Protect your company computers and mobile devices with these tools

(Image: Pixabay)

(Image: Pixabay)

It may sound exaggerated, but there are actually numerous dangers lurking on the Internet. Trojans, viruses, hacker attacks. With these tools and software solutions you can protect yourself in a simple way – on a small as well as on a large scale.

Optimal protection against viruses, Trojans and ransomware

Although modern operating systems such as macOS and Windows 10 come with a lot of security features such as integrated firewalls out of the box, it can be time-consuming to close all potential security gaps. This is where professional applications come into play, allowing you to quickly and easily protect your work computers.

Thus, stealing valuable data or even destroying important information can be prevented in advance. And: You won’t catch ransomware , mailware or viruses without further ado if you take precautions.

Kaspersky Secure Connection

A comprehensive tool is provided by the antivirus experts at Kaspersky. Secure Connection primarily protects communications and transferred data sent and received over the Internet. The focus here is on protection in public WLANs, which is particularly relevant for mobile computers. In addition, the application prevents third-party access and ensures privacy. Among other things, VPN technology is used so that you can act anonymously.

Secure Connection can be used free of charge in the basic version, data traffic of up to 200MB per day is monitored. If you need more convenience, you pay just under five euros per month or about 30 euros a year for premium protection. The VPN element is also available for iOS devices thanks to the app.

Symantec Web Security Services

The Symantec group specializes in enterprise solutions. One of these is the cloud-based Web Security Service, where all of a company’s networked devices are protected by cloud applications – this includes mobile systems such as smartphones and tablets. Potentially dangerous websites are filtered in advance, and those responsible are allowed to define guidelines in nine security classes.

You always retain full control over important content, and the services can also be integrated into your own infrastructure. In addition, Symantic offers other products in this segment, including the Malware Analysis Service or Secure Web Gateway solutions.

DeviceLock DLP

DeviceLock DLP specifically protects network endpoints, which should prevent data leaks. Also, and most importantly, internal threats are specifically monitored to prevent loss of information. This is made possible by context control of all local interfaces, event logging and data mirroring. Administrators create policies that also cover phones, cameras, USB sticks, tablets, printers and even MP3 players.

Includes control of network and web communications and content filtering. The manufacturer has been on the market for over 20 years, and government agencies also rely on DeviceLock. A free trial version is available for download, a web demo is also available. Details about the conditions, which depend on the number of computers to be protected, can be obtained directly from the provider.

Use home remedies

Especially for small businesses and self-employed people, it doesn’t have to be complex tools that cost a little each month. Under macOS, for example, you will find privacy features in the system settings that regulate the sharing of location and diagnostic data. FileVault 2 protects data with 128bit encryption, GateKeeper allows you to control what applications you get on your computer.

Similarly, Windows 10. In the system options, you get countless features in the "data protection" area. Windows Defender with its real-time protection and a cloud connection can be activated or deactivated under "Update and security" "Bit Defender".

In general, it is advisable to check the options carefully and adapt them to your own needs. In the same way, you should always install updates for the operating system promptly in order to close dangerous security gaps as quickly as possible.

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