Sick pay: how long it is provided at most

Once a person gets into the circumstance of being dependent on sickness benefit, it is usually a severe health restriction.

How long does the health insurance company actually pay sick pay?

How long does the health insurance company actually pay sickness benefit?

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As a rule, the employer first pays six weeks long regular salary, before the health insurance companies pay for further care.

Short& short: sickness benefit – how long it is paid for

Sickness benefit has a maximum duration of 78 weeks for the same illness. After three years, this period begins again.

There is an exception if the same illness occurs and sickness benefit has already been paid for this illness for the maximum possible period. Then special conditions must be given for a renewed purchase. Further information can be found here.

Here you can find out what the differences are between daily sickness benefits and sick pay.

But these payments will not forever paid; the payment of sickness benefit has a maximum duration. The following is therefore a concise summary of what sickness benefit is, and how long it is usually paid.

First of all: The difference between sick pay and daily sick pay

In contrast to daily sickness benefits, sickness benefits have a fixed maximum duration

In contrast to daily sickness benefits, sickness benefits have a fixed maximum duration

Here, we should first differentiate between two similar-sounding but different benefits: sickness benefit and Daily sickness benefit. The former is the statutory health insurance, the latter is supplementary insurance.

It is mainly for Privately insured important, because these have no claim for sick pay. The maximum period for which daily sickness benefits are paid is not specified. Theoretically, a unlimited claim nevertheless, incapacity for work must be regularly proven here as well. Health insurance patients could also take out additional daily sickness benefit insurance if they have a Supplement for the loss of wages due to illness wish.

How long is sickness benefit paid in total?

The duration of sick pay is quite specific in the V. Social Code, § 48 specified. It states:

Insured persons receive sick pay without any time limit, but in the event of incapacity for work due to the same illness for a maximum of seventy-eight weeks within each three-year period, calculated from the day on which the incapacity for work began.

How long does sick pay last? - This is clearly stated by law

How long is sick pay available? – This is clearly stated by law

Furthermore, it is stated there that the occurrence of a second illness during the first illness no new deadline for a sickness benefit triggers. How long the duration of benefits actually is, further depends on whether a claim for sickness benefit is once rested has or fails was. This becomes according to law text "considered": This means that these time periods are also considered as Period of entitlement can be assessed – even though a person has not received a corresponding benefit.

Note: In principle, the granting of sick pay on the Duration of the certified inability to work limited. The sickness insurance fund shall accordingly require regular evidence. You must be active contact your insurer if you need sick pay. How long the processing and the corresponding Transfer claim may vary from place to place. Therefore, to avoid gaps as early as possible be acted upon.

A Special case exists if a person has already had to claim the maximum possible duration of sick pay already had to claim and after three years again because of the same suffering sickness benefit needed. How long or. Whether it can then be claimed at all depends on whether the person concerned has been both a) absent from work for at least half a year because of the very same illness Unable to work was and b) gainfully employed was, respectively the Labor market was available. If one of these circumstances does not apply, there is usually no renewed claim on sick pay.

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