Sarah bosetti live: how to turn hate into poetry

Sarah Bosetti live: How to turn hate into poetry

Deals lyrically virtuoso with shitstorms: Sarah Bosetti.

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Food. Offensive comments make Sarah Bosetti creative. The author and satirist, who is well known from television, is now going on tour again.

The appendix is a body part that is rather rarely the subject of public discussion. Sarah Bosetti did it anyway. Last December, in the ZDF format "Bosetti wants to talk," which can be found in the station’s online media library, the author and satirist spoke about the division of society in the wake of the pandemic. And this would not, as many claim again and again, break apart in the middle. "Actually, those who want to divide society are sitting pretty far to the right and pretty far down," Bosetti said.

Like an appendix in the human body. "And such an appendix is not, after all, in the strict sense essential for the survival of the entire complex. When it ignites, it screams loudly and is annoying," she added. An expression of deep Corona frustration, as she directly added, "peppered with wry comparisons."Others would call it simple satire.

"Appendicitis" video even prompted call for resignation against ZDF chief

What followed is known as a "shitstorm" in today’s modern German. The native of Aachen received numerous insults and threats. The cause was a post by controversial columnist Rainer "Don Alphonso" Meyer on the social media platform Twitter, who placed Bosetti’s statement right next to one by SS doctor Fritz Klein. "The Jew is the festering appendix in the body of mankind," said the latter at the time in the Third Reich. CDU politician Arnold Vaatz jumped on it and demanded immediately times the resignation of the entire ZDF management around Intendant Thomas Bellut.

Which, of course, Bosetti couldn’t take lying down and firmly defended herself in an eight-minute video on the video platform YouTube: "Appendicitis is not a Nazi word. It only becomes Nazi rhetoric when people are degraded as a disease to be removed and destroyed. And – surprise! – I have never done this."

In 2020 her book on the topic of hate comments was published

Presumably, with all the news she received in the wake of the "appendicitis affair", Sarah Bosetti will anyway go back to doing what she’s been doing again and again for years. In her 2020 book, I’ve Got Nothing Against Women, You Bitch! – Mit Liebe gegen Hasskommentare" (With love against hate comments) she gathers the meanest and nastiest sayings that have ever been directed at her, comments on them and dedicates her own, pointedly formulated poem to them. Main topics are politics, society and feminism.

The 37-year-old is now presenting excerpts from her current work again on stages around the country. She has been performing regularly on these since 2009, albeit mostly in a duo with slam poet Daniel Hoth. In 2013, the duo made it to second place in the German-language poetry slam championship.

Permanent guest on TV

In recent years, however, Bosetti has appeared mainly in various programs of the public broadcasters. Regular appearances in formats such as "Nuhr im Ersten," "Die Anstalt," "Extra 3," and "Mitternachtsspitzen" were on the agenda. The viewers were able to get an idea of Sarah Bosetti’s understanding of humor and satire often enough.

And those will not be surprised with which words she ended the "appendix affair": "I would like to formally apologize for my words, dear appendixes of this world. You really did not deserve this comparison."

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Dates: 9.2. Monchengladbach (Rote Krokodil), 26.2. Essen (Carl colliery, to be relocated), 4.3. Krefeld (South Station), 25.3. Munster (Kreativhaus), 3.4. Dusseldorf (Zakk), 9.6. Recklinghausen (Ruhrfestspielhaus), 4.9. Bochum (Langendreer Station), 30.9. Cologne (Comedia), 3.11. Wuppertal (Stock Exchange).

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