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Hello dear ones and welcome back to my blog. One of the most important planning points for the wedding is that the Invitation cards should contain all the information, guests need to know. Also visually the invitation card should be a first Insight into the future wedding give. Basically you can say that on the wedding invitation should be all the important data, to find. These important dates are the typical W-questions: Who? When? Where? Why? How?.

Wedding invitations make themselves: So gehts!

It is also important that Misunderstandings avoided will be and the guests can clearly read from the wedding invitation, when the wedding ceremony and when the wedding party starts and when they are finally expected. There are also individual information, Which the guests should know in advance at the discretion of the bride and groom. This can be that there is childcare and no babysitter must be hired, that the bride and groom do not want to receive gifts in kind or want something very specific or a hint that the guests should not take pictures with their smartphones, there will be a photographer and they can therefore enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

What exactly should be considered in the inscription of the wedding invitation you learn now:

Wedding invitation floral

Such a floral pattern is super nice for a spring wedding ©Alewiena_design/

What belongs on the wedding invitation?

On the wedding invitation belong all answers to the five W-questions. First, it should be obvious that the invitation is a wedding invitation. You can do this in different ways. You can use quite classic "wedding invitation write on it or also "We are getting married" or "We say yes to each other" and much more. You can completely individual decide. On the front of the wedding invitation you will find z. B. your names, perhaps in a wedding logo are integrated or in a nice curved font are written. It is important that your names stand out and are therefore written in a somewhat larger font. Still on the front can say when you are getting married. Also the Wedding date can stand out after your names.

On the next page or on the back can then be all further information follows. As a rule, the wedding date is taken up again and the time of the beginning of the whole event complements. It should be obvious if you are going to a civil, church or free wedding ceremony invite. Write the name of the location in the first line. That can be name of the registry office, church, hotel or other and then follows exact address the location.

If the subsequent wedding celebration in another location located, you should also write this and the address of the other locations in the transition on the wedding invitation, so that the guests know that there is a Location change will be given and to be clear regarding Arrival can adjust to it.

Individual info on the wedding invitations

Furthermore, you can still complete the wedding invitation with a individual information label, with a a nice saying about the reason of your marriage, with a love saying, that suits you or a few words about your acquaintance history. Here are no limits to your creativity, the invitation card personally to design.

It is important that the wedding invitation from the look match your wedding concept and provides information about what guests can expect to have. Especially if you have a certain wedding motto guests, it is good if the guests know about it, in order to be able to possibly customize dress choice to be able to.

The special Information can set a dress code, a list of gifts or information about cash gifts but also the information about one Childcare on the spot.

Wedding invitation noble

The laser cut on this wedding invitation gives the card a classy look ©ALEX KOLECHKIN/

What belongs on the reply cards?

In addition to the wedding invitation you should also send a add a reply card with the information by when it has to be returned. This is very important to be able to plan how many guests will come in the end and who will be escort bring.

So write on the reply card something like "We are coming with… persons", to know if the guest is coming alone or not. It is also important to know, with whom it comes, so that you Name cards for the escort can create. Then you can list the three choices to check off "I’m coming", "I’m coming with company", "I’m afraid I can’t come", to enter the clear answer of the respective guest.

On the reply cards you can still further information can receive important information for your wedding planning. Regarding the Wedding dinner you can find out through the answer cards, which main course (mostly meat, fish and vegetarian) is desired and whether it is Intolerances gives. Also for this info you can checkboxes to plan your wedding dinner accordingly.

It is very important that the guests know, where to send the reply card. Therefore do not forget, your own address To write on the wedding invitation. For individual information you should also your phone number specify. So the invited guests can reach you for the Exchange and questions reach. Nowadays, brides and grooms also like to have the response card sent as a picture via WhatsApp, SMS or email, saving on postage costs and trips to the post office.

Wedding invitation dark

The reply cards will help you to plan your wedding better ©SalomeNJ/

When should you send the wedding invitations and what do you need to consider?

When to send out your wedding invitations depends entirely on, how long you plan your wedding and how much time is left until the wedding. If you plan your wedding a year in advance, it’s enough to send the official wedding invitation three to six months before the wedding send. When you during the summer holidays If you are getting married, it makes sense to create a save-the-date card before the wedding invitation Save-the-date card to send. This way you can inform your guests about the wedding date in advance, so that they don’t book a vacation on that day and don’t miss the wedding Mark the wedding date in advance can.

As soon as the Key points such as date, time and location are fixed, you should Tackle wedding invitations. But in the end you know your guests best. You can estimate by when they need an invitation before they’ve booked their vacation. Of course, the earlier you send out the wedding invitations, the more likely it is that more guests will RSVP.

Wedding invitation inscription

You’ll save on postage by dropping the wedding invitation in the mailbox yourself ©Julia Sudnitskaya/

Saving tip for wedding invitations

As a money-saving tip, I can also tell you that it’s always a good idea, if possible To post the wedding invitation in the mailboxes yourself, to get the Save postage. If this is not the case or. is hardly possible, you should make sure to have a Format and a scope of the wedding invitation to choose, keeping the postage and the cost of the envelopes in check.

How you Save-the-date cards what to look for in save-the-date cards and much more about this topic in my blog post Save the date cards: 28 ideas for the announcement of your wedding

More general tips for wedding planning you will find in my blog post wedding tip: 30 wedding tips you need to know!

I wish you have a lot of fun planning and designing of the wedding invitations!

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