Solid house: plan your own home

At some point in life, the time comes when you want to invest in your own four walls. And what could these own four walls look like? You may be an apartment house or a great city apartment – in this article, however, we deal with the topic of solid houses and everything that is involved in the planning process. If you are planning to build your own home, the following information will certainly be helpful.

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Solid house: What does it mean??

What is a so-called solid house?? This term is quickly thrown into the room, without it being at all clear what it is all about. A solid house is a building consisting of masonry and (steel) concrete, which in its construction corresponds to the principles of solid construction. And this in turn means that walls that serve to close off a room usually also have a load-bearing function in the original building structure. In terms of materials, the term "solid construction" refers to any building structure made of masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete or even prestressed concrete. The word solid house is therefore indicative of the fact that a house u. a. is built or has been built with the above materials and with wall elements that are both load-bearing and enclose the room.

What to consider when planning a solid house?

It is important that you build efficiently when you decide to invest in a property. On the one hand, because it corresponds to the spirit of the times and on the other hand, because it makes financial sense in the long run. An efficient construction method benefits the environment and you will be able to save some money in the future. All the more importantly it is to know already with the planning of the massif building, on which it depends. From an energetic point of view, a compact construction as well as the possibility of passive use of solar energy are particularly important. Of course you should also invest in a good thermal insulation as well as in a technically high-quality heating system. In addition, pay attention to a spatial arrangement, which is designed for use and sensible, when you plan your solid house. This prevents retrofitting work, saves time, costs and also nerves.

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Solid house: plan your own home

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What distinguishes a solid house?

You want to invest in your own home, that much is already clear. But why the future home of your own should rather be a solid house and not a prefabricated house or similar, you should already think about this before the planning stage. A solid house has several advantages over other construction methods. We have put together a few. There is, for example, the factor of energy efficiency, which is a highly topical issue. The building materials for a massif house are won in modern processing and environmentalcarefully from natural, mineral materials. Brick walls are free of pollutants and already bring energy-efficient properties with them – in summer, the interior only heats up slowly and in winter, the heat does not penetrate through the solid walls to the outside, but is stored inside the house, so that heating costs can be effectively saved.

If you add professional thermal insulation to these existing advantages, you will very quickly see success in saving energy. When planning a solid house, you should also know that walls and ceilings that are constructed according to the solid construction method can regulate the moisture in the house much better – after all, living should always be healthy and be able to be lived in.

Solid house: Plan for sustainability

The issues of sustainability and also environmental protection are important to you? Then go for building materials that can be obtained from renewable raw materials and thus a solid house built with them. But of course sustainability is also important in the following everyday life. For example, a solar or photovoltaic system with adapted heating technology helps to save energy. If you by the way also set in things furnishing and interior decoration of your own home on lastingness, then you should keep among other things to pollutant-free colors, nature soils and also to solid wood furniture.

Solid house: plan your own home

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Some advantages of a solid house:

  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly through the use of natural building materials
  • Functions as a capital investment
  • Offers good sound insulation
  • Particularly resistant even to severe weather conditions or in case of fire

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A solid house is a relatively safe investment

As the heading already suggests: A solid house functions quite as a sensible capital investment. As a very resistant and also durable property, you achieve a much higher sales revenue with a solid house, than for example with a prefabricated house. By the way, these characteristics are already of use to you when planning your construction financing, because banks will possibly support you with better conditions when it comes to building a solid house than a prefabricated house. You also create a retirement plan for yourself, whether it’s in the direct form of the home, or in the form of the rental or. Possibility to sell your solid house – a real estate is in most cases a good and relatively safe investment.

Other positive side effects of a solid house

If they have after some years completely different ideas of the interior design of your house and absolutely want to change something, that goes in a solid house relatively unproblematic. Here you only have to pay attention to the load-bearing walls, but even these are not an obstacle, if supporting steel beams are integrated during the reconstruction. With a solid house, there are hardly any limits to your building techniques. In terms of sound insulation, you will also find when planning a solid house, that just by the solid walls or concrete ceilings, the sound insulation will already be good to give. Especially if you’re a family with children living together, you’ll quickly appreciate a quiet retreat – everyone needs a moment to themselves, after all.

Solid house: plan your own home

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Even in the event of a disaster, a solid house is less likely to let you down: in the event of fire, the load-bearing capacity of the solid construction is maintained, because the building materials can withstand even great heat. In addition, hardly any pollutants and toxic gases are released and there are no cavities in the masonry, which would further promote the further spread of a possible fire.

Whether you decide you want to plan a massive house or not is ultimately up to you. As always: detailed information in advance is essential. Some advantages of a solid house are summarized above for you. Good luck with your personal construction project!

And if you are still missing a suitable company, which supports you professionally and advises competently in your solid house construction project, then visit, for example, the website of Kern-Haus: Kern-Haus

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Solid house: plan your own home

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