Mating of the dogs: what happens during the mating act?

Two dogs in flagranti at the mating act:'Hey! Nicht gucken! Hier gibt es nichts zu sehen.' – Shutterstock / atiger

The heat or "heat" the bitch climaxes in the phase of readiness for mating (estrus): the animal is fertile. If a potent male dog is nearby, the dogs meet for mating. But how exactly does the act of mating happen in dogs?

Foreplay before the mating act

Dogs perform a kind of foreplay like humans before the actual mating act. The duration of foreplay is not always the same. It depends on how temperamental or persistent the love-crazed four-legged friends are.

The dogs sniff each other, mount each other from all sides and first get to know each other better. Shortly before the mating act the bitch remains calm, presents the male dog her backside and stretches her tail sideways, so that he can penetrate her.

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Mating act with the dog: How is the procedure?

The male climbs up behind the bitch and holds on to her loins with his front paws. The hind paws are thereby on the ground in front of the hind paws of the bitch.

While performing the mating act, the male dog often prances on the ground with his hind paws. In addition, it remains on the back of the bitch.

The male’s penis is only partially erect at first, so he can insert it better. If the penetration has worked, it comes to the full erection, in which the glans of the dog’s penis fully unfolds.

At the same time the so-called vein pads in the vagina of the bitch swell up. Penis and vagina "wedge" firmly into each other and the "knot" Ensures that the vaginal opening of the bitch is tightly closed.

How long does the mating act last in dogs and how does it end?

Once the dog and bitch are firmly attached, the male gets off the side of the bitch and turns his butt toward her. The animals still remain "knotted" in each other.

This process is called "hanging Called. The mating is over when the dog’s penis and the vein pads in the bitch’s vagina subside and the dogs separate.

Hanging lasts about 15 minutes on average, but sometimes it’s over after just a few minutes. In some cases, it can take almost an hour for the animals to get away from each other again.

In total, the mating act in dogs can last more than an hour. Here it depends not only on how long the animals remain knotted in each other. Also the foreplay is counted. Some males and females get straight to the point, others like to take their time.

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Why do dogs get stuck when mating?

The so-called hanging during the mating act serves to increase the probability of fertilization. The male dog emits three different liquids during the mating act:

  • The pre-secretion: This watery fluid is sometimes secreted before the mating, otherwise between the riding up of the male and the penetration of his penis. It contains hardly any sperm.
  • The ejaculate: As soon as the male’s penis has fully penetrated the bitch’s vagina and is erect, he ejaculates the sperm-rich ejaculate.
  • The Prostate Secretion: During the hanging – shortly before the end of the mating act – the prostate secretion of the male dog still follows. It contains little or no sperm, but serves to flush the sperm from the ejaculate further into the bitch’s uterus.

So, on the one hand, hanging ensures that the sperm can not flow out of the vaginal opening of the bitch during the mating act. On the other hand, the sperm cells reach deeper into the uterus and have a greater chance of fertilizing the eggs.

Can fertilization also occur during mating without hanging??

Sometimes the mating act with dogs lasts only a short time without the animals getting stuck in each other. If fertilization still occurs? The probability of this is actually much lower if it has not come to hanging.

There can be several reasons why the hanging fails. Sometimes the bitch or the dog are simply inexperienced and are a bit clumsy during the mating act. Then, for example, the penis does not penetrate deep enough into the vagina and slides out again too soon.

It is also possible that a long journey or the circumstances make one of the animals nervous. Finally, anatomical conditions can also make mating difficult: For example, if the bitch’s vagina is too narrow, for example, or if the vein pads of her vagina do not swell sufficiently.

At the earliest three weeks after the mating, the veterinarian can check whether the bitch is pregnant . He measures the hormone level in the blood or examines the bitch by ultrasound. Until then it remains uncertain whether the mating act was crowned with success.

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Can dogs injure themselves during the mating act?

The act of mating in dogs is not without danger. Above all still inexperienced bitches can get fear with the hanging and try to flee. In the dog’s penis is a bone, which can break in such a case.

In addition, male dogs sometimes fail to retract their penis after the mating act and penis pein occurs, i.e. extremely severe pain in the member.

During mating it can also happen that the bitch feels the pressure as uncomfortable and bends away with the front legs downwards. There is also a risk of injury.

Therefore, as a dog owner, stay close by when you have your dog mated, just to be on the safe side. This way you can reassure your pet and support her in case of problems.

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