Smoking without leaf or bong

When the leaflets run out or the bong breaks, the first thing to do is to remedy the situation. But real McGyver stoners always find a way to get rid of their cannabis smoke and it is not even difficult to do that. The best known and most popular methods I would like to show you here today.

One thing in advance: I don’t like it when people build their own chillums and heads because I think that they should be made of glass for the sake of cleanliness and health. Therefore, I will not go into the construction of chillums and put the ownership of one incl. Head first.

I would also like to strongly advise you to avoid the use of aluminum foil. Aluminum is toxic and damages your lungs. Use it only if you are aware of the risk and there is no other way. And even then, I’d think twice about screwing up my lungs for an hour of fun. Flame the aluminum foil basically 3-4 times before. A very good alternative are insert screens
or hanging sieves. These cost only a few cents and your lungs will thank you for it.

Bottle bong


Take a 1,5L Cola bottle, not a PET bottle because they are too soft.

Poke a hole about a little bit below the half of the bottle and insert a chillum there.

Optional: Poke another hole in the upper half of the opposite side. This will be your kick hole.

Now fill water into the bottle bong – done.

If you want to build a bottle bong anytime and anywhere to smoke a bong, we recommend Bong Spear – turns any plastic bottle into a bong!

Smoke apple

Smoking an apple can be really tasty if you leave out the tobacco.

Drill a small hole diagonally through your apple.

At the top you put a small sieve where you can put your mixture for smoking, and at the other end is pulled.

Something fresh for in between. &

hole in the ground

If you are out in the woods you can smoke a hole in the ground. Dig a small 8cm hole in the ground which goes down 10cm. Now stick a branch into the hole diagonally in front of your hole so that there is a connection between the drilled channel and the dug hole. Fill the "channel" with your mixture and draw from the hole. This is easier to do if you put a PET bottle without a bottom into the hole. Lighting up is easier with two people. But be careful when smoking: Many has already flown a piece of earth or even a beetle in the throat. In my opinion this is really only something for the absolute emergency or if you just want to try it out.

Smoke bucket


Cut or knock off the bottom of a 1-1.5 liter CocaCola bottle. Fill up a 10 liter, better 20 liter bucket with water.

Put the bottle up to the neck in the bucket and put a head with your mixture in the drinking opening. Now light them and at the same time pull up the bottle. There is a suction that pulls the smoke into the bottle. The higher you pull it the more suction you get. Take the head off after the bottle is almost completely out of the water, put your mouth to the opening and pull while pulling the bottle out of the water. Another technique would be to push the bottle down briefly when drawing in smoke and then pull it back up again. This creates pressure that pushes the smoke into the lungs faster and "kicks" fresh air behind it as you pull the bottle out. A good alternative to bong smoking although not exactly healthy.

Fruit Bong

For me personally a rather wasteful way to get into his smoking pleasure because you can certainly use the food more sensibly. But who would like to try it out, I have a YouTube video out where very well described how to build such a bong to smoke. In the end, you need a lot of patience, good tools, a melon, a cucumber, a carrot and an apple. It is estimated that this bong will be broken at the latest after the 4. Head but no longer taste and is thus at least for me to smoke completely unsuitable.

The negative pressure bong (Waterfall Bong)


On Wikipedia I found the "Waterfall-Bong" at that time. This is easy to build and just as easy to smoke. Take a plastic bottle. It is best to use an original cola bottle as they are more stable. Drill a small hole about 6-10mm in the side of the bottom of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water while closing the hole at the bottom. After the bottle is filled, put your head on the opening of the bottle and let go of the small hole. The water running out now creates a vacuum that pulls the smoke out of your head and into the bottle. After the water has completely drained out, you can put on the bottle opening and smoke comfortably. To prevent the smoke from cooling down it is advisable to play a little with the hole size.

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