Sick pay for financial security in the event of prolonged illness

Serious illnesses or recovery after an accident are often associated with hospitalization and longer periods of absence from work. Here, too, the IKK Sudwest steps in with cost coverage. If the continued payment of wages by the employer expires in the case of a long illness, IKK Sudwest will pay sick pay – regardless of whether a hospital stay is necessary or not. On this page we inform you in detail about the many different aspects of sickness benefits. From the prerequisites to questions about payment to dealing with the tax office.

Requirements for sick pay

An important aspect are of course the conditions under which one can receive sick pay. If you become unable to work due to an illness or after an accident – that is, if your doctor writes you off sick – your employer must pay you your wage or. Continue to pay your salary in full. However, this so-called continued payment of wages is limited to a period of six weeks. If you are ill for a longer period of time or are not entitled to continued payment of your salary for other reasons, IKK Sudwest will pay you sickness benefit if you.

The amount of sick pay is prescribed by law: It amounts to 70 percent of gross earnings, but not more than 90 percent of net earnings. In general, however, there is a maximum amount: in 2021, this is 112.88 euros per day. As a rule, contributions to pension, unemployment and long-term care insurance must still be paid from the sick pay.

FAQ – frequently asked questions on the subject of sick pay

  • How do I apply for sick pay and how is it paid??

As a prerequisite for payment of sick pay, IKK Sudwest requires proof of your continuous inability to work. The certificate of incapacity for work is taken into account from 1. October 2021 as an electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU) automatically transmitted by the doctor’s offices to IKK Sudwest. If electronic transmission of the eAU by your doctor is not possible, the practice will continue to give you the sickness certificate in paper form. Please submit this to us within one week.

The sick pay will be transferred to an account specified by you. Please always notify us immediately in writing of any changes to your bank details. Sickness benefit will be paid retroactively up to the date of issue of the certificate of incapacity for work by the doctor. Payment will be made for the duration of the incapacity for work and will end at the same time.

The amount of sickness benefit depends on whether you are an employee with a regular income or receive benefits from the Employment Agency. Self-employed persons can also choose to receive sickness benefit, which is calculated from their last contribution classifications. Regardless of whether you are an employee, unemployed or self-employed, you will receive notification of the amount of your sick pay after we have calculated it.


The amount of sick pay per calendar day depends on your regular income. In general, the sickness benefit is 70 percent of the last gross salary, but not more than 90 percent of the net salary. In principle, the calculation of sickness benefit is based on the payroll period that has elapsed and been settled before the beginning of the incapacity for work.

When calculating your sickness benefit, we also take into account one-off payments that are subject to contributions, but not supplements paid that are not subject to wage tax. Sick pay is paid on a calendar day basis. If you receive sick pay for a full calendar month, this is always calculated as 30 days. In the case of partial months, the actual calendar days of the month will be taken into account. Sickness benefit can amount to a maximum of 112.88 euros gross per calendar day (maximum amount for 2021). After calculation, you will receive a notification from us about the amount of your sick pay.


If you last received benefits from the employment agency, you will receive the amount of unemployment benefit I or unemployment benefit for further education as sick pay. Due to the additional contribution for childless persons in the long-term care insurance, the sickness benefit may be slightly lower than your unemployment benefit. After calculation, you will receive notification from us of the amount of your sick pay.


The sickness benefit from the 43. As a general rule, the amount paid out on the 21st day of your incapacity for work is 70 percent of the income from work for which you last paid contributions. Maximum amount is 112,88 Euro (maximum amount for 2021). If your actual income was lower, your sick pay will be adjusted accordingly. Sickness benefit cannot be paid in the case of negative earned income, as no income has to be replaced. After the calculation you will receive a message from us about the amount of your sick pay.

  • Employee
    You do not need to worry about anything. We request your income level directly from your employer and calculate your sick pay.
  • Unemployed
    Please submit your "Notification of the end of benefit entitlement" (notice of termination). This way we can calculate your sick pay as quickly as possible. You will receive the notification from your employment agency
  • Self-employed
    Sickness benefit is always calculated on the basis of the last contribution classification. If necessary, however, it may be necessary for us to also receive your last tax assessment notice or your tax return. a profit and loss statement or a business management report (BWA) for the calculation of sick pay. Your customer advisor will inform you about this.

Sickness benefits are compulsory contribution periods. If you have previously paid contributions to pension, unemployment and long-term care insurance, we will also pay the corresponding contributions while you are receiving sickness benefits. IKK Sudwest will provide this service for you. You do not have to worry about anything else.

Contributions are paid proportionately by you and our health insurance company. You do not have to pay health insurance contributions while receiving sick pay. You are unemployed, self-employed, an artist or a publicist? Special regulations apply to you. Your customer advisor will be happy to provide you with more information.

You can receive sickness benefit for the same illness for up to 78 weeks within three years. If another illness occurs during your incapacity for work, this will not extend the payment of sick pay.

Periods during which sick pay is suspended (for example, due to continued payment of wages or during rehabilitation measures) will also be counted towards the 78 weeks.

Before your entitlement expires, we will send you a notification in good time and without being asked to do so.

In principle, you are entitled to sick pay from the day on which the doctor has medically diagnosed this. This also applies to inpatient stays.

In most cases, however, you will not receive sick pay until the seventh week of incapacity for work, since your employer will continue to pay your wages for six weeks before that. If you have already been incapacitated for work due to the same illness, the current continued payment may be shorter.

Notice: In the event of an accident at work, the relevant employers’ liability insurance association is obliged to pay benefits. We will only pay you the injury benefit on your behalf.

In principle, you will continue to receive sick pay from IKK Sudwest even after your employment relationship has ended. Your membership will continue due to the receipt of sick pay as long as the incapacity for work is certified without gaps. In this case, please contact your customer advisor.

The certificate of incapacity for work must be received by IKK Sudwest within one week of issue. Please note that sick pay cannot be paid if submitted late.

You can submit the sick certificate by fax, by e-mail, or by mail.

IKK Sudwest
66098 Saarbrucken

Of course, you can also conveniently upload the sick note in the online office. It is not necessary to submit the original sickness certificate.

After submitting your certificate of incapacity for work, sick pay will be paid retroactively up to the date of issue ("Determined on") by the doctor, but no later than the end of the period of incapacity for work.

Sick pay for financial security in the event of prolonged illness

Sick pay for financial security in the event of prolonged illness

The incapacity for work was paid on 22.03.2018 medically determined. If the sickness notification is submitted to IKK Sudwest on time, the sickness benefit will be paid until the 22nd day after the accident.03.2018 (even if the incapacity for work is expected to last until 19.04.2018 has been attested).

As soon as you submit further (timely) certificates of incapacity for work to us, we will continue to pay until the determination date.

At the end of your incapacity for work, you will receive a final certificate from the doctor, which will be marked separately. Please also submit this final certificate to IKK Sudwest by the deadline so that we can pay you your sickness benefit.

The doctor must confirm the expected duration of the incapacity for work on the certificate of incapacity for work.

Please note that sickness benefit cannot be paid for periods in which the continuation of incapacity for work is not determined without gaps by the attending physician (i.e. at the latest on the working day following the last day of the current incapacity for work).

This also applies in the event of continued incapacity to work after treatment in a hospital or rehabilitation clinic has been completed.

Note: If your doctor is on vacation, please find a substitute.

Yes, IKK Sudwest electronically reports the amount and period of the respective income replacement benefit to the tax office each year. This includes sick pay, maternity pay, child care sick pay or injury pay.

This transfer must always be made by 28. February of the following year. You will then receive prompt and unsolicited written information by mail from IKK Sudwest about the reported data.

If you become ill within the first four weeks of employment and submit the certificate of incapacity for work to IKK Sudwest within one week, you are generally entitled to sickness benefits.

In this case please contact your customer advisor.

Gradual reintegration is intended to enable employees who are unable to work to gradually return to their normal workload, with the aim of achieving full working capacity in their previous job.

To do this, first agree with your doctor and employer on the period and daily load during reintegration (sample 20).

Please submit the plan confirmed by your employer to us for further processing before the reintegration measure begins.

During the gradual reintegration, you will continue to be incapacitated for work. you will continue to receive a certificate of incapacity for work from your doctor. Therefore, your sick pay entitlement will remain.

If you receive a pro rata salary from your employer, the sick pay will be reduced accordingly.

If the gradual reintegration takes place after a rehabilitation measure, transitional allowance can continue to be paid by the pension insurance institution.

You will not receive sick pay when receiving the following pensions:

  • Full pension due to old age
  • Pension due to full reduction in earning capacity
  • Pension due to incapacity for work
  • Sick pay

If one of these pensions is approved while you are receiving sick pay, it will no longer be paid to you from then on.

If you are granted a partial pension or. If you receive a pension due to partial reduction in earning capacity, your sick pay will continue to be reduced.

If you receive a foreign pension, please inform us about it.

If the rehabilitation measure was approved by the German pension insurance and you are subject to pension insurance, you can receive transitional benefits from the pension insurance. If you have any questions, please contact your pension insurance provider directly.

Your entitlement to sick pay is suspended for the period during which you are receiving transitional benefits.

All about sick pay: IKK Sudwest is there for you!

How is sick pay paid out, what are the requirements?? The questions surrounding this topic are extremely diverse and often cannot be answered with one simple answer. At this point we are happy to assist you and take care of your request. In this context, you might also consider changing your health insurance fund to IKK Sudwest, if you are not already a member of our scheme. Our experienced employees are available to you by e-mail or by telephone via our Free IKK hotline 0800/0 119 000. at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us and describe your situation – we will provide you with concrete help for your individual case. The IKK Sudwest team is looking forward to your inquiry!

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