Making friends: here’s how!

Making friends is sometimes quite tricky! We have collected a few ideas for you, that will make it easier for you!

Making friends: This is how it works!

Finding friends made easy – with our tips! piola666/iStockphoto

With the Making friends is sometimes one of those things in life: Most of the time, this happens automatically and you don’t even notice how a friendship slowly develops! This can be done by Common activities or interests happen, or through mutual friends. Sometimes it’s really hard, for example if you’re new in class and don’t know anyone yet, let alone have a friend! We have collected a few ideas for you, so that it goes easier with the friendship.

Making new friends, but how?

Making friends: Here’s how! - But how

Keep a few things in mind and you’ll quickly make new friends CoffeeAndMilk/iStockphoto

Maybe you are in a situation in life where you have few or no friends at all. Do not worry about! This can change very quickly. You can find new friends in many different ways. There are three important building blocks, which we briefly introduce to you here.

  • Identify potential new friends
  • Address people
  • Keeping friendships

Looks quite simple at first, doesn’t it?? Is it (mostly) also! First of all, it is helpful to get to know to look for friends in your close environment. Maybe you will find someone in your class with whom you have common interests? It can also be quite simple! Common dislikes (keyword: math) can also be a good icebreaker.

This brings us to the second step: Talking to people! This is usually the hardest part, especially if you want to be part of a clique. It is always best to approach people one at a time, this also takes away the "pressure to show off", When you don’t have to convince and entertain five people at once!

Super difficult but important: Pay attention to your body language! If you approach a person super tense and nervous, they will notice and become nervous themselves. Making friends is great! So chill, no one will bite your head off!

Questions or compliments are a good icebreaker. But try not to be too random with your questions ("How to find the weather?“ has rarely produced great friendships ), but get to know the person a bit beforehand. We do not mean "stalking! But responding to the person helps! ÄAddressing similar interests can be a good start. A little joke is never wrong either, but it can backfire big time!

And please also try to have a real conversation! Don’t put on a show or rattle off any memorized phrases. People notice if you are not authentic! And if you feel like you have to pretend to please someone, maybe it’s worth considering whether you can überhaupt have a real basis for a friendship.

Remember: approaching people is not easy for most people, you are not alone in this! But insecurity does not mean that you will never make friends, the others have made it too.

As time goes by, you’ll find that talking to people becomes easier and more relaxed. Soon you will be friends! With it it is not "eaten" of course! From now on it is important to behave as a good friend too. Meaning:

  • Spending time with your friends
  • Listening to them when they are feeling down
  • In the best case actively help them to get better again
  • share personal things with them
  • but keep their secrets to yourself in any case!

With these little "basic rules nothing more stands in the way of a long and great friendship for life! If for some reason you run out of things to talk about- how about a little game? We’ve got some fun "How well do you know me??“-Questions prepared for such cases!

Where to find friends?

Find friends: Here’s how! - Sports

Sports clubs are a great place to make new friends vorDa/iStockphoto

As already mentioned, you can make friends relatively easily if you look around in your environment. Of course, this does not only mean your own classroom! School alone (but not only) offers many opportunities to meet new people. A few examples:

  • Parallel classes
  • Afternoon projects
  • Theater group

Some of your lessons will be mixed with other classes. This is the perfect opportunity to make new friends outside of your class! Group work is a pain for everyone involved, but it often leads to meeting and working together outside of school. Depending on the situation, a friendship can already develop! Afternoon projects, like computer classes or similar offer the same thing. For the not-so-shy (but also for just those!) a theater group is particularly worthwhile! Here you work together on a piece, usuallyover several months. Acting together and slipping into roles offers many common experiences! Especially the premiere, which is contested together!

There are also many opportunities to make new friends outside of school. There are, for example:

  • (sports) clubs
  • Music groups
  • Youth clubs
  • Neighborhood

Do you have any hobby that one can pursue to several? Soccer, (table) tennis, field hockey, a musical instrument you like to play? In your city, or at least close to it, there must be a club where you can register! Common interests are a good starting point for a thick friendship!

In youth clubs and in the neighborhood you will certainly find good friends. It is always worthwhile to keep an open mind and keep your eyes open in equal measure!

Find friends during the vacations

Making friends: Here’s how!

At the seaside you can find many peers to meet piola666/iStockphoto

In the vacations you have no everyday school stress, as otherwise. That makes the project "Find new friends then much more relaxed! No matter if you are in the open air pool, the sea or in a hotel or on a camping site- the "rules are the same! So: look aroundovercome and address, is the motto!

At the lake and in the outdoor pool you’re more likely to find guys who want to be seen and self-confident girls who are looking for a connection. Sounds good? Then off with you to the middle of the square and see who you find nice! If you like sports: perfect! Just sit near people playing with balls, bats, or a Frisbee and ask if you can join them at the next opportunity.

In a hotel, at a campsite or by the sea there are a lot of guys and girls your age who don’t feel like hanging out ONLY with their family. Meets well? In the entrance area, in the mini-supermarket or at the souvenir store, you are bound to find someone with whom you can have a nice chat! To participate in the animation program, is also a good way to make new friends.

Why is it so hard to make true friends??

Our tips for making new friends, Are, of course, no guarantee that things will really work out in real life! Unfortunately, it is just not always easy to make friends. There are usually super many reasons for that- and it doesn’t have to be you! You are a valuable, important person, don’t forget that! Your value is not measured by any likes on Instagram or the number of friends you have. If you have any doubts about this, feel free to check out our 10 rules for more self-love!

Because something like this is also the core in terms of friendships! Like in any other relationship, the first person you have to be able to like is yourself. And believe us when we tell you: you have reason enough to! Sometimes it can also help to change your class or in other cases even your school if you don’t feel comfortable at all in your environment. It’s not the end of the world, I promise you! Do that and be what makes you happy.

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