Saint nicholas

In Austria St. Nicholas is celebrated on 6. December celebrated. Often he is accompanied by the Krampus. Nikolo as he is also called, brings children apples, nuts, tangerines .

There are many stories around the Saint Nicholas. No one knows what is really true about these stories. Such stories are told Legends called.

But, St. Nicholas really existed. He was very pious and was known for helping people who were in need.

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Did you know that .

  • Saint Nicholas was born in Turkey?
  • St. Nicholas was very rich and helped the poor with his fortune?
  • the Saint Nicholas is NOT the Santa Claus is?


St. Nicholas was born around the year 280 (this is not exactly documented) in a rich family of the city of Patra, in southern Turkey born. Patra is 60 kilometers from the later Bishop city Myra removed. There St. Nicholas was bishop. His parents had him in Christian faith educated. When they died, they left St. Nicholas a great fortune. With this he could Helping the poor.

Bishop Nicholas died at the age of 90 years and was buried in Myra. After his death he was everywhere revered and as Saint explains. In the year 1087 the bones were taken out of the grave stolen and after Italy brought. There they still lie. Many people visit his grave in Bari.

Although he is dressed so similarly, Nicholas is not Santa Claus. St. Nicholas wears the characteristics of a bishop: a miter, a bishop’s miter, and a crooked shepherd’s crook.


Here are some Legends of Saint Nicholas. Click on the story you want to read to go to the right page.

  • Saint Nicholas
  • St. Nicholas helps in famine
  • St. Nicholas gives presents to the poor girls
  • St. Nicholas saves an unjustly condemned man
  • Saint Nicholas in Greifswald

St. Nicholas’ song

A Santa Claus song

Let us be merry and bright
And rejoice with all our hearts!
Funny, funny, trallerallala!
Soon Nik’lausabend is here,
Soon St. Nicholas’ Eve will be here!

Then I’ll put the plate on the table,
St. Nicholas is sure to make a difference.
Funny, funny, trallerallala!
Soon Nik’laus evening is here,
soon Nik’laus evening will be here!

When I sleep, I dream:
Now Nik’laus brings something for me.
Funny, funny, trallerallala!
Soon is Nik’lausabend da,
soon is Nik’laus eve!

When I got up,
I run fast to the plate.
Funny, funny, trallerallala!
Soon Nik’lausabend will be here,
soon it’s St. Nicholas Eve!

Nik’laus is a good man,
Who you can’t thank enough.
Funny, funny, trallerallala!
Soon Nik’laus evening is here,
soon saint nicholas eve will be here!

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