Recipe for long hair. How to accelerate hair growth in a natural way?

The most beautiful woman is the one who has long and shiny hair. This is what most men and … most women think. Hair is our greatest asset. For this reason we very often think about what we could do to accelerate hair growth. In this article you will find the most important information on the topic of natural care leading to faster hair growth.

How fast does hair grow? It is actually difficult to determine. The speed of hair growth can be different. The duration of the growth phase and the intensity of cell decay depend on various factors, e.g.B. Nutrition and moisturizing. Hair growth in the course of a month can be different for each person in this respect. In one person the hair can grow at different pace during one year. It can be greatly influenced by various diseases, atmospheric conditions, or other factors (e.g., weather, temperature, etc.).B. Stress) have.

On the basis of the studies, the average hair growth in the course of a month was found – it is 1 cm. This means that our hair should be on average 12 cm longer in the course of a year. Strained hair that needs intensive nourishment is bound to grow more slowly than healthy hair. However, it is possible to provide the damaged hair with adequate nutrients, so that within a month they are even 2-3 cm longer.


The life of each hair begins in the hair follicles, which are composed in the framework of the structure and functions. There are 5 million hair follicles on the whole body! In the scalp there is ca. 100-150 thousand. The number of hair follicles does not change at all throughout life. Not all of them are active. The acceleration of hair growth, which is promised by many cosmetic producers, consists in this respect in the activation of the hitherto passive hair follicles.

The basic structure of the hair distinguishes between the hair shaft (part of the hair that protrudes above the surface of the skin) and the hair root (subcutaneous part of the hair). In the process of hair growth, the inner part of the hair plays the most important role. The above mentioned hair root (hair bulb) is surrounded with the hair follicle, in which the whole hair is rooted. Here, in the lower part of the hair follicle, cell divisions take place that lead to hair growth.

Life cycle phases of the hair

Hair growth is closely related to the life cycle of hair. Each phase of the life cycle occurs about 20-30 times in a lifetime. There are four successive phases. The first phase is the most important.

Anagenphase – Growth phase, in which strong cell divisions occur. the hair root is formed and the hair starts to grow. In this phase is about 80-85% of the hair. The hair growth period lasts from 3 to 6 years. The healthy hair can grow 60 cm longer in relation to this during this time.

The other phase of the life cycle is Catagen phase or. Regression phase or transition phase, in which the cell divisions stop and the hair root gradually narrows. This is followed by Telogen phase (resting phase), during which the hair root and the hair are completely keratinized. The last stage of the life cycle is Exogenous phase. In this phase the old hair falls out. Then the whole cycle starts again.


Now you have a little detailed knowledge on the subject of the structure and life cycle of hair. In this regard, you can think about what could accelerate hair growth. One thing is particularly relevant – there are no more or less effective methods, because everything depends on individual needs of hair and susceptibility to various substances. The rule is very simple – the ideal method for accelerating hair growth must be found thanks to the trial and error principle.

How should you eat?

It is said that our diet has a decisive influence on the speed of hair growth. There is a grain of truth in this thesis, because the nutrients are also supplied to the hair follicles with the food. But a balanced diet should be only one ingredient for proper hair care, which leads to faster hair growth. In fact, the nutrients supplied with food are not sufficient for accelerating the growth of hair.

Scalp massage for hair growth

Did you know that a massage is not only for relaxation? If done appropriately often, it can stimulate hair growth. It is possible because the main function of massage is to stimulate blood circulation. In this way, a greater amount of nutrients can enter the hair roots. Scalp massage improves microcirculation in the skin and strengthens hair, which consequently fall out less and grow faster. This method is best when combined with natural hair care methods. In this regard, it is recommended to make a scalp massage after applying a hair oil or herbal rinse. Such treatment allows the nutrients to be absorbed more quickly.

Home remedies for hair growth

Hair growth can be accelerated with home methods? Yes, it is possible. there are many home remedies that have long been used for this purpose. If you want to accelerate hair growth with natural home methods, reach for the following ingredients:

  • Yeast – it is a source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins from B-complex (also biotin). Yeast strengthens hair, gives it more suppleness and leads to faster hair growth. The most popular method consists in drinking the mixture of yeast and warm water or milk. Many women also prepare a homemade hair mask from yeast.
  • Black beet – contains many vitamins from the B-complex and a large amount of vitamin C. Such ingredients are necessary for proper hair growth. Black beet strengthens and nourishes hair roots, slows down excessive hair loss and accelerates hair growth. The best effect has a black beetroot conditioner.
  • Mustard – has a warming effect, improves microcirculation in the scalp and stimulates hair follicles, thus accelerates hair growth. An internet hit is currently a hair mask made of mustard, which leads to faster hair growth. Ground mustard seeds can also be used for this purpose.
  • Fenugreek – has nourishing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, therefore it is a common ingredient in hair treatments against hair loss and for hair growth. In the context of hair care, a broth-scented rinse made from seeds of fenugreek is the best idea.
  • Coffee – contains caffeine, which not only stimulates the organism, but also contains many antioxidants. So it stimulates hair growth and prolongs the life cycle of hair. You can choose between a shampoo with coffee or homemade coffee hair masks for faster hair growth.
  • Nettle – contains a lot of vitamins and microelements, among which silica plays an important role because it nourishes and strengthens the hair roots. Popular and easy in the preparation is the nettle rinse, which should prevent the excessive loss of hair.

Best method for fast hair growth – hair oils!

It must be said that no homemade cosmetic products based on the herbs, spices or vegetables give such wonderful effects as natural oils do. The ideal method for you to naturally accelerate hair growth is to use Hair care with oils. Natural hair growth oils can be applied to the hair and scalp without restrictions. They can also be used every day and replace several cosmetic products with success. In fact, it is possible to use a vegetable oil instead of hair masks, conditioners, hair serums and even hair styling products. If you choose a proper oil for your hair type, it will be easily absorbed into the inner layers of the scalp and immediately begin to strengthen, regenerate and nourish the hair roots. Effects of regular use of natural hair oils include strong, healthy, less falling out and faster growing hair. A good oil for hair growth will cause you to notice baby hair very quickly.

Which plant oils accelerate hair growth?

Among the most popular hair growth oils:

  • Castor oil;
  • mustard oil;
  • Garlic oil;
  • Ginger Oil;
  • rosemary oil;
  • Black cumin oil.

Cosmetic products for hair growth

There is, of course, the possibility of reaching for ready-made cosmetic products that accelerate hair growth. But they must contain natural and safe substances to accelerate hair growth. They should also be free of silicone and paraben, only then can they be applied to the scalp calmly. The best cosmetic product for hair growth is the Hair oil Nanoil, which comes in three different versions. It contains not only precious substances that accelerate hair growth, but likewise a range of vegetable oils to intensify the growth-promoting effect. Such a mixture of quality ingredients is the best thing you can offer your hair and scalp.

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