Text examples around the wedding organization

helpful texts for organizational matters for the wedding

Invitation texts with notes on organizational matters

Which information about the wedding organization absolutely belongs in a wedding invitation

At a wedding there is a lot to say. Organizational things are best kept in one place. Our recommendation: pure information text around wedding on an extra sheet accommodate, because too much text in the invitation card works fast unclearly. Thus the actual invitation remains free from organizational references.

Text aids for wedding organization

The Enclosure to the invitation card with the deadline, contact person, dress code, accommodation, directions and, and, and . so the guests also read the small print.

Everything at a glance: A lot of information is most clearly displayed on a separate card.

  • Modern Moment" insert card
  • Inserts for the wedding in vintage style "Venue"
  • Romantic insert card for wedding "Lily forever"
So is asked for answer – formulation examples:

For the organization of a wedding it is necessary to know who all is coming. Set a clear deadline for your guests, so that you can plan sensibly. This should not be too long, otherwise there is a risk that some will simply forget the feedback.

Build your contact information (phone or email) for response or even follow-up into the deadline for feedback.

Neutral wording with contact information such as phone or email is ideal.

If you want to be on the safe side and receive as many responses as possible so that you don’t have to make many phone calls, it’s best to send a matching Reply card with. A printed invitation guests are very happy to comply with. In addition one can experience as bride and groom also still valuable information of the guests (accommodation desires music desires, etc.).).

Wedding reply cards in detail:

  • Individual Vintage style reply card and with photo "Venue"
  • Response card to the wedding in the pastel Watercolor-Look "Timeline
  • Romantic response cards for the wedding in Retro style "rose romance

Please give us until . Let us know if you will come.

In order to be able to plan better, we ask for your feedback by .

Please let us know until . let us know if you can come or not under: 0172/1234567 or [email protected]

We will be happy to receive a commitment with an attached response card until .

Also possible are phrases that include only acceptances or refusals are possible:

We do not like cancellations,
but if it must be, please until . contact us by.

By the way, one thing is clear, who does not cancel, is there. Cancellations please until . under the phone no. .

Who can not, please call until . to: Phone no. .

Who can not come, please tell us until . so that we can include this in our planning.

Please contact us by . with us.

Our joy is only complete when you celebrate with us. We hope for your confirmation by .

If you don’t need so much small print for the organization of the wedding, place the phrase for the feedback directly in the invitation card.

You can find these wedding insert cards in detail here:

  • For all fans of maritime style: insert card for the wedding"Anchors light"
  • Classic and modern presents this single card "Classic Chic
  • Trendy insert card in watercolor look "Timeline
Is there a contact person for the wedding? Are contributions desired?

All Contributions and surprises are to be discussed with our witnesses to the marriage. (name and phone number)

On our wedding celebration we would like no games play, but rather celebrate with you in an exuberant way. Therefore, please refrain from wedding games.

performances on your part are always welcome. Please contact our master of ceremonies for this purpose. (name and phone number)

Would you like to help shape our day a little?? Please contact our organizer Name, phone number.

Ideas? Contributions? Games? Our groomsmen will be happy to help you with questions and suggestions. (name and phone number)

Who something Entertaining if you would like to contribute, please contact : name and phone number

We have put the organization of our festivities in the hands of a Professionals submitted. She will be happy to answer your questions (name, phone number, e-mail)

For the smooth running of our wedding Sandra Mustermann will be the Master of Ceremonies provide. You are welcome to discuss any questions, ideas, wishes or surprises with her. (name, phone number, e-mail)

Write a dress code in the invitation?

Usually you don’t need an extra note for the dress code. Because it comes probably hardly one on the idea on a wedding in everyday clothes to come. Only those who special dress choice should note the desired dress code on the invitations or information cards.

For festive evening dress is requested.

Dresscode: festive& chic, traditional costume, .

We would be happy to welcome you in festive evening dress.

We would be pleased to welcome you solemnly and colorful to receive!

We are getting married in Costume. You are welcome to join us.

About festive attire we would be pleased to receive Traditional costume you also do not need to be shy.

We marry in traditional costume. We will be happy if you add a festive touch to our wedding day with traditional or festive attire.

Directions to the church or registry office or parking information

Help your guests not to be late for the wedding. Who address, directions or Parking facilities can avoid delays of the wedding guests. Some bridal couples prefer a common Meeting point, to leave together from there.

Additional information around the wedding celebration – from hotel to breakfast

You can find the one-way tickets in detail here:

  • Inserts for the wedding with fingerprint "We" are
  • Make a statement with these purist insert cards "We make our mark

overnight stay:

For our wedding guests Hotel some rooms kept free. Please until . book personally by phone . (. Euro p.P. in double room, incl. Breakfast)

Let us know quickly if you need a room.

For all those who want to celebrate with us until the early morning hours,
the following overnight accommodations are available.

Overnight accommodations can be arranged at the hotel for . Euro can be claimed. Please book yourself in time.

So that we can celebrate long and lavishly, we have reserved all hotel rooms for you, which you please book yourself (hotel, tel. ). We have negotiated a 30% discount for the rooms. Please indicate when booking that you are part of our wedding party.

Possibly important things around the wedding:

On the wedding day we are planning for you a Arrival snack from 12 o’clock!
(ca. 12:40 departure for the church)

Children are of course welcome guests. So that parents
and children can enjoy the party, we will organize
Childcare in the afternoon. After dinner
but it is child-free party time.

Children are not planned yet, but we are looking forward to having yours at our wedding.

On sunday morning there will be a common Breakfast
at the hotel . instead of. Please let us know if you want to be there.

For those who stay over night, there will be a dinner on Sunday at 11 am Morning pint instead of.

If you want to forgo a printed insert altogether, you might find this phrase fitting in your invitation card:

"More information about the organizational details as well as hotel recommendations we will give you after your commitment by e-mail."

Which information can also be useful for the wedding guests?

Personal support

Our graphic designers will assist you with advice and a professional eye in the design of your wedding cards until they are ready for printing.

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