Train dogs anti-chasing / impulse control training

This article is about impulse control, which is nothing else than anti-chase training. First important approach: dogs would not be dogs if they did not have the impulse – the natural instinct – to hunt. This means that we do not want to train the dog’s impulses away, but only to control them.

anti-chase training dog

Let’s go deeper into the matter. Let’s imagine the following scenario…

When you realize that anti-chasing training becomes necessary

A walk with the dog in the free nature, the sun shines, a lukewarm breeze blows, the four-legged friend jumps around you in a good mood, looks at you with all-loving eyes, you enjoy the moment to the fullest, which, however, is already over in the next second.

whoops – he is gone, the dear dog. For a moment not given care, to realize: there was probably something else more important than you just now. You will have thoughts running through your head, fear (I hope nothing happens to him, the best friend), anger (why is he doing this to me, this ungrateful creature – just run away) and incomprehension (I thought I had driven this out of him) will spread.

Well, why does he do that, the dog, just run away?

  1. First of all, because he is a dog and has to follow his nature.
  2. On the other hand, because he u. U. has not learned to listen to you in every situation.
  3. Your task therefore: Train impulse control!

Panic or anger are not appropriate, nor is despair or lack of understanding. A dog needs calm, clear, straightforward and unambiguous handling. You have to learn this first, then the dog will learn how to behave.

Important: You are the orientation (pack leader) of your dog and the rock in the surf!

Anti hunting training THROUGH impulse control

As already indicated, it depends above all on YOUR attitude..

You as the dog owner should strive for inner calm and an emotional distance to the dog’s behavior. Because the dog in the hunting instinct is on a high energy level and simply follows his innate urge to hunt and rush. At this moment it will be too late to control the dog. Respect and trust he must have learned BEFORE, in less stimulus flooded situations.

Tip: an appropriate workout of the dog, can already help to control the hunting instinct and to direct it into neutral channels.

Also to consider: not every dog has the same hunting instinct, the Shitzu usually rather chases bugs, which will hardly be a cause for anger or despair of the owner. The hunting dog, on the other hand, has the hunting around (and even stronger) in the blood. After all, that is what a hunting dog is for.

Audio Podcast Anti-hunting training

Roughly speaking, it can be said that the hunting instinct of the dog is not insignificantly dependent on its genetic disposition (breed characteristics) and should be trained and practiced accordingly with the dog. Notice:

Not every dog has the same hunting instinct, but even with a hunting dog, "there is power in calm".

You are the guide of the dog (the other way round the human-dog coexistence does not work) and only you can stop him from uncontrolled hunting. But – how do you do that now, to get your dog out of the hunting habit??

Anti hunting training – basic obedience

First of all, Bello must be able to be called off by you without any problems in low-stimulus situations.

Also the most important commands like" Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Heel" and "Off" the dog should already know. This basic education begins in puppyhood, but can still be done easily with the adult dog as well. Take a look at the dog training basics here…

"What Hans does not learn, Hans never learns again" – fortunately this is not quite true. People, like animals, learn throughout their lives, provided they get the chance and are properly motivated to do so. An appropriate motivation is for example a praise of the dog owner, which comes from the heart, stroking, possibly a treat, a dog toy, whatever your dog loves.

So it is advisable to practice these basic commands first in your own four walls or between your own four fences, i.e. in the garden, before you set off into the wild. And if the dog shows you that he does not have these commands yet, then nothing like back to the basics in your garden or apartment.

Gradually your dog will learn to obey in any situation. Patience and positive reinforcement are the magic words that lead to success. Consistency and perseverance is essential, otherwise your favorite four-legged friend will turn the tables and educate you. "A" means "A" – and "B" means "B" – always.

Basic obedience is above all else!

Exercises to get the dog’s attention

In addition to a calm, confident and composed inner attitude, it will be helpful to reward the dog for paying attention to you. This can be done, as mentioned above, by a praise, a caress or even a treat. Some work exclusively with praise, just test what works for you. But it is important to use treats sparingly.

In addition: only by bribery it probably does not work..

You should learn to focus your attention and calmly direct it to your dog. Then the dog will learn to adapt to you. On command he will walk slowly beside them, follow in turns, stop and start again, etc. (see Keeping your dog busy with search games).

If he does not react and goes his own way, hide behind a tree – he will look pretty stupid, the good one, because he hardly wants to stay alone. Many a dog has learned from this to prefer to stay close to humans.

Conclusion to this point: Your internal and external peace will be transferred to the dog.

Anti-hunting training – exercise through activity

A dog that likes to move should be fully exercised. A tired dog, which is busy, will have less ambition to hunt. To exercise a dog, there are z.B. dog sports like agility at. Fetching games physically stress the dog and also satisfy his hunting instinct and if you like to ride a bike, you will also do a favor to a four-legged friend who loves to run.

train dog impulse control

However, it should be noted that the more you train your dog, the more stamina he will get, which he may then be able to use effectively when hunting. For this reason, there is usually no way around advanced impulse control.

train impulse control

Impulse control means self-control for the dog.

And he can, by all means, if you teach it to him. Impulse control actually starts already far from hunting or. even BEFORE the walk in the city park or. around the duck pond. A dog that jumps at every visitor with exuberant joy and does not let go, has not learned to control its impulses.

As always, it is important to reward the dog when he manages to keep his own impulses in check. D.h. if the dog does not jump at the visitor, although it would like to, it is praised. He will remember this positive reinforcement. A dog wants praise, a dog wants to please its human being. It is in his nature, because it ensures the continuity of the "pack" (= man / dog).

Note: unwanted behavior usually does not even need to be punished, but simply ignored or calmly and emotionlessly stopped. Admitted, Impulse control is not easy, it needs constant practice and a good bond with the animal.

Remember: Impulse control starts with small things, not with the hunting instinct!

Anti hunting training – a signal for emergencies

anti-hunting training dog

It can be very practical to practice a special recall signal with the dog that is only used in case of emergency. Perhaps a special whistle, a hand clap, a dog whistle, whatever, that gives the dog something Super Tolles promises, z.B. his favorite treat or a very special play-and-fun session.

Many a dog really gets with this trick a Emergency brake built in, which has proven itself for many in serious or even dangerous situations. Of course, it is important that you do not mix this special sign with the ordinary commands!

Thoughts to finish

The most important thing in anti-chasing training, even if it was mentioned above, is the safe guidance of the human coupled with a trusting relationship with the dog.

  • The relationship must be stable and constant.
  • The order of precedence must be unmistakable.
  • A clear line must be recognizable at any time.

You come first as a human being, then comes the dog. Not because you want to annoy the dog with it, but because we live in a world dominated by humans and only you can see the dangers of this world. The dog can not. If he chases uncontrollably, he runs into the street, in front of the next car and it is possibly over. Worth reading: can you get rid of the dog’s hunting instinct?

It is in the dog’s interest that you are the handler, confident, friendly, fair, humorous, with an eye for the dog’s interests and needs. Be a boss for your dog as you would want one yourself!

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