular diet during pregnancy. This is of course the wrong way and unhealthy for the expectant mother and the baby.

If you suspect that you are underweight before you become pregnant, it is best to talk to your gynecologist directly about what you should pay attention to in your diet. You can also get an appointment with a nutritionist in special cases. If the baby is not sufficiently supplied with important nutrients and vitamins, it can lead to underdevelopment or even premature birth.

There is also a further risk if you are overweight. Here you should try to avoid sweets, fast food and "unhealthy snacks". The increased weight threatens on the one hand increased blood pressure and on the other hand increases the risk of so-called gestational diabetes.

Conclusion on weight gain during pregnancy

Gaining weight is a delicate issue.

And it is not easy for everyone to get back their usual figure and feel comfortable in their body after pregnancy.

But it is actually the case that if you eat a healthy and balanced diet for the most part and keep yourself physically fit through exercise and sport, you will find it much easier to stay fit and in shape during and after pregnancy. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in anything during your pregnancy.

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