Resume maiden name – after divorce back to maiden name?

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Still many married couples decide to choose a common name at marriage. The Married name should strengthen the sense of belonging. But if, contrary to expectations, a divorce does occur, many spouses want to use the married name and return to their own maiden name. What does it cost to take back your maiden name?? Can be changed Change birth name? And: If you take on the birth name again, your child use this name as well? You can find out more about this in the following guide.

The most important facts in brief: Resuming your birth name

  • After a divorce the former spouses are allowed to take their birth name again.
  • Without divorce married couples can only reassume their maiden name if no common married name has been established.
  • In order to take your birth name again, you must apply to the registry office for a Request for name change Make.

You can get detailed information about the birth name in this guidebook.

How can you take the birth name again after the divorce?

What exactly is the birth name?

The maiden name: Can it be taken again after divorce?

The name of birth: It is possible to take it again after the divorce?

The birth name is by definition the name you have had since birth and from your parents or. the custodial parent (from § 1616 BGB). It is therefore also commonly referred to as the Family name is designated, because it Descent from the parents points out. As a synonym for the birth name of women is also the term "maiden name" well known.

Generally, there is a possibility that the birth name of a child can also be changed afterwards. This is the case, for example, if the parents only have subsequently choose a common married name or the child adopted becomes.

Otherwise the birth name cannot be changed. It usually remains throughout life and is recorded in the birth certificate. You can usually only take on another name when you enter into a marital union yourself – but without the original surname being deleted from the registers in the process.

Re-acceptance: The birth name after divorce

Take on the birth name again: Different regulations apply to a child

Resume your birth name: Different rules apply to a child.

If the spouses separate, there is usually the wish to change the name of the child take your own birth name again allowed. In the case of a corresponding intention there are as a rule no obstacles. You may return to your maiden name at any time – or to any other surname or married name that you once carried.

You can submit a corresponding application for a name change at the registry office responsible for you make. For this you need then the legally binding divorce decree.

The following documents are usually required for name change before the registry office:

  • Marriage certificate or certified copy of the family register including marriage dissolution note
  • Divorce decree with legal effect
  • Identity card or passport

If the new name can be used officially, the following can apply Newly applied for identity card, passport and driver’s license become. In addition, a number of contractual partners, such as. B. the mobile phone provider, the insurance in addition, the pension insurance or GEZ about the name change to be informed. Worth mentioning in this context service of name, contract partners about the name change in a short time.

Resuming the birth name – even without divorce?

Not always separated spouses actually want a divorce. In order to save on divorce costs and nerves, some agree that, To refrain from divorce in spite of separation. If you nevertheless do not want to continue to use the married name, but instead want to return to your respective birth name, this is where you will run into problems. Because in general it is not possible, to still change the married name afterwards or to take distance from the married name.

Can children take their mother’s maiden name after divorce??

For children, their own birth name is binding even after divorce

For children, their birth name is binding even after divorce.

Here we need to be careful: While the separated spouses can resume the birth name relatively easily, it is not possible to change the children’s birth names so easily in the event of divorce. The reason is that children born during the marriage period already have their own birth name – either the surname of one of the parents or the married name.

Example: The common children carry the married name, which corresponds to the Father’s surname corresponds. After the divorce has taken place the Return the child’s mother to her maiden name and name the children accordingly let. However, while she may resume her birth name, she cannot transfer this to her children. As a rule, only in the case of Remarriage a name match will take place, provided the custodial father agrees to the plan.

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