Police intervention at aggressive corona “walk” in vienna

An unregistered rally on the Ring near Heldenplatz was dispersed, and the police recorded the identities of the participants. There were many arrests and numerous charges. In parallel, several other marches – some with, some without police escort – moved through the city.

Right-wing extremists at the demonstration

Loud and partly in an aggressive mood, a large procession moved towards Schwedenplatz – led by hooligans shouting slogans and with representatives of the right-wing fringe, the Identitarians, and so-called "unconventional thinkers" in the ranks. A handful of left-wing counter-demonstrators cleared the field after being ordered to do so by police.

  • Police intervention at aggressive corona "walk" in vienna
  • Police intervention at aggressive corona "walk" in vienna
  • Police intervention at aggressive corona "walk" in vienna

A second procession of demonstrators first walked in a circle next to the Kunsthistorisches Museum and then along the two-way line and the Ring – peacefully and ever faster. For the accompanying police gradually increased the pace of marching.

Peaceful start

Initially, a few hundred people had gathered quite peacefully – albeit largely in disregard of the mask and distance requirements. However, as the influx increased, the mood became more aggressive, and the "walkers" were fined stormed the Ring, which was initially not closed to cars. Police called for people to leave in small groups – and eventually broke up the unannounced gathering. It blocked off the routes – President Gerhard Purstl led the operation – reinforced with dogs, and thus encircled the demo.

Aggression towards police

Other demo marching through the city afterwards, the police officers observed – in total there were more than 1.000 in use. They had to listen to scornful and aggressive comments again and again, there were also some small turmoils.

The appeal by FPo chairman Herbert Kickl, who had previously called for prudence via Facebook and described the police as a "friend", was not accepted had praised, had obviously not been successful with all participants. On Sunday, Kickl, together with party leader Norbert Hofer, in a dispatch gave Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (oVP) "and Co." the blame: They would have "possible escalations" with the prohibition of the Demos "wantonly and for purely party-political reasons downright provoked".

Kussel and Sellner thereby

To the "walk" – welcomed by many on Kickl’s Facebook page had come u.a. also identitarians around Martin Sellner or the neo-Nazi Gottfried Kussel together with comrades-in-arms. The Upper Austrian bus company, which had already advertised demo rides two weeks ago, had obviously brought participants to Vienna this time as well.

Criticism of the Archdiocese of Vienna

Sunday’s rally started out small, peaceful and with religion emphasized. Around 40 people had gathered in Vienna’s Volksgarten at a registered meeting – with extensive adherence to distance and mask rules. The Archdiocese of Vienna had planned in advance as a "Christian procession" and such "abuse of religion and religious freedom" Rejected.

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