On “markus lanz”: green politician palmer could enforce compulsory vaccination with just the push of a button

On Wednesday, the Bundestag will debate the general vaccination requirement in detail for the first time. Markus Lanz got ahead of this and discussed it with his talk show guests on Tuesday evening. For Tubingen’s mayor Boris Palmer, mandatory vaccination is the solution to drop all other measures.

Palmer said, "We need another solution now and I believe we have it. The vaccination obligation would ensure a basic immunization of the population. Everyone is vaccinated at least twice and then, after all we see now, the hospitals are safe. Then there is no more congestion in the critical infrastructure and then there is no more reason for all the fundamental rights encroachment. That’s why I find it absolutely logical and conclusive to say: We exchange all the old rules, forget them, they are much too complicated, incomprehensible and ineffective anyway and are discarded by the courts, and replace them with a single new rule: Everyone must be vaccinated. Everyone understands and then it will happen."

Green Party politician Palmer could enforce compulsory vaccination with just the push of a button

When it comes to the feasibility of general compulsory vaccination, the still-Green politician calls for pragmatic municipal solutions. He said he could only implement compulsory vaccination tomorrow immediately by pushing a button.

Palmer said: "Who wants to achieve something, finds a solution. Those who want to stop it will find a problem. And that also applies to all the people who are now saying that Germany is not in a position to implement compulsory vaccination. I find it depressing that we all believe that we have tied ourselves down so tightly with bureaucracy that we can no longer do something as simple as making vaccination compulsory. I promise them, the German municipalities can do that. If you don’t do it the way Austria does it with random checks by police, there’s an easy way to do it. If I want, I can press a button and get the entire population register printed on envelopes. I can do it tomorrow, then all people are written to in Tubingen. There is a letter inside. There is now compulsory vaccination. Until in 4 weeks we need their vaccination proof, if not, then we initiate a fine procedure. This is what we do with traffic violations. 140.000 a year, the city of Tubingen alone tracks at 90.000 inhabitants, if there are now 50.000 violations due to compulsory vaccination, I don’t even need to hire personnel. So these are excuses. Germany can also implement compulsory vaccination if you want to. One should not burden this sideshow debate too much. It is not a question of whether it is feasible, it is feasible, it is implementable. The political question is whether we have the will to tell those who are resisting it, who are demonstrating, that this is no longer a private decision, but a duty."

Streeck: "But we can’t vaccinate the pandemic away with it"

Virologist Hendrik Streeck is skeptical about mandatory vaccination. Vaccination would primarily protect oneself, but would not achieve herd immunity. By the variant development one would have probably also next year a wave. "But we can’t vaccinate the pandemic away by doing that," Streeck said.

You can see the entire broadcast in the ZDF media library.

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