More than just earning money: how to find a job with meaning?

The past year was not only a strain on family and friends, but also on our professional lives. The exceptional situation shows once again how well you fit with your employer, boss* or colleagues. Does it work with the home office? How much understanding do superiors have for the homeschooling of children?? How do colleagues deal with fears and expectations?? But even though all this is going smoothly, a different, new feeling has crept in for some.

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down and with it what we consider important and right. Especially during the first lockdown, professions that otherwise receive little or no attention were suddenly in the spotlight. Cashiers, parcel delivery people and especially, of course, caregivers. Suddenly, those who otherwise often go away empty-handed in the social competition for recognition were system-relevant.

This has made many people think about the meaningfulness and necessity of their own jobs. Is what I do here actually relevant to the system? Am I contributing to the common good? Does my job actually make sense?

Not only since Corona has this question become more and more explosive in the social discourse around the topic of work. Climate change, pollution and social injustice are increasingly showing that we need to make changes to the way we do business to leave a world for us and our children that is habitable for all and where wealth is evenly distributed.

What is a job with meaning?

In fact, it is not at all easy to find a suitable and universal answer to this so simple question. Everyone first defines meaning and meaningfulness for themselves. For one person, the meaning lies in starting a family, for another in getting to know foreign countries and cultures, and for yet another in pursuing a career. So what exactly should be a job with meaning? Well, on the one hand, of course, it should be a means to an end and help you achieve your goals in life. At the same time, the job should also be in a larger social context and improve not only one’s own life, but that of all people.

To this end, the United Nations has defined 17 sustainable development goals, which are to be implemented by 2030. By promoting these goals, our societies should not only become more sustainable, but also more just and peaceful. One possible definition of a job with meaning could be that the activity performed is conducive to one of these 17 goals.

A graphic lists 17 desirable goals

17 goals are particularly desirable, according to the UN. A job with meaning could serve at least one of these.

Which jobs are meaningful?

Per se meaningful or meaningless jobs actually exist only in exceptional cases. What is much more important is what values and goals a company stands for.

  • What is produced and how?
  • What happens to the profits?
  • How the company treats its employees?

If the company as a whole is committed to a more sustainable and equitable world, then of course every employee is doing the same on a smaller scale, no matter what their position or job is.

Similar to food or clothing, there are now seals that confirm that companies are facing up to their responsibilities and are doing so in a targeted manner. The best known of these is the "B Corporation" label. In Germany, 37 companies currently bear this seal, and the number is rising. Of course, however, there are far more companies in this country that are actively working to make the world a better place.

In a nutshell: If you want to find a job with meaning, you first have to find the right company.

A ranger stands in nature

You don’t have to become a ranger in a national park. There are many different jobs with meaning!

Where can I find a job with meaning??

On the major job platforms, it is actually difficult to find out at first glance whether a company is actively working to achieve one of these 17 goals. Often you have to do your own research first, which costs time and nerves.

In recent years, however, some smaller job boards have specialized in exactly these companies. Here you will find only job offers that are completely in the sign of meaningfulness. From social worker to e-mobility car mechanic to project manager in development cooperation.

The focus of these smaller platforms is often on specific industries. How to find on job offers that actively promote climate protection and the energy transition. At, on the other hand, the focus is on cultural institutions and at on the development cooperation.

Baitō – The job platform with purpose – Handpicked job offers for Berlin

On our own job platform baitō, we publish only hand-picked job offers from Berlin. Each of the offers was checked in advance by us for fair payment and social added value. Due to our focus on Berlin and the direct search on the employers’ websites, we are not only faster than most other platforms, but also have 5 times more offers on average. So if you are looking for a meaningful job in the Berlin area, you should definitely take a look at our website.

*Equal treatment of all genders is very important to the editorial team and is one of the core values we live by every day. In texts, we nevertheless only use the masculine form, which has been generally used up to now, in order to ensure the most irritation-free, correct, uniform and uncomplicated reading possible. Of course, this refers to all genders.

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