Model for near-natural areas

In the foreground of the annual general meeting of the horticultural association Stadtsteinach was the award of the close to nature designed areas of Anna Konopka, Jens Pohner and Norbert Rosch with the clay model of the district Kulmbach. The models were presented by district technical advisor Friedhelm Haun and Stadtsteinach’s mayor Roland Wolfrum, as well as the two horticulture chairmen Andreas Dremer and Jurgen Schultheib.

In recognition of their 40 years of dedicated membership, the association also honored Dieter Buchwald and Franz Schrepfer with the golden honorary pin of the regional association for horticulture and regional conservation.

Chairman Andreas Dremer figured the current number of members with 148. The bed at the former temple house was planted again by the garden friends and the Easter bunny family was set up. Also maintained was the bed at the entrance to the Catholic church. Dremer also addressed the two well-attended lectures on "Garden planning – friendly gardens as living space" by Roland Ramming as well as "Native teas" with the speaker Johanna Eisner.

30 children participated in the pumpkin and sunflower campaign. On Sunday afternoon of the 20. Octobers was invited again into the fire-brigade center to the award ceremony. In the fall, fruit trees and berry bushes could again be ordered at a reasonable price through the district association.

The meetings on the first Thursday of each month at the Gasthof Reuther on the market square are well received.

Members of the board participated in the first association day of the Kulmbach district. Also with the brook cleaning action of the city Stadtsteinach the hobby gardeners could not be missing. The pre-Christmas get-together at the Reuther inn rounded off the gardening year.

After a long search, the gardening club was able to build a storage facility for its equipment on the grounds of the Stadtsteinach shooting club. In addition, the gardeners can use the toilet facilities and, if necessary, the premises of the marksmen. In return, the horticultural association will take over the hedge maintenance on the grounds.

And as a symbol of the good cooperation of both associations the tree of the year, Rebella, was planted on the new area, stressed Andreas Dremer. To thank all donors and helpers a barbecue was held in November.

Mayor Roland Wolfrum praised the work and dedication of the gardening friends who are involved everywhere in Stadtsteinach. Wolfrum presented Dremer with a donation from the city and wished him a good gardening year.

Also circle technical advisor Friedhelm Haun appreciated the performed work and praised that also much for the children is made. The district chairman thanked everyone for their great commitment in Stadtsteinach and looked forward to a beautiful garden year in 2020.

At the end of the annual meeting, Friedhelm Haun gave a slide show on the subject of "News from fruit growing". Klaus-Peter Wulf

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