Sustainable gift giving succeeds with these diverse options!

What goes down well? How to give sustainable gifts

Sustainable gift giving succeeds with these diverse options!

Munich Every year again, the hunt for the right Christmas gifts begins for most people by the end of November at the latest. Because not always a Christmas gift is only on the 24.12, but also at St. Nicholas or in the Advent calendar gifts are made.

Here you can find a loving and sustainable gift every day, which will bring joy in any case. In addition, 24 little doors naturally also bring 24 times of unique joy!

No-go’s under the Christmas tree – do they exist??

There are those classics that are at the top of the list for the most hated gifts. For example, the husband who gives his wife a vacuum cleaner for the feast of love will most likely have to spend the night on the sofa. At least, if one believes the cliche. But are some gifts really as frowned upon as they seem at first glance??

Not at all, because it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. If you give your loved one a few delicious, home-baked Printen, you’re not being unimaginative, you’re being affectionate. Provided that the taste of the person receiving the gift is known. However, if you give every work colleague a bar of chocolate, knowing that it won’t go down well anyway, you’re already more in the league of no-gos.

What really arrives under the Christmas tree and what does not, depends less on predefined cliches, but rather on personal preferences. The passionate mug collector is also happy about the 20. Cup on Christmas Eve. The fan of vegan chocolate can enjoy a lovingly arranged gift basket.

Socks, cleaning products, shower gel – but not the wrong gift?

No doubt, among statisticians money is still the most popular Christmas gift. But it is also by far the most unimaginative gift, because money is quickly moved from hand to hand. The mentality of the gift world has changed. People are increasingly focusing on sustainability, added value and green innovations. And with a very specific sense of meaning, it may also be a supposedly curious gift there.

Imagine that your best friend wants nothing more than to finally bring more sustainability into her household. Give her the opportunity by creating a starter kit from several areas. This can start with sustainable cleaning products and end with shower gels or the new shower blocks!

By no means unimaginative, but with added value and guaranteed good humor. It depends evenly nevertheless not always only on it which is given away, but before all like it is given away. There’s no doubt that bottle of scouring milk from the supermarket won’t be a perennial favorite under the Christmas tree, even with a decorative ribbon. The sustainable and high-quality cleaning product set in elegant glass bottles, however, possibly does. The glass bottle starter set with cleaning agent tabs, for example, is ideal for this, especially if the presentee values sustainability.

What do your loved ones really like??

The closer the person, the easier it usually is to find the right gift. Whether on the shopping trip in the spare time with the friend or at the dinner with the family – who would like to give really on the point, should look around in time. Is there a certain product that is always talked about?? Is there an activity that the family has been meaning to experience and for which a gift certificate would be the ideal idea?

If you listen carefully, it is easy to find a suitable gift for the dearest people around you. And if you are looking for a lot of variety and just can’t decide on a gift, you can certainly collect karma points and joyful faces with an Advent calendar. Whether self-equipped or selected, it depends above all on the sustainability, as the top list of sustainable Advent calendars makes clear. Because chocolate is quickly consumed, an Advent calendar full of meaningful items, however, is a product for the whole of December.

Nice little gifts for colleagues and relatives

Not all the people you meet on Christmas Eve are in your inner circle. Nevertheless, a small souvenir is a nice idea. Around 65% of Germans are convinced that environmental protection and sustainability are important issues. Even if this fact has nothing to do with gift giving at first, it becomes relevant upon closer inspection. The range of possible gifts expands, because a sustainable gift is always well received.

You don’t know your colleague well, but she always admires the pleasant scent you wear on your body? Give her a bottle of the shower gel, what you always use and write a few nice lines to it. In the past, such gifts were frowned upon, they were considered a silent call to improve personal hygiene.

But these misunderstandings have become rarer, thanks to the growing high quality of cleaning products, shower gels and other hygiene products. It looks similarly with the choice of food as gift. The bar of chocolate from the supermarket was never really a big seller. But the organic chocolate from certified cultivation in the preferred flavor is already.

Because with such products you give statements. You send a signal that you care about the environment and that you take care to give your loved ones products that are not available on every corner in the supermarket.

The packaging makes part of the gift

Although it is really just a cover, the packaging of a gift can have great significance. It makes a difference whether you place your gift unwrapped on your desk or whether you lovingly wrap it in paper, add nice sayings and maybe even a homemade bow on it.

Already the first impression with the delivery makes clear whether you thought about it or whether you bought an emergency gift and packed fast. Services that wrap gifts for you, while convenient, are also a sign of a lack of time or patience.

For gifts that really come from the heart, take the time to wrap them yourself. Even if the contents of the gift are not quite to the taste of the recipient, it is the gesture and effort alone that make the gift a fond memory after all.

Conclusion: There are no classic no-gos

The typical no-go gift simply doesn’t exist! The decisive factor is what your counterpart is happy about and the meaning behind the gift. Whether it’s cleaning products, sweets, shower gel or even a gift certificate – any gift can bring joy if it suits the recipient.

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