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The Millman and the gambler of Haslach

A funny Minstrel from Haslach, who caused a lot of trouble for his wife by his recklessness, went to a wedding in St. Petersburg. Oswald. He should play there on his violin. Suddenly a strange little man rode up to him. It had a green robe. Also its hair was completely green. Water plants were his jewelry.

minstrels in the Middle Ages

As minstrels (Spielmann, Spielfrau, Spielweib) were the names given in the Middle Ages to professional musicians responsible for entertainment and dance music. They were instrumental musicians and singers, actors and dancers.

List of the children and house fairy tales

08.01.2008 – – KHM 1: The Frog King or Iron Henry – KHM 2: Cat and Mouse in Company – KHM 3: Mary’s Child – KHM 4: Fairy Tale of One Who Went Forth to Learn to Fear – KHM 5: The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids – KHM 6: Faithful John – KHM 7: Good Trade – KHM 8: The Wondrous Spielmann – KHM 9: The Twelve Brothers – KHM 10: The Ragamuffins – KHM 11: Little Brothers and Little Sisters – KHM 12: Rapunzel – KHM 13: The Three Little Men.

Birthday wishes

Everyone always wishes for something and that’s why there are wish sayings for many holidays. One. don’t know who wrote all these wish sayings. Perhaps a rhyming cobbler or. wandering Spielmann with the hurdy-gurdy the one or other poem to the people. taught. If you ever need a wishing spell for a party, or your.

King Thrushbeard

[A fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm] A king had a daughter, who was beautiful beyond all measure, but at the same time so. proud and cocky that no suitor was good enough for her. She pointed one after the other. and made fun of them in addition. Once the king ordered a big party. and invited to it from near and far the marriage-loving men.

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The best children's sites about: spielmann

Franz Grillparzer

* 15. 01. 1791 in Vienna † 21.01. 1872 in Vienna Austrian writer FRANZ GRILLPARZER became known primarily as a tragedian. He began his literary work under the influence of Romanticism and the classical works of GOETHE and SCHILLER.

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calculation rules for conditional probabilities

To calculate conditional probabilities, one uses tree diagrams or four-field tables as tools besides their definition. Calculating conditional probabilities is also possible with the help of the general product or multiplication theorem and the total probability theorem.

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The Children of Hamelin

Narrator: We want to tell you the story of the children of Hamelin. It is also known as the story of the Pied Piper. It was in the year 1284, in the town of Hameln on the Weser river in Lower Saxony, there was a terrible plague of rats. The rats were everywhere, but hear for yourself: Children’s room Lena: Oh, this is boring, let’s play something?

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The best children's sites about: spielmann

Three sigma rule

If we choose P ( | X – E X | ≥ α ) ≤ 1 α 2 ⋅ D 2 X for the parameter α multiples of the standard deviation σ = D X = E ( X – E X ) 2 , we thus set α = n ⋅ σ , we obtain: P ( | X – E X | ≥ n ⋅ σ ) ≤ 1 ( n ⋅ σ ) 2 ⋅ σ 2 = 1 n 2 The probability that X takes on a value that differs from EX by at least n times.

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The best children's sites about: spielmann

May has come (Emanuel Geibel)

16.05.2008 – May has come May has come, the trees are budding. There stay who has desire with worries at home. As the clouds there wander at the heavenly tent, so also my mind is set on the wide, wide world. Mr. Father, Mrs. Mother, that God may preserve you! Who knows, where in the distance my luck still blossoms for me.

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The best children's sites about: spielmann

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