Queen elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

She has a truck driver’s license, which she obtained during her time in the Army – during which time she was also trained as a car mechanic.

In 1976, the Queen sent her first email at a military base.

According to a 1324 law, all sturgeon, whales and dolphins in the waters in and around the United Kingdom belong to the Queen, as do all swans.

In 2016, during an appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show, the queen said when she received a bouquet of lilies of the valley as a gift, her wonderful, dry sense of humor flashed up. Gardener Jekka McVikar (who has had the experience of the "Hello" The Queen, who told the story of her first email at a military base in 1976, noted that lilies of the valley have often been used as poisons in history, and the Queen responded with a smile: "That’s the second bouquet I’ve received this week. Maybe people want me dead."

The Queen doesn’t make a big fuss about it, but like many people of her generation, sustainability comes naturally to her: frugality is a must, blind consumerism is stupid, and fruits and vegetables should be in season. Their former chef Darren McCrady is zietiert with the words:" Try serving strawberries to the Queen in January – it’s off to the Tower for real trouble."

During her numerous state visits, Elizabeth has received the most unusual gifts: for example, seven kilos of crabs, a grove of maple trees, a box of snail shells and two black beavers from Canada that have found a new home in London Zoo.

People who meet her in small groups and in private report that the Queen is exceptionally warm, attentive and full of British humor. Reports include a scene in which a guest accidentally stepped on one of the Queen’s beloved corgis. Without a noticeable wink, she is said to have replied to the apology: "It’s her own fault if she has the same color as the carpet."

Queen Elizabeth has a "BaftA-special bond girl" award get. At the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games, she appeared in a short film with the famous character of James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, drove with him near the stadium and then had a helicopter take her over the stadium, from where she parachuted down. In reality, this part of the performance was taken over by the stuntman Gary Connery.

"I must be seen to be believed in."

Prince Philip likes to call his wife "sausage" behind closed gates – she takes it royally easy.

The Queen has a great passion: her corgis. She had her first, Susan, in 1944 for her 18th birthday. Since then she has had over 30 children. She also invented a new breed while breeding her corgis: the dorgi, a mix of corgi and dachshund.

The question of what the Queen carries in her handbag was finally answered after many years in 2007 in the book "All about royalty" reveals: She almost never carries money with her, and she doesn’t even have an ID card. Instead, a metal butcher’s hook (to hang the bag on the table at banquets), good luck charms from her children Charles, Edward and Andrew, family photos, chocolate drops for her dogs, and makeup. She also uses her handbag to communicate with her staff during state visits: If the bag dangles from her left hand everything is fine, but if she carries her bag on her right arm, she is bored with her respective interlocutor.

Even at over 80, the Queen still likes to wear pumps on official occasions, but in the country it can also be rubber boots from time to time. In 2007, she even awarded shoe designer Manolo Blahnik the honorary title of "Commander of the British Kingdom".

The Queen’s jewelry box contains, among other things, a ring with the world’s largest pink diamond. The crown jewels, on the other hand, are kept in the Tower of London and worn only on special occasions.

The British had never seen their queen like this before: In 2002, tears rolled down the queen’s cheeks at a memorial service for war victims. Probably also because her mother, who had died shortly before, had otherwise attended this service every year.

In over 50 years, the Queen has been absent from the annual opening of Parliament in London only twice: in 1959 and 1963, when she was pregnant with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, respectively.

The little son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, secures the succession to the throne in the third generation in advance. This should be just right for Queen Elizabeth’s control rage.

From 23. to 26. June 2015 The Queen is in Germany for her fifth and presumably last major state visit: traveling is simply too burdensome for the old lady, and more and more trips are taken over by her children and grandchildren.

Biography of Queen Elizabeth

At the age of 26 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor the news that changed her life forever: Her father, George VI. King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, had succumbed to lung cancer the night before. So was born on 6. February 1952 from the young woman with the nickname "Lillibeth" Queen Elizabeth II.

Marriage for love

Before that day, the current Queen had actually led a fairly normal life: Young Liz had been in the Boy Scouts as a teenager, and even let herself be a child during the 2. He trained her as a car mechanic during the Second World War. At the age of 21, Elizabeth met the love of her life, naval lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, five years her senior. Philip, a handsome nobleman with German roots, grandson of the King of Greece, and his wife have lived a happy, scandal-free marriage since 1947. He is probably the only one who faces the Queen without reverence, and she always forgives him for his now legendary verbal slips: He once warned English students in China, for example, "If you stay here too long, you’ll get all slanty-eyed."

November 20, 1947 The bride and groom are radiant for the official wedding picture

November 20, 2020 Congratulations! Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for 73 years. The photo published by the British royal family to mark their wedding anniversary shows the couple a few days earlier at the'Oak Room' auf Schloss Windsor. Vor ihnen liegen die ersten Gluckwunschkarten, doch die Karte, die sie in den Handen halten, ist ein ganz besonders Geschenk: Ihre Urenkel Prinz George, Prinzessin Charlotte und Prinz Louis haben sie fur sie gestaltet.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip pose outside Windsor Castle. The photo was released by the palace on the occasion of Philip's 99th birthday

May 7, 2019 Surprise appearance: Prince Philip, who has actually been retired since mid-2017, doesn't miss the opportunity to accompany his wife Queen Elizabeth to a lunch with members of the Order of Merit at Windsor Castle. Philip has been a member of the Order of Merit since 1968

Queen Elizabeth She Must 74. Celebrate wedding anniversary without Prince Philip (†)

The Queen loves him despite his sometimes wicked sense of humor, and it is unmistakable: he is a great support to her and her great love. The couple’s marriage produced a total of four children: Charles (born 1948), Anne (1950), Andrew (1960), and Edward (1964). In 2017, the year of Prince Philip’s retirement from public office, the two celebrated a fabulous anniversary: their platinum wedding anniversary, 70 years as husband and wife. What a couple!

Nobody works as much as she does

Elizabeth is often described as stern, even cold, yet above all she is one thing: very dutiful. Even with more than 90 years on her royal hump, she keeps up her royal schedule like Swiss clockwork: opening kindergartens and schools, honoring important people and making state visits. She has visited more than 130 countries, making her the world’s most traveled head of state. And although the Queen never comments on political matters and always maintains her neutrality, she is nevertheless interested in the politics of the day: every Tuesday, the Queen meets with her prime minister for a chat; since she took office, there have been 14: from Winston Churchill to Boris Johnson today.

Queen Elizabeth II

Only in old age does she find it easier to show emotions

This dutiful woman almost never allows herself to show her feelings in public – which led to one of the greatest crises of the British monarchy in September 1997: The "Queen of Hearts", Elizabeth’s unloved ex-daughter-in-law Lady Diana, died in a car accident in Paris. The British people sank into collective mourning. Instead of sharing her feelings with the people, the Queen retreated to Balmoral Castle in Scotland – and the British resented it. Only after an agonizingly long week did Elizabeth step in front of the cameras and publicly express her grief.

On June 2, 1953, with pompous coronation ceremonies in London, the young Elizabeth became the current and longest reigning monarch in the world: Queen Elizabeth II. Take a look back with us at the Queen's extraordinary life

1926: Elizabeth with her proud parents

May 29, 1926 Queen Elizabeth is christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace. Her godparents were her parents, Lord Strathmore, Prince Arthur (paternal great-granduncle), Princess Mary (paternal aunt) and Mary Elphinstone (maternal aunt)

1927 At one year old, little Lizzie was already charming people with her sunny disposition

Queen Elizabeth The record-breaking monarch – her life in pictures

Never was she more popular

In the new millennium, however, she is firmly back in the saddle (literally, too: she really still rides out weekly, and without a helmet) – the British love their Queen. And if her health is as robust as her mother’s (Queen Mum lived to be 102), Queen Elizabeth will remain "Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" for many years to come remain. Her 90. Birthday on 21. April 2016 The Queen’s 90th birthday was celebrated with a huge party, with events stretching over almost two months, and the British were beside themselves with joy.

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