This year, two girls were honored as the most athletic lautertalers

the municipality of lautertal is well positioned in terms of sports and can look forward to many great sporting talents. This was impressively demonstrated by the community’s festive sportsmen’s award ceremony in the marquee of the Coburg-Neukirchen Winter Sports and Leisure Club. Mayor sebastian straubel was visibly pleased to be able to present awards to a large number of successful athletes and long-serving functionaries.

Significance for the community

He emphasized at the beginning that the selection of the athletes to be honored was made at a meeting of the sports committee, sports representatives and representatives from the clubs. The sportsman honor is an outstanding event in the calendar of the community. by expressing thanks and recognition, the name of the community is carried far beyond the community borders. Some of the officials have been involved in sports in the community and in their clubs for many decades. Straubel continued to praise the courage, training diligence, discipline and determination of the athletes, so they had achieved their successes. However, the mayor also pointed out that it takes a lot of helpers in the background to achieve such success. "The sporting success is a community product", Straubel emphasized. The sports clubs in the community are versatile and important, increase the quality of life and make the community lovable and worth living in. That is why the municipality supports sports to the best of its ability. "I can’t remember the council turning down a proposal that had to do with sports.", said the head of the municipality. As team of the year he nominated the 2. Team of TSV oberlauter, which has 18 victories to its credit. Two very fit young ladies were named sportswomen of the year. They are the ten-year-old table tennis player of TSV unterlauter, elina meyer. She won the Bavarian championship title in the C-student category. Furthermore, mia grempel from the WFC coburg-neukirchen was named sportswoman of the year.

Talented snowboarder

The 14-year-old is in the field of "snowboard freestyle" successful and belongs to the squad of snowboard bavaria. It is even on the best way into the german youth national squad. Because they won the bavarian championships and achieved good placements in an international competition. Both sportswomen received a certificate and a voucher from the community of lautertal. There was no sportsman of the year this year.

Masterful TT players

The mayor and his sports representative thorsten seufert also presented certificates to the champion teams and their coaches and support staff. all championship teams come from the table tennis division. There are from TSV Unterlauter the schoolgirls B, ladies 1, men 3, boys 2 and boys 4. The championship teams of the TTC tiefenlauter are AK 60, 4. Men and 3. Ladies.

A heart for clubs

Hans rauscher from TSV oberlauter, who has been working voluntarily for the association in various functions for 22 years, and michael lorenz, who has been working voluntarily for TSV oberlauter in a managerial capacity for twelve years, received a special honor. Both were awarded a certificate and a voucher.

Finally, Straubel thanked all the volunteers who have accompanied and organized the sporting community and its competitions and "will continue to do so in the future", as he said. They are: rainer armann, andreas blohmann, jasmin brautigam, bernd eichler, benjamin hirschemann, julian popp and markus sube.

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