Smoking hooks: test& recommendations (02/22)

As long as the fire is known, there is also smoking. Many people immediately smell the scent of smoked fish when they hear the word "smoking". Today, you can also find smoked cheese, smoked eggs, sausage or even smoked vegetables on store shelves. Even teas, whiskey and beer can be refined in this way.

Who would like to try the smoking once itself, which should alldingiges some attention. In addition to the right smoker, smoking hooks are especially important. This is the only way to place the meat, fish or cheese correctly in the smoker, so that the smoke optimally surrounds the food. In the following article you will find out everything you need to know about smoking hooks and thus find your perfect product.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • With the smoking hook you can smoke not only classic fish. Depending on whether meat, fish or sausage is chosen, a different smoking hook is more suitable.
  • Smoking hooks made of stainless steel are the best choice. This matieal is robust and lasts long.
  • The smoked hook should not be confused with a normal butcher’s hook, as it is specially made for the refinement of food with smoke.

Also interesting

Smoking hooks in comparison: reviews and recommendations

In the following section we have compiled some favorites for you. These are to help you make a buying decision. You will see that there is the right smoking hook for every smoking project. Each of these smoking hooks can also be easily ordered online.

The best all-rounder smoking hooks

Angel-Berger professional smoking hooks 5 pieces deluxe 5-piece, 10-piece, 15-piece or 20-piece set (5 pieces)

The professional smoking hook from Angel-Berger is equipped with 2 thorns and is particularly well suited for smoking smaller fish. With it also smaller pieces of meat and small sausages can be smoked well. The smoking hook is made of stainless steel and is 20cm long.

This all-rounder is particularly well suited for those who like to smoke only small fish such as mackerel or herring fillets and do not need large smoking hooks. Much weight should therefore not be hung on the hook, otherwise it can fall down together with fish or meat.

Editors Rating: The professional smoking hook from Angel-Berger offers a great price-performance ratio, but is only suitable for small smoked products.

The best smoking hook for meat

10 pieces butcher hooks, S hooks, smoking hooks, stainless steel hooks, 4mm x 10cm

The S-shaped smoking hook of M4x100VA is made of stainless steel and is particularly suitable for smoking meat and sausages due to its curved shape. The hook has a length of 10cm, a diameter of 4mm and is sharpened on one side.

Especially suitable for those who like to smoke meat and sausage. Meat can be left hanging on this sturdy hook even for several weeks. Also for other purposes, z.B. in the garden, the workshop or in the Hausahlt, this smoking hook can find other uses.

Editor’s rating: The stable, easy to use hook is a good decision for meat smoking. The hook can also be used outside of the smoking process.

The best smoking hook for fish

Smoking hook 10 pieces professional double hook for fish smoking 21cm

The professional smoking hook with double hooks from Croch is made of high quality stainless steel. The practical smoking hook with two tips holds especially fish well. With a total length of 21cm, the hook is long enough to fit various different fishcen on it. The smoking hook is acid and salt resistant and does not accumulate rust.

Those who particularly like to smoke fish should definitely try this smoking hook with double hook from Croch. In addition, the hook is very easy to handle and can be easily used even by smoking beginners.

Editor’s Rating: Especially for fish smoking fans, this product is a great choice and features both good quality and easy handling.

The best smoking hook for a lot of weight

steelando 5X smoking hooks double pointed claws L stainless steel 24,2cm trout herring (A2 stainless steel)

The double pointed claw smoking hook from steelando has 2 double thorns in L-shape with a length of 36mm. The claw hook has a length of 242mm and a material thickness of 1.5mm. The spines are extremely sharp and the hook is particularly well suited for smoked goods with a medium to heavy weight.

With a good stainless steel quality and stability, this smoking hook is very suitable for those who like to smoke large pieces of meat or large fish at once. The heavy smoked meat stays well on the smoking hook and does not fall into the embers.

Editor’s rating: With the double pointed claw smoking hook from steelando, nothing stands in the way of smoking a lot of meat or fish.

The best smoking hook set

LISOPO 15 pieces smoking hook and S shape hook, 10 pieces smoking hook and 5 pieces S shape hook Silver smoking hook double hook for fish meat, BBQ, kitchen, grill, oven, meat

The smoking hook set from LISPO consists of 10 smoking hooks with 2 L-thorns and 5 S-shape hooks. Both hook shapes are made of sturdy, high-quality stainless steel. The smoking hooks are easy to install and can be hung without glue, screws or nails.

This set combines the smoking hooks for smoking fish and smoking hooks for smoking meat. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for those who like to smoke both fish and meat.

Evaluation of the editors: The smoking hook set from LISPO has a good quality and offers the advantages of two different smoking hooks at once.

The smoking hook with the best quality

LISOPO 15 pieces smoking hook and S shape hook, 10 pieces smoking hook and 5 pieces S shape hook Silver smoking hook double hook for fish meat, BBQ, kitchen, grill, oven, meat

The claw smoking hook from Oxnfeia® has a very good quality. The smoking hook is not only made of impeccable stainless steel, it was also professionally manufactured in a Bavarian master workshop. A smoking hook has a weight of 22g, a total length of 22cm and has 2 solid mandrels with a length of 3.5cm each.

If you attach great importance to a very good quality, you should definitely choose the claw smoking hook from Oxnfeia®. This smoking hook stands for German master craftsmanship and is suitable for smoking both fish and meat.

Editors Rating: In the point of quality this smoking hook is unbeatable. Also, it can be used to smoke both fish and meat. However, this smoking hook also has its price.

Buying and evaluation criteria for smoking hooks

In order to simplify the choice for your new smoking hook, we have summarized the most important criteria for a purchase for you again. How to find the right smoking hook for your smoking project. The criteria are as follows:

In order to make a well-informed decision, we will now explain to you what to look for in the individual purchase criteria.

Field of application

Not only fish can be used for smoking. Although smoked fish is probably the best known and most popular smoked product, various types of meat, sausages and cheese can also be smoked.

Depending on what you would now like to smoke yourself, it is also recommended to take a different smokehook. This is the only way to ensure that the smoke optimally reaches the food product from all sides. Also the weight of the smoked food plays a role in the choice of the right smoking hook.

Secure hold

If you want to smoke a large load of meat or fish, it may happen that such a smoking hook must withstand a few kilograms of weight.

The heavier the food hung on it, the more stable the hook must be, because it is really unfavorable if the hook together with the smoked food suddenly falls into the embers.


When it comes to the material of the smoking hook, it must be clearly stated that stainless steel is the measure of all things. Stainless steel has several advantages over other materials. Stainless steel is z.B. Stainless, heavy duty, easy to clean and it has a nice glossy look.

The handle to a smoking hook made of high-alloy V2A stainless steel is always a good choice, because this smoking hook is almost indestructible. So a long pleasure is guaranteed.


Such a smoking hook should not need elaborate operating instructions, but should be easy and uncomplicated to use. So when buying, make sure that the smoking hook is easy to handle.

Smoking hooks are best suited, which are easy to hang in the device designed for this purpose and also hold really well. Test the smoke hooks rather before the first use, so that also nothing goes wrong when it comes to it.

Advisor: Frequently asked questions about smoking hooks answered in detail

In the following section, we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about the topic of smoking hooks. So you are sufficiently informed when it comes to buying the smoking hook.

What is a smoking hook?

Whether cold and hot, vertical and horizontal smoking, there is a suitable smoking hook for all types of smoking. Smoking should also never be underestimated. Special rules of the game must be followed and the choice of the right smoking hook is one of them.

For whom is a smoker suitable?

Smoking hooks have, as the name suggests, one to several pointed hooks and should therefore only be used by adults. Children should not get their hands on them and should be kept out of their reach.

What types of smoking hooks are there?

You have the choice between round bent smoking hooks, smoking hooks with double bow, smoking hooks with double tips, smoking hooks in S-shape and claw smoking hooks. You can use almost all smoking hooks in the smoker or smoker oven.

What is the cost of a smoked salmon hook?

Price range Available products
Low price (5 – 16 €) simple S-smoking hooks made of stainless steel
Medium priced (17 – 26 €) various models made of stainless steel
High-priced (27 – 35 €) high quality smoking hooks, various models made of stainless steel

As you can see, you can get some simple smoking hooks for little money already. But also in the middle price category you can find already good smoking hooks made of stainless steel.

How to clean a smoking hook?

For this you can z.B. pour 1-2 liters of hot water into a tub or bowl, add some baking soda and let the hooks rest in it for a few hours. If this has not removed all the dirty spots, you can wipe the hooks again with a cloth and some citric acid.

You can also use detergent for cleaning. To do this, again pour 1-2 liters of hot water into a bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of detergent. Alternatively, you can also try to clean the hooks in the dishwasher.


To make your smoking venture a success, choosing the right smoking hook is important. No matter whether fish, meat, sausage or cheese everything can be smoked and for each smoking project there is the suitable smoking hooks.

In addition to the stability and a secure grip, especially the quality is crucial. A stainless steel smoking hook is a must, otherwise the hook will start to rust and become unusable. Also, attention should be paid to how much weight the hook should withstand, because with too much weight the whole smoked salmon threatens to fall into the embers.

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