Mv shipyards: this is what the insolvency administrator says about the future of the sites

On Wednesday, the provisional insolvency administrator Christoph Morgen informed the workforce of the insolvent MV shipyards about the status of negotiations and commented on the future of the sites in Wismar, Warnemunde and Stralsund and their employees. Transfer companies are being prepared. Morgen sees potential in shipbuilding, the offshore segment and the maritime industry.

Morgen sees his work as more than just "damage limitation, For him, it’s also a matter of "working closely with all parties involved – unions, the state, the federal government – to develop models for the future, said morning on Wednesday at NDR MV Live. He sees quite different opportunities for each location, which also have different effects on the respective employees, as he explained in detail.

Wismar: Prefabrication of the "Global Dream, Future in shipbuilding

"In Wismar, everything depends on how high the chances are of completing the ‘Global 1’", so tomorrow. The goal, she says, is to get clarity in the next four to five weeks that the employees needed to finish the ship can be kept in employment at the shipyard. The short-time working model is a good way of doing this. Because: "It is to be expected that if we find a buyer, the negotiations will drag on a bit." For those who are not needed for further construction, a transfer company is to be set up, Morgen said. In the event that the prefabrication project does not succeed, transfer companies would also have to be prepared for all employees.

This montage shows a ship of the Global Class at the quay wall which is to be redeveloped now. © MV Shipyards Photo: MV Shipyards

MV shipyards: preparations for transfer companies underway

For the almost completed cruise ship "Global Dream" There are several credible interested parties, according to the provisional insolvency administrator. more

The shipyard would still be needed for the next 18 months to complete the cruise ship, according to Morgen. He could imagine a future for Wismar as a shipyard location but also beyond that. A trump card is that Wismar has "one of the most modern and largest dock halls in Europe" and a lot of investment has been made. Morgen is thinking specifically about later use in naval and yacht shipbuilding. There are large order backlogs in this segment. Wismar is also suitable for the construction of offshore platforms. "We have sufficient water depths, we have large halls, we have qualified employees – we will have to see what ideas we can come up with by searching for and talking to industrial partners."

Warnemunde: New operators and new concepts sought

"There is currently no employment in Warnemunde. A continuation of the construction of the ‘Global 2’ is not to be expected, I think we have to conclude", according to Morgen. That is why it is important to develop new operator models and business concepts that take over the site – or parts of it – there as well. The site is very large and offers a variety of possible uses. Morgen mentioned the offshore industry as a possible segment and highlighted the modern laser hybrid welding facility. The search for new owners and utilization concepts is ongoing. "For the employees, this means that there will inevitably be a gap in employment." Because the process takes time. "The aim is therefore to set up a transfer company for Warnemunde in order to be able to take over the site by 1 January 2009. March to achieve an orderly transition."

A cruise ship in a shipyard. Screenshot

MV-Werften: No concrete plans for employees

Who is willing and able to build the unfinished "Global Dream"? buy? The provisional insolvency administrator has presented ideas in Wismar. 1 min

On the prospects for the site, Morgen said: "Rostock is predestined for an offshore/wind site." The coalition agreement, the current plans for the construction of converter platforms and public statements by major grid operators clearly show that there is a great need and thus a future perspective for the site. "However, that is two or three years away, so you have to see if you can find someone who will back it now? And can these areas also be divided up differently and put to more than one use??", says the insolvency elder. Talks with the city are underway.

Stralsund and Bremerhaven: owners and transfer companies sought

"We want to look for new owners very quickly." Morgen said he was confident of achieving continued operation of these shipyard sites in the short term with new owners and new business models. Whether this can be achieved by 1. In view of the complexity, it is doubtful whether the insolvency proceedings will be opened in March. "That’s why we are planning the transition to the transfer company for the employees there, in order to qualify them, keep them together and prepare them for the new tasks under new ownership." He is optimistic about finding new operators. "The talks are at an advanced stage", said Morgen.

On the future prospects for the Stralsund site, Morgen said that the idea is still for the city to acquire the site. Talks were already underway with several companies that might locate there. "It is a mixture of shipyard use and maritime business park. That seems promising to me", according to Morgen.

MV Werften logo with red traffic light © picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild Photo: Jens Buttner

Head of MV shipyard owner Genting has resigned

Malaysian billionaire Lim Kom Thay vacates post as chairman and chief executive, company says. more

The cruise ship'Global 1' ist zu rund 80 Prozent fertiggestellt © NDR Foto: NDR

Genting files for bankruptcy – hope for "Global Dream-Sale

With the insolvency of the parent company, the creation of a transfer company for the MV shipyards becomes more urgent. more

Schwerin Regional Court © dpa Bildfunk Photo: Jens Buttner

Court: MV does not have to pay Genting a million-euro loan for the time being

With the conclusion of the fast-track proceedings, Genting comes away empty-handed for the time being. However, the decision in the main case must still be awaited. more

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