Men understand? – 10 simple thoughts of the male world

If only I knew what was going on in his head.

So I just worry way too much.

I would love to understand men and know what makes them tick!

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Do you sometimes not understand the behavior of a man??

Then you are here spot on!

Understanding men and what they really worry about – this is exactly the question you will finally find the answer to.

To give you a little insight into the minds of men, in this article I’ll tell you what 10 simple thoughts a man has about a woman.

You’ll be surprised – the thoughts are simpler than you might have guessed.

Understand men? – 10 simple thoughts from the world of men

1. If you want me to approach you, give me a sign

A simple smile is often enough.

Mere eye contact will not make me talk to you. So just meet me halay and show me that you are interested too.

I will do the rest ;-)

2. Do not try to change me

No matter how hard you try, you will not succeed.

Even if you only mean well for me.

You get me in the total package, so accept me or let me move on. I can’t stand it when you constantly tell me what to do and what not to do – I already have my mother for that.

3. As you perceive yourself, I perceive you

If you don’t find yourself beautiful, you won’t believe that I find you beautiful.So you won’t even be able to accept my compliments. Someday I’ll get tired of it and won’t compliment you at all!

For this reason: be good to yourself, and I will be too.

4. I’m not interested in discussing us

No matter how hard you try, I will do everything I can to avoid such discussions.

I will even agree with you, even if I secretly think that you are wrong – for the sake of my inner peace.

5. If you cheat, I will not be able to forgive you

If you would sleep with another man, it is almost impossible for me to ever get over it.

If I’m not emotionally dependent, I’ll end it all and go on with my life without you.

Even if I would give you another chance, I will not be able to forget your deed. As long as I have you near me, the thought of the other man will always get me down.

When you realize I can’t handle your misstep and unfortunately don’t have the strength to break away – do us both a favor, break up and give me a chance to recover from the pain.

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6. I will do EVERYTHING for sex

If we are in bed together and you are still hesitant to make love to me, I will tell you everything you want to hear.

I’ll even promise you that we’ll stay together for life.

Sometimes I’ll put in so much effort that my acting would have earned an Oscar.

So if you want to conquer my heart by just sleeping with me, that won’t be enough. There is more to it than that, so that I would enter into a relationship with you ;-)

7. I often don’t know how I feel myself

As far as our feelings are concerned, self-reflection is often a foreign word for us men.

We are often not able to understand or interpret our emotions at all. So I will always avoid talking about it too.

Even if you insist, you won’t get a response from me that satisfies you. So don’t focus on the things I say or don’t say to you, but rather on what I do and how I behave.

Because actions speak louder than 1000 words!

8. I want to keep my worries to myself

If I think that you can’t help me with my worries and problems, then I won’t share them with you either.

And even if you could help me, I’d be too proud to accept your help and wouldn’t even ask for it.

I am a man after all, a hunter-gatherer, and will always try to deal with my own problems alone.

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