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You are still looking for beautiful ideas and templates for your wedding invitation cards? You are right with us. We show you what is important for your guests in addition to certain basic information, such as the date, place of the wedding and festivities. Maybe you have already sent save-the-date cards to your guests, so that they could already make a note of a date.

  1. The right text for the perfect wedding invitation
  2. Texts and sayings for invitation cards – inspirations
  3. Texts for your wedding invitations
  4. Sayings for your wedding invitations
  5. Love in text – a romantic wedding invitation
  6. Text idea: Lighten up your wedding invitation with rhymes and quotes
  7. Inspiration tip: Our forum full of wedding invitation texts
  8. After the invitation text the wedding invitations online design

The right text for the perfect wedding invitation

Of course, save-the-date cards never replace the proper invitation to your wedding. There should be more information than just the date. The Invitation card should include the location of the wedding ceremony and also all the important information about the festivities. In addition, you can already leave a gift wish in the invitation or indicate the desired dress code for your celebration.

Find the perfect card for your invitation text

You are still looking for pretty invitation cards for your text? In our Hochzeitsplaza card store you have the choice between over 300 designs to personalize. These are available in a wide variety of colors and card formats. And as a small gift you will receive our 15% discount for wedding plaza readers: wedding invitation cards from Hochzeitsplaza
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Trends and tips for wedding invitations

Sample texts for the wedding invitations can be found here, but if you want to know what you should definitely consider for the invitations, what the current trends and much more, we also recommend the following informative page: Wedding invitations.

Texts and sayings for invitation cards – inspirations

You do not know yet how you will celebrate Text for the wedding invitations best formulated? Then get inspiration from our suggestions. Because a nice saying loosens up the formal invitation and awakens the anticipation for the wedding.

Texts for your wedding invitations

In the following we would like to offer you different Sample texts for your invitations. You are welcome to use our collection of sample texts or, if necessary. To suit your wishes and needs. They serve as possible starting versions for your formulations.

Creativity is needed – sample texts for your wedding invitation cards

When choosing the words, you will have to decide whether you want to write a classic, funny, modern, fancy or formal text. The decision is a matter of type and also depends a little on your guests. After all, they should feel addressed by it and be happy about it. Below you will find the editors’ favorites.

1. Sample text for your invitations

Dear family and friends, the time has come: we are getting married! The wedding ceremony will take place on (date) at the registry office in (place) and you are cordially invited to celebrate this special moment with us.

After the wedding ceremony we celebrate a party at the house (name and address) (attachment overleaf). You may sing, make speeches and dance as long as it pleases you! There will be food and drink and you are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If you want to stay overnight, please contact our best man/maid of honor (name) at (phone number). He/she will gladly organize hotel rooms for you in the area.

Who would like to give us something for the wedding: We are happy about a financial injection for our honeymoon in Mallorca.

Please contact us by (date) so that we know if you are coming.

2. Example for the text of your wedding invitations

Honeymoon without you? Conceivable. A wedding without you? INCREDIBLE!

Therefore, we would like to invite you all to spend this day together with us! The wedding ceremony will take place on (date) at (time) in the (address).
Delicious food, drinks and good music to shake a leg are waiting for you afterwards in the (location)!

We are looking forward to all of you and cannot wait to spend this special day with you!

3. Template for your invitation cards

Dear family, dear friends!

One plus one becomes one! To the celebration of this mathematical miracle we invite you all cordially.

On (date) we say YES. Yes to a common future. And we would be very happy if you would join us as guests at our wedding party on the first step into this common future.

Laughter, food, drink – that’s what the first day of our new life should be filled with! And it would be nice to have you with us.

4. Individual wedding invitation text

Hooray – one bachelor and one bachelorette less!

On (date) we want to reduce the much too large number of bachelorettes and bachelors. Of course, this should be celebrated in a big way. We cordially invite you.

The celebration will take place in (location) and we hope that you will join us. Bring good mood, big hunger and thirst with you.

Please send us your confirmations by (date)!

5. Wedding invitation text formulated classically

On (date) we give ourselves the word of consent!

We wish with all our hearts that you will be there. The church wedding will take place at (time) Pastor (name) in the church (name). The civil wedding will take place the day before in close family circle.

The champagne reception from (time) as well as the banquet will be organized by the parlor (name). We ask for festive clothes. Later a DJ will provide dance music and whoever wants to can contribute something to the party mood. We are looking forward to games and speeches. As a present we wish financial support for our new, planned home.

Please contact us within the next x weeks, so that we know whether we can count on your appearance. The directions to the church and the restaurant are enclosed with the invitation. We are looking forward to you and to our wedding day!

6. Sample text for wedding invitations with poem

"We want to rejoice in love,
We live by love alone.
Love sweetens every plague,
You sacrifice every creature.
It spices up our days of life,
It works in the circle of nature.
Your high purpose clearly indicates,
Nothing more noble than woman and man.
Man and woman, and woman and man,
Reach out to the gods".

What Papageno and Papagena sing here in Mozart’s "Magic Flute" may sound a little strange today. But we really want to "rejoice in love" – and not just side by side, but as a couple!

Therefore we celebrate our wedding on (date). And we would be very happy if you would join us. We do not invite you to Sarastro’s palace, but to the (location). There we want to celebrate from (time), quite with song and sound, our entry into the new stage of life with you together at a good banquet.

Please give us your commitment by (date). We are looking forward to your coming!

Shorter wedding invitation texts for registry office and church

In the following we would like to show you some additional rather concise invitation texts. Of course, you should pay attention to the W-questions, but in principle short text in the invitation card just as applicable.

We would like to celebrate this special day together with our friends and relatives. We would like to invite you to our wedding on (date). The civil ceremony will take place at (time) in (address). Afterwards we celebrate in the restaurant (name), (address). We look forward to seeing you!

Do you already have plans on (date)? If yes – cancel! Because whatever it may be, there is something better on this day: We are getting married!

And to celebrate this wonderful event for us, we cordially invite you and of course we hope that you will accept our invitation. With you it will be really beautiful!

We will meet at (time) at the church (location). After the church celebration we continue to (location), where we want to spend a nice day together with food and drink.

Please confirm by (date). We look forward to your coming!

Dear family, dear friends,

what lasts long, finally becomes good! We know that you have already stopped believing in it. But on (date) our X-year engagement ends. Of course this has to be celebrated!

We therefore cordially invite you to our party on this day. Bring good mood, hunger and thirst with you. We have taken precautions, because you should be well!

At (time) we meet at (location). From there it goes to the church / civil wedding in the church (name) in (place) / in the registry office (place). Afterwards we want to celebrate merrily in the (location). We are looking forward to your coming!

Please confirm until (date).

The most beautiful day in our lives should not pass without our family and friends! Therefore, please do not make any plans for (date)!

We are getting married and you should celebrate with us! With you our day will be perfect!

We will meet in the morning at (time) at the church / registry office. Afterwards we will go to (location).

Comes in heaps! We are looking forward to you!

You have not had a reason to celebrate for a long time? We have a really good one for you today: Our wedding!

So leave everything and come to us on (date) at (time). After the church / civil wedding we will go arm in arm to the (location). That’s where we’re going to really get it on and celebrate properly together!

We are very happy to toast with you!

We have almost all the ingredients we need for our wedding! Only one extremely important is still missing and that is YOU!

Therefore, we cordially invite you to spend this special day with us. The church / civil wedding will take place at (time) in (place). Afterwards we want to toast with you in the (location) and celebrate together!
Please come in large numbers! Because only you give our wedding the right spice!

Dear family, dear friends!

We want to spend the most important day in our lives with the people who are most important to us! Therefore we invite you from the bottom of our hearts to our wedding. We will meet on (date) at the church (name) in (location) / at the registry office (location). After we have said "I do", we want to pop the corks together with you in (location)!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Important text modules for your wedding invitations

To avoid any unwanted surprises at your wedding, it is important to discuss certain points in advance. Share with your guests if there is a dress code, how you feel about wedding games, what accommodations are available for friends and family, and what gifts you would like to receive.

This information can be easily combined as a text module in the invitation. We have collected a few suggestions for you.

The dress code – the theme of the choice of dress

There are special terms that stand for a certain dress style. At this point you do not have to explain anything. It is enough z.B. Dress code: (technical term). Of course you can also write more about the dress code.

  • White Tie or Black Tie
  • Smart Casual
  • Cocktail
  • Evening dress
  • Tuxedo
  • Summery-festive
  • Summery elegant

We are getting married in traditional costume. You are welcome to join us.

We ask for wardrobe according to the wedding theme: (theme)

We ask for a festive wardrobe.

Since we are celebrating in a festive venue, please dress accordingly.

The dress code suitable in the same tones as invitation cards and decorations:
We would be happy if you combine your outfit with accessories in the colors pink or green.

Sample texts for wedding games

Write in your invitation to the wedding whether games are desired or not. With our ideas you have a few templates to choose from.

Please discuss games and other surprises with our groomsmen.

If you want to perform something, please contact our witnesses of honor.

Ideas? Contributions? Games? Our groomsmen will be happy to help with questions and suggestions.

(Name) will be the master of ceremonies to ensure that our wedding runs smoothly. Questions, ideas, wishes or surprises can be discussed with him/her. (contact details)

We celebrate happily even without wedding games.

Please refrain from wedding games.

Text templates for invitation with gift wish

Most bridal couples have a specific wedding gift request. Be it money for the celebration, the honeymoon or actually for a long planned purchase. If you have specific wishes, it is worth having a wedding table so that the guests have a list of you and nothing is bought twice. You can cleverly integrate the expression of the gift wish into the text of the invitation.

At the department store (name) is a gift table ready,
but the slot of the piggy bank is also quite wide.

We would be happy about a contribution to our honeymoon.

You would like to give a gift? We still need pocket money for our honeymoon.

We would be very happy about a sum of money for our new bathroom.

Who asks himself: "What should I buy?",
do not have to pull your hair out.
Let be plates, cups, pots
and put something into the envelope!

It is a good custom to give gifts,
but we have a request.
Do you want to sweeten the day,
we would welcome talers.

Our tip: Please pay attention to the wording. Maybe not every guest shares your sense of humor. Especially when it comes to money wishes, it is advisable to make the wedding invitation neutral and only the part with the money wish funny.

Example of an invitation text with gift wish

Now it is finally soon! We have found a date and would like to invite you to celebrate our wedding with us on (date) at (time).

The church / civil wedding will take place in a small circle. Afterwards we will all meet together in the (location). Your well-being is taken care of! You can look forward to many little surprises and a band that will knock your socks off.

Don’t be too heavy, we’ll be happiest when we’re in a good mood! However, if you happen to have some excess baggage, you are welcome to unload it at our piggy bank "Theo". He will take care of it with pleasure!

We are looking forward to seeing you! Please tell us by (date).

All texts can be easily adapted to your data. We wish you therefore already once much fun with the Texts and writing!

Other important information on the card

You should also briefly mention these points in your invitation to the wedding, if they are relevant to you:

  • Contact details of the witnesses
  • parking space
  • Common meeting place before the wedding / celebration
  • Are children wanted at the wedding?
  • Is there child care?
  • What kind of accommodation is available?
  • Have rooms reserved for the guests?
  • Is there a special process and schedule for the wedding?
  • We will have breakfast together the next morning?
  • Will there be an early morning drink to round off the next day??

Briefly go into these topics with the most important information. For many couples, by the way, the sog. Wedding ABC very popular. This is a fun way to give the guests a lot of information and facts about the upcoming wedding celebration. Many ideas and examples for creation and the respective letters of the alphabet you will find in the article The Wedding ABC.

Sayings for your wedding invitations

A wedding invitation traditionally consists not only of the key data for the celebration. After all, the wedding is a very special occasion to celebrate. Therefore, many brides and grooms like to supplement their cards with a Invitation saying. For this reason, we have listed some examples for you here.

Examples of sayings for your invitations

Here is a small but fine selection a Wedding invitation sayings, which you can use for your invitations. Of course, you can easily change this or. modify for your cards.

1. Example of wedding invitation saying

Our YES is a YES, not a yes, not a yes by way of rehearsal, not a yes under certain circumstances, and not a no. We are sure we want to make our life together and are getting married on (date) at (time). We cordially invite you to the church wedding and the subsequent banquet.

2. Example of a wedding invitation saying

After long consideration and trial period it is now so far. We would be very happy to celebrate the start of our marriage with you. Our wedding takes place on (date). Afterwards we want to celebrate our decision and invite you to the inn (name). Please let us know by (date) if you can come.

3. Example of a saying in the wedding invitation card

On (date) we now officially tie the knot for life. Following the service, we cordially invite you to celebrate the start of our marriage together in a festive way at the restaurant (name). So that we can plan better, we ask you to inform us by (date) whether you can celebrate with us.

4. Example of a saying for your wedding invitation

Yay, we are getting married! Please be there and celebrate with us as we tie the knot, eat wedding cake, drink champagne and dance the night away! To enter into marriage means to give up small things in order to possess greater values.

Short sayings for wedding invitations

For fans of especially short invitation slogans we have collected additional sample texts.

We will go through life together and are happy if you celebrate with us.

We dream of a future together and will make it a reality.

With our happy yes we go towards our common life.

Wedding vows, veil, exchange of rings – we are ready for the wedding celebration! Come with us and let’s celebrate our new phase of life together!

Yes means yes! In love forever – we are two absolute beginners!

Short Sayings for invitation cards can also be designed with a little effort relatively easy itself. Therefore, do not be afraid to come up with your own invitation saying.

Love in texts – a romantic wedding invitation

At the wedding, the focus is clearly on love. Therefore it may be appropriate. an, in the invitation card a romantic saying to place. You can read some sample texts for this here.

We don’t have to, we don’t need – we simply want to be married. The promise to hold each other in love, we give ourselves on (date) in the hotel (name) takes place afterwards our wedding celebration. We are looking forward to your coming.

When two people fall in love, this moment belongs to them. If they decide to share life together, the future is theirs together.

But the most beautiful thing on earth is to love and to be loved.
William Busch

When two people start loving each other at the same time, it is a great happiness.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Happy alone is the soul that loves.
Friedrich von Schiller

Text idea: Lighten up your invitation to the wedding with rhymes and quotes

You are friends short rhymes? Then use also a rhyme in your wedding invitation card. For all those who have a hard time with rhyming, here are some examples.

Text ideas and sayings for your wedding invitations

The great celebration should be only once, therefore we invite to the wedding! We want to try our luck, with wedding dress, flowers and a big cake.

We want to be bride and groom, we give ourselves the yes-word, but not alone: Be with us on our wedding day, we invite whoever likes us!

We are in love, we are engaged and now we want to enter into marriage,
and this event should happen on (date).
For this purpose we have you / you on the guest list.
We think we don’t have to plead long
and promise, we will also take care of your / your well-being.
Be there / Be there when we close our ribbon
with the marital status.

Poems for your wedding invitation cards

You are rather friends of famous poets resp. Poems? Then the following sample poems might be ideal for your invitations.

And sorry,
Be thoughtful,
And fear
In suspended agony,
Sky-high jubilant,
To the death saddened;
Happily alone
Is the soul that loves.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Love is long-suffering and kind, love is not jealous, love is not wanton, it does not puff itself up, it does not behave unseemly, it does not seek its own, it does not let itself be embittered, it does not reckon evil, it does not rejoice in injustice, but it rejoices in the truth; it bears everything, it believes everything, it hopes everything, it tolerates everything.
Corinthians 13, 4-7

Short quotes for wedding invitations

Of course, it does not have to be a poem, which is Wedding invitation round up. Alternatively you can also find nice quotes. Two examples of quotes that you can place in wedding invitation cards can be found here.

Marriage works when the spouses always manage to turn duty into free skating.
Kurt Wildner

True love comes from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters.
Theodore Simon Jouffroy

Our Tip: You can enclose response cards to your wedding invitation. On these, your guests can tick whether they are coming to the wedding or also fill in whether they z.B. Have allergies that need to be considered when eating.

Inspiration tip: our forum full of wedding invitation texts

In the wedding forum of Hochzeitsplaza is also diligently discussed about the appropriate texts, sayings, poems, verses, rhymes, words for the invitation cards to the wedding. To give you a small sample of the variety of discussion, we list below some of the most popular and active discussions about wedding invitation texts here on.

Wedding invitation: text examples of forum users

First the threads in which numerous real wedding invitation texts are readable by users. There you can see how brides and grooms have invited in the past years.

Wedding invitation texts – dress request, accommodation, content and more

Far naturally numerous contributions exist to certain components of the invitation. How to declare accommodation? Which dress code would you like as a bride and groom for the celebration?? In addition the users give themselves also general assistance with the formulations. With our fund in the forum should therefore at the invitation card texts nothing can go wrong.

Help and examples of wording wedding invitation text

Here we would like to present to you still some further particularly frequently read Threads. In the foreground are questions about concrete texts for the wedding invitation. For example, how best to invite for a foreign wedding.

You can find more forum topics quickly and easily using the forum searches. You only have to enter your search term in the field, for this you can find here "Wedding invitation text", "wedding invitation texts", "Wedding invitation text" or "Text wedding invitation" to. you will quickly notice that there is a lot of reading material there.

After the invitation text design the wedding invitations online

You are still looking for beautiful wedding invitations for your Card text? That’s why we’ve put together a gallery of popular and new invitation card designs for you to enjoy. In addition, as mentioned above, you are sure to find in our card store. There you can also directly 15% discount for Hochzeitsplaza readers to use: Hochzeitsplaza Kartenshop – Stylish invitations for your wedding
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