Travel and earn money: these 10 jobs make it possible!

Travel and earn money: These 10 jobs make it possible

Travel and earn money: These 10 jobs make it possible

Working independent of place is the word of the hour. The possibilities are fascinating: traveling and earning money are no longer mutually exclusive; you can virtually swap your office for a hotel room or a cafe. The variety of the following jobs shows that this is by no means only reserved for the media industry.

First of all: I don’t see the movement of the so-called digital nomads as an anti-movement to classical work. For many, however, this is a good opportunity to realize the long-cherished dream of traveling without being rich and to try out something completely new!

I myself have spent several months in both South America and Bulgaria, combining travel with work, and thus had plenty of time to get to know the respective countries.

1) Blogging

Yes, it is actually possible to earn money with a blog if you manage to create helpful content. However, a travel blog alone is not the path to happiness – there are far more lucrative industries here, z.B. Those who go into everyday things.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to start a commercially successful blog in the travel sector, but this is hard work and does not happen overnight. In addition to content, you also have to take care of social media, SEO, marketing and the whole monetization issue. However, if you have the ambition and the content, you can create a Passable passive income achieve.

Tips to get started:
The comprehensive blog camp online course by Conni& Sebastian. This comes with numerous learning modules and videos, teaching you step by step what matters and how best to approach it.
With the discount code "BACKPACKER" you get a whopping 20€ discount via the following link:

2) Teach English / German

Madagascar Teaching By: Frontierofficial In many countries the teachers urgently sought who can teach English and -more and more often- also German. Meanwhile, there are many who gain valuable experience abroad and work as teachers in areas where education is otherwise rather poor.

In private institutions it is also also for non-pedagogues z.B. as a tutor or in language schools to conversation lessons possible to earn money.

Tips to get started:
There are institutions that are officially responsible for such exchange programs – you can also contact the Goethe Institute, which is represented worldwide.

3) Translator

Accident ahead? By: Kainet A classic job is the work as a translator – of course, this requires appropriate Foreign Language Requirements. If you have these, you can translate websites, flyers or documents for the respective clients.

Tips to get started:
Since this is a classic freelance job, it is important to look for corresponding advertisements on relevant job boards (s.u.) to keep an eye out. However, one should not expect too much in terms of payment.

4) Tour guide

Tour guide in Sofia

Tour guide in Sofia Although it sounds a bit strange for a foreigner to be a tourist guide in a foreign place, this is anything but unusual. Before you start, however, you should take a language course to master the respective national language well and not be afraid to be the center of attention.

Tips to get started:
Here it is important to inquire directly with the local tour operators and to audition, possibly to go on a tour beforehand to get an impression. When I was in South America, I was often asked after tours if I would like to work there for a while, because I could speak both English and Spanish.

5) day trading

Travel and make money: Day Trading

Travel and earn money: Day Trading If you at home in the financial sector If you feel like a day trader, this could be a good option – as a day trader you are only bound to the opening hours of the exchanges you want to trade on.

In the last years I have met several friends who earn more than just their livelihood with this job. However, it should also be said that this is an extremely risky patch This is a job that you should really only enter if you have the appropriate knowledge!

Tips to get started:
It’s best to read up on the subject, Marcello for example is a travel blogger at the same time. He has also founded the Day Trading Academy in recent years.

6) Developer / Programmer

By: Michael Himbeault This profession is almost predestined if you’re a freelancer and don’t have a presence requirement on your projects. Especially as a web developer This is the best way to combine traveling and earning money – especially since the wages here are usually quite reasonable.

Tips to get started:
Platforms like Codecanyon (scripts, plugins) and Themeforest (WordPress, HTML, CMS) allow you to offer your own product, for contract work you should use the relevant freelancer exchanges (u.a.).

7) Designer

Designs at Graphicriver Similarly to web developers, designers who specialize in the web z.B. Logo design, websites, banners o.a.

Tips to get started:
A recommended marketplace for your products (z.B. customizable templates, illustrations) is Graphicriver, for contract work you should also use the relevant freelancer exchanges here (u.a.).

8) Diving Instructor

Diving… By: Jenny Mealing If water is your element and you already have some experience in diving, this is your chance to work in paradise and turn your hobby into a profession!

Tips to get you through:
The dear Conni from Planetbackpack has worked as a diving instructor herself for some time and has written a great article on this subject!

9) Photographer

Cameras in Sofia

Cameras in Sofia I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, but every now and then I get some pretty good shots. If you feel the same way and you bring along the appropriate skills you can even earn money with it.

For one thing, you could try your hand at freelance photography on the spot z.B. In hotels, for tour operator etc. On the other hand, you can upload your photos on appropriate image platforms and distribute there.

Tips to get started:
At Envato there is also a Martkplatz for this: Photodune – otherwise the top dogs here are Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

10) Hostel mom

Natalie from the Hostel Casa del Pueblo in Esquel gave me great tips of what to discover during my time in Esquel, Argentina

Natalie from the Hostel Casa del Pueblo in Esquel, Argentina What could be more obvious than To work in a hostel? In fact, you often have the thought "someday I’ll open a hostel". But we’re still in the mode before that – so this is a chance to try out what that’s like!

Tips for getting started:
It is of course appropriate if you already know how the hare runs and are completely convinced of the advantages of a hostel. Then just ask in the hostels if you can take over a shift – that’s often quite easy. Depending on the employer, you get room and board, but usually there is also a salary in addition.

[box type="info" ]No matter which form you choose, traveling and earning money works best if you speak the local language – so I recommend a language course to start well prepared into your adventure![/box]

Even more practical tips:

Travel and make money – more jobs?

I’m looking forward to your tips, further ideas and personal experiences. Feel free to share it with us in the comments!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, these are exclusively providers that I trust and services that I myself use very much and therefore recommend in good conscience – you can save good money here& additionally support this blog, there will be no additional costs for you.

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