Longer penis – these 8 tricks make it look bigger

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Are you dissatisfied with your penis size? My 8 tips will tell you how to make it bigger, without surgery or medication.

In colloquial language, the penis is often referred to as "man’s best piece". But is that really so? Studies conducted on more than 20.000 men from all over the world, brought to light some astonishing facts. For example, the average penis is only 9.16 cm long when flaccid and also only just 13.12 cm when erect. It is much smaller than most people think. On the other hand, the study found that approx. 27 percent of all men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. In most cases, however, this dissatisfaction has psychological rather than real physical causes. However, there are simple means that will make your penis look bigger.

How do penis enlargement remedies work and how successful are they?

When talking about a bigger penis, most people immediately think of pills or surgical procedures that can supposedly lengthen your penis by 5 – 8 cm, if not more, without any effort on your part.

First of all, it’s about natural methods that you can use either to make your penis appear visually larger or to feel satisfied with it, so that its size is not so important to you anymore. Unlike the methods mentioned at the beginning, these tricks have the advantage that they cost little or nothing and have no harmful side effects. Some are even healthy.

Tip number 1: Give yourself an intimate shave

This is a trick that works equally well for both men and women. Have you ever seen a porn movie where the actors had full pubic hair?? This not only looks unkempt, but also makes the best piece appear much smaller than it really is. It practically disappears in the wildly growing undergrowth like a pyramid in the jungle. With an intimate shave, on the other hand, it immediately stands out, the more so the better it stands. With an intimate shave you not only look better equipped, hygiene is also facilitated. If you don’t have anyone to shave you or if you don’t think you can do it yourself, you can turn to special intimate hairdressers. They charge around 50 euros for an intimate shave.

Tip number 2: Lose weight

This is another simple trick, but it’s guaranteed to work. What good is a beautiful penis if it is almost invisible under a fat belly?? If your belly is flat, it will be much more visible even when flaccid. Apart from the optical effect, you have much more energy, feel fitter and are better trained. This has a positive effect on your performance in bed and boosts your self-confidence.

Tip number 3: Feel the true size of your penis

When men measure the size of their penis, in most cases they do it wrong. They measure only the visible length of their penis. But you can’t just compare your penis to a tube attached to your abdomen. It is deeply rooted in the body and runs all the way to the scrotum. Almost half of the penis is not visible from the outside at all. But you can feel the hard shaft under the skin if you feel carefully. This will help you to know the true length of your penis. This will help you to properly assess him.

Tip number 4: Make your penis your friend

Although the penis is called the best part of the man, many men treat him rather badly and give him far too little attention. In their eyes the penis is more a tool than a friend. It has to work whenever it suits its owner. The penis should become hard, remain so for a long time and provide ejaculation in the end. No wonder that with such an attitude many men have problems with their penis. Instead of worrying about its size, shape or texture, just touch it from time to time, stroke it and be gentle with it. This does not mean that you should masturbate or that you should ejaculate. If you stay hard or get hard again and again, you train your erectile tissue, which gives you more stiffness.

Tip number 5: Live your desire

Perhaps the following has happened to you yourself: When you feel great pleasure, in other words when you get really horny, your penis feels bigger than it does during normal sex. It doesn’t matter if you feel that desire for a voluptuous blonde or a tight boy, only the result matters. By the way, the impression is not deceiving. The more pleasure you feel, the more blood flows into your penis. This not only makes it stiffer, but also increases its length.

Of course, hardly anyone in such a situation will think of taking a tape measure to measure "Willy". Your partner will definitely feel it and tell you about it. He or she will like it at least as much as you do, since he or she is the reason for your desire through sexual attraction. At least from time to time, everyone likes to get hot during sex.

By the way, you can also live your lust when you are alone. Then you just turn on a horny porn with your favorite star and masturbate while watching it. You can also soak yourself in a hot bath, stretch your limbs, close your eyes and play with yourself.

Tip number 6: Penis pumps

This remedy is a bit controversial. It does not have any harmful effects, but on the other hand, it is not sure if it can really increase the penis size. The penis pump is a transparent cylinder made of Plexiglas, which is open at the bottom. The open side is put over the limb and the air is pumped out of the cylinder. Depending on the model, this can be done either manually or with a battery-powered motor. By pumping out the air, a negative pressure is created. This causes blood to flow into the penis. It straightens up and becomes stiff. Experts say penis lengthening would be minimal, on the order of 1 cm. Moreover, the effect would occur only if the penis pump was used daily.

Nevertheless, the penis pump has positive effects. The frequent erections will again exercise the erectile tissue. These are large blood vessels on either side of the penile shaft. The inflow of blood causes an erection. By exercising you will get an erection faster, it will be harder and last longer. It’s no coincidence that penis pumps are the only sexual enhancers that are covered by public health insurance.

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Whether the penis really gets bigger with a penis pump is controversial. What is certain, however, is that your erectile tissue will be trained, which will make your erection harder and last longer.

Tip number 7: Penis enlargement by surgery

As purely cosmetic operations, penis enlargement procedures are not recommended by medical professionals. This is because, like all surgeries, they are associated with some risk. In addition, the success is by no means as certain as the person concerned imagines it to be. The increase in size can only be small, around 1 – 2 cm. In most cases, this does not justify the risk, the high cost (cosmetic operations are not paid by health insurance) and the pain.

Surgical penis enlargement is recommended only if the organ has been severely shortened or affected as a result of an accident or surgery, for example, the removal of the prostate gland due to the treatment of carcinoma. In these cases the health insurances even take over the costs. Prostheses can be implanted to lengthen the penis and make it stiffer.

Tip number 8: Tablets from the Internet

You should keep your hands off penis enlargement pills altogether. They do not help, but put you in danger. Unscrupulous racketeers manufacture them illegally. You never know what you are actually ingesting. If you are lucky, they are only ineffective. At worst, they could contain toxins. The pills are often advertised on porn websites or SPAM emails. In this context, you should know that the private import of drugs is prohibited. If you have bad luck, a letter from your responsible customs office comes fluttering into the house, in which you are asked to come over for the clarification of a circumstance.

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You should avoid pills from the Internet for penis enlargement. They are scams on which a scurrilous person wants to make a lot of money.

Conclusion on penis enlargements:

Many men are not satisfied with the length of their penis. However, in most cases this is unfounded and has more psychological reasons (lack of self-confidence) than real physical reasons. Using various natural-based tricks, you can either make your penis appear larger or become more satisfied with its natural size.

But it is better not to use such methods as surgical penis enlargement or pills. They usually do not bring the expected result and in the worst case they are illegal.

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