Visit lido di venezia island: info, history& overnight

visit the island of Lido di Venezia | Venice is by far one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. The Italian coastal city on the Adriatic Sea and its offshore fashionable seaside resort of Lido di Venezia, together with its impressive buildings, exude a charm all of their own and have a expressive character.

Anyone who has ever visited this city has certainly fallen under its almost magical spell. A particularly worthwhile place to visit is the so-called "Lido di Venezia" dar, i.e. the small strip of island with its beaches and hotels that separates the world-famous lagoon of Venice from the open sea.

Something about the history of the Lido

For a long time, the Lido di Venezia was not a particularly popular destination for tourists or locals. Because of its distance from the city center, very few tourists visited the narrow strip of sand at that time, and the population rate was also dwindling.

With time, however, people have recognized the peculiarity of the interesting island strip and turned it into a place really worth seeing. Today, the beautiful sandy strip has become a popular and very fashionable seaside resort, which offers great sandy beaches and allows vacationers not far from the world-famous city some relaxation and tranquility.

location& Surroundings

The Lido di Venezia is about 11 km long and has an area of ca. 4 km². It is located right in the middle part of the Venetian lagoon, and therefore represents a kind of separation from the open Adriatic Sea. The largest town on the island is called Lido and currently counts just under 17.000 inhabitants.

Lido is also the venue of the annual international film festival in Venice. The other towns on the island are Alberoni and Malamocco. The latter represents the oldest populated part of the island.

Lido and its striking architecture

Visit Lido di Venezia island: Info, history & accommodation

The architecture on the Lido is strongly influenced by the Venetian architectural style. In addition to the carefully managed beaches and resorts on the island strip, many trades indicate the venue of the important film festival, so that the design of the place has been strongly oriented to this.

There are only a few cafes and restaurants on the Lido, all of which are very cozy and inviting in design.

Popular island for tourists

Visit the island of Lido di Venezia: Info, History & Overnight

The Lido di Venezia offers some excellent, extremely luxurious hotels such as the Grand Hotel Excelsior or the "Grand Hotel de Bains", which has since closed its doors. Especially during the annual film festival many prominent faces cavort on the fine sandy strip. Many buildings offer beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and are very exclusive and accordingly expensive. The entire island strip is kept in the typical Venetian style and offers a lot of interesting sights such as Churches or extravagant villas.

Just as in the city of Venice itself, the Lido is full of small canals and winding alleys that are navigated by boats and. In contrast to the Venetian city center, which is known to be completely free of vehicles, they are allowed on the island and can be found all over the island. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that most of the inhabitants prefer to travel by bicycle, which is why visitors are advised to Rent a bike and explore the island with all its secret places or of course typical Italian with the Scooter .

How to get to Lido di Venezia?

Visit Lido di Venezia Island: Info, history & overnight stay

Car – For those who want to arrive by car, it is very simple. The Lido, as already mentioned, is not car-free and is very popular with overnight visitors. As soon as you cross the Ponte della Libertà into Venice, keep to the right and follow the signs for Tronchetto "Ferry Lido". The car ferry no. 17 leaves at least once an hour and takes about 35 minutes to reach the Lido. Prices for a normal car are about 13,00 € per way. people pay about 7,00 €. In the season you have to expect waiting times.

► Public transport and airport – Arrival with public transport The best way to get around is to take the main lines 1 and 2 of the water buses. If you start at the train station or at Piazzale Roma you need some time, but you also pass through the entire impressive Grand Canal. One-way tickets are expensive, so it’s best to always buy the Daily or multi-day tickets buy a public transport ticket. More info in Transport . In the section you can find Airport transfer also the possibility to arrive with the Alilaguna boats directly to the Lido.

► Hop On Hop Off Boat Tour -(again from spring 2022) Guests who want to pay a short visit to the Lido during their Venice sightseeing can interrupt their sightseeing boat trip here for a pleasant period of time. Tickets is also available here.

Beautiful island with fascinating view

Visit the island of Lido di Venezia: Info, history & accommodation

A visit to the Lido di Venezia is always worthwhile. The narrow strip of island captivates already alone by its unique position and the breathtaking view of the sea. In addition, there is the special Venetian flair, which is reflected in the buildings of the island.

It’s a particularly great place to visit for relaxed, leisurely days by the sea. The small island is also an ideal option to avoid the often too crowded hustle and bustle of Venice’s city center and take a little time out in peace and quiet.

Accommodation in Lido di Venezia

Visit Lido di Venezia Island: Info, history & accommodation

With its unique blend of beach vacation and city sightseeing, Lido di Venezia is also a hip place to stay. Of course it is not cheap to stay here in the summer months, but the fascinating experience of Lido di Venezia makes up for it. However, for those who prefer to stay in the romantic center of historic Venice, you can find my tips in Top 10 Hotels Venice . Cheaper accommodations are more likely to be found in Mestre, which is in my Hotel recommendations for hotels outside the center of Venice stand.

For Lido di Venezia these are my tips for accommodation:

Hotel Villa Laguna

The exclusive Hotel Villa Laguna offers 19 suites and one standard room. Here you will be welcomed with a familiar and warm ambience. Enjoy either the magnificent view of the lagoon or the Adriatic Sea. Lido Island is a peaceful oasis from which you can also quickly and easily experience the colorful bustle of Venice.

Address: Via Sandro Gallo, 6, 30126 Venezia Lido, Venezia VE, 20 rooms, double rooms from approx. 170 €

B&B Villa Ines

This accommodation is located only about 1250 m from the university and impresses with its Art Nouveau architecture. You can also reach St. Mark’s Square and the public beach of Lido di Venezia from here quickly and easily. Thanks to the bus stop you benefit from excellent transport connections. The bathrooms have a bathtub, a shower and a jacuzzi. All public areas are air conditioned.

Address: Via Lazzaro Mocenigo 10, 30126 Lido di Venezia, B&B, DR from approx. 100 €

Hotel Atlanta Augustus

The 3-star hotel was completely renovated in 2008, and is characterized by its impressive facade, covered by original friezes and ornaments, which make this charming hotel absolutely unique. The charming building is surrounded by a small garden. The historic Art Nouveau villa also impresses with its convenient location and a huge Italian breakfast buffet. All 37 rooms are furnished differently and equipped with free internet. Enjoy the spacious sun terrace overlooking the lagoon and relax with a hydro-massage bath.

Address: Via Lepanto 15, 30126 Lido di Venezia, 37 rooms, double rooms from approx. 80 €

B&B La bragadina

B&B La bragadina is located in the pedestrian area of central Lido di Venezia. From here you can easily reach Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta in 50 meters, the boat landing stage in only 250 meters and the beach is at a wonderful distance of just 300 meters. The B&B is located on the second floor. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom including shower, air conditioning and flat screen TV. A real treat is also the generous breakfast buffet with homemade Italian cakes.

Address: Via Lepanto 8/E 8/E, 30126 Lido di Venezia, B&B, double room from approx. 100 €

Hotel la Pergola di Venezia

Hotel La Pergola di Venezia is a family-run hotel that enjoys great popularity thanks to its central and strategic location. Here you can enjoy the tranquility and be far from the hustle and bustle of tourists, only 300 meters from the sea. This 4-star hotel offers you all the amenities to make your stay as special as possible. Enjoy the large sun terrace and the lush garden.

Address: Via Cipro 15, 30126 Lido di Venezia,13 rooms, double rooms from approx. 60 €

Hotel Villa Tiziana

The nice hotel has just been renovated and is managed directly by the friendly owners. You are here in an exclusive and quiet location only 300 meters from the sea. If you want to refresh yourself in the cool water, you can simply jump into the beautiful pool with waterfall and hydromassage or find a shady spot in the garden. If you want to explore the surroundings, you have the possibility to rent a bike.

Address: Via A Gritti, 3, Lido, Venice, VE, 30126, 13 Zi., from ca. 90 €

Hotel Villa delle Palme

The attractive hotel "Villa delle Palme" has been designed with great attention to detail and is located directly on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Cannobio in one of the most beautiful locations on romantic Lake Maggiore. The 3-star hotel allows its guests exclusive access to the private beach and delights also inside with an upscale atmosphere and the charming bright rooms. Sun loungers for sunbathing are included in the price.

Address: Via Enrico Dandolo 12, 30126 Lido di Venezia, 11 zi., DZ from ca. 130 €

Hotel Villa Venice Movie

This bed& Breakfast is not only beautiful, but also very cheap. The original rooms have been named by famous faces of cinema such as Audrey Hepburn and were named after famous movie stars. Furthermore, the rooms are distinguished by a dominant basic color such as blue, red or yellow. This hotel is located directly behind the Film Palais and the Congress Palais and is very popular with visitors thanks to its convenient location along the canal.

Address: Via Lorenzo Marcello 26B, 30126 Lido di Venezia, 6 Zi., DR from ca. 100 €

► Top Tip : Hotel Best Western Biasutti, Via E. Dandolo 29, 30126 Lido di Venezia, 69 Zi., from ca. 100 €

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