Rollige katze | 7 ultimate tips with rolligkeit

ROLLY CAT | 7 ultimate tips when she is on heat

Today we devote ourselves to the question of the rolliness. What it is and what one can do as a cat owner, if it becomes too colorful to one because the cat is in heat.

Basic equipment

*Basic equipment for cats

Choice of partner

Ladies’ choice, today is ladies’ choice. Yes, that’s right, with our most popular four-legged friends, the cat lady chooses her chosen one. And the whole thing completely independent of whether he comes out of the cat fights as a successful gladiator or not. But everything in turn.

When are then our four-legged friends ripe for love? So when does the cat go into heat for the first time? Depending on the breed and individual conditions, female cats are usually sexually mature at six to nine months of age, but at the latest at one year of age. As a master you get this by a decreased appetite of Katzi with. She can also whine abruptly and make heart-wrenching wails, roll on the floor, cuddle fiercely, rub herself against everything and everyone, set scent marks and present her bottom with her back pressed through and her tail bent as soon as she is cuddled by her master at the base of his tail. And then again she rolls and rolls and rolls around on the floor. If Katzi is restless and does not rub against everything, she may be in pain. Please have this clarified by a veterinarian.

Outdoor cats will be brought outside twice a year for approx. eight to ten days in heat. Apartment cats, on the other hand, can come into heat at any time. This behavior is controlled by the light. In addition, cats do not know menopause and can successfully have offspring even at 15 years of age. Therefore, care should be taken with free-roaming cats.

The choice of a partner is, as described at the beginning, purely a female matter. Whereby here the cat ladies from human point of view for inexplicable reasons also a puny tomcat can select, which was inferior in all fights. But where love falls… The lucky cat is encouraged by signs, which are imperceptible for us humans, to be interested in his lady. Often fake a coquette escape from her to irritate him. But she does not run far away, her beloved should stay on it after all. Partly she even waits for him or looks where he stays.

Cats are very fertile animals. Domestic cats can litter up to three times a year and give birth to up to five kittens per litter. And here again the so important question arises about the neutering resp. Sterilization. But this is not only interesting for owners of outdoor cats, because also apartment cats can whine from lovesickness or mark as a tomcat in the own walls. Please ask your veterinarian of confidence about this. It recommends the right neutering time for your cat.

But what can be done with a cat lady in heat?? How to calm her down?

1. Out of sight and out of mind

Not spayed or neutered outdoor ladies should be kept away from male cats during the period of heat, from spring to late summer. Even the sight of them can put her into a frenzy, so it is better to close the curtains or otherwise prevent the view to the outside. Also close windows and cat flaps, so that Katzi cannot take up any scent.

2. Against internal heat external warmth helps

Offer your cat a warm and cuddly lying surface. For example, a cherry pit cushion that you can heat in the microwave. Cats love heated places, especially female cats. In addition, the cushion is quickly warmed up again. Katzi then becomes a little quieter and calmer. The effect does not last long. But it is enough for a short breather for master and mistress.

3. Drug intoxication against love intoxication

Use catnip to distract your cuddly cat. Use catnip but only if it really calms Katzi. The lady cat in heat can become even louder and more restless than she already is, if the mint stimulates her. So best to test before.

4. Homeopathy?

Yes, there are also homeopathic tranquilizers for cats. But these remedies should only be administered by a naturopathic person, such as an animal healer. He will find out the right remedy for your cat and explain you the dosage. Do not experiment on your own with globules, Bach flowers and Co. around. Otherwise, your lady can be seriously harmed.

5. Fragrant scents

Try the cat scent in Feliway. This possesses an artificial cat pheromone, which calms cats down. However, you should use it a few days before the heat, so that the hormone has already accumulated in the cat’s organism to be able to act optimally.

6. Clean thing

Cats on heat can also place scent marks, similar to their male counterparts, to attract males. Keeps then best the cat litter box clean and purely. With this you animate Katzi to use this rather than the apartment to position her marks. If she does mark somewhere else, please clean this area immediately, for example with the cat urine remover Bio Urin Attacke, so that the scent mark does not encourage her to mark again.

7. Playing makes tired

Play your cat to make it tired and calmer. But this is also short-lived. You can also crawl or brush the lower back, if she allows it. It’s a little more effective than just playing with it.


ROLLY CAT | 7 ultimate tips for taming a cat in heat :

  1. Close curtains, windows and cat flaps. So she does not see and scent tomcats.
  2. Warm and cuddly lying surface calm, z. B. a warm cherry pit cushion.
  3. Distraction by catnip helps.
  4. Homeopathic remedies, e.g. B. Bach flowers of the versierten animal welfare practical man help.
  5. Feliway classic spreads a soothing scent of well-being.
  6. Keeping the litter box clean to avoid over-marking scent marks.
  7. Through increased play, the velvet paw becomes balanced and tired.

ROLLIGIT | 7 ultimate tips for cats in heat
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