Long hair: with these tips and tricks they grow faster

If you’ve been dreaming of a gorgeous long Rapunzel mane for ages, don’t miss these tips. Because we tell you what you should pay attention to everything, so that your hair grows healthy and above all fast.

With these helpful tips, your hair will grow in no time! &&‍♀️

With these helpful tips your hair will grow in no time at all! &&♀️

A long mane a la Victoria’s Secret angels, who does not wish for that?? But especially the girls with the most beautiful hair take it with the care very exactly and know that many different factors contribute to a healthy head of hair: Because the Proper nutrition, gentle detergent, additional vitamin intake and much more work wonders. Those who have not been blessed with thick and full hair by nature, can still help yourself and with a little patience you can achieve long-lasting results. Therefore, we reveal to you the ultimate tips and tricks, with the help of which you get a long mane in the twinkling of an eye.

How much hair grows in a month?

Monthly hair growth varies from person to person and depending on age, care and origin, an exact number can be determined. A study says that the Hair from Europeans ca. Grow 1.2 centimeters per month. For Asian women it is 1 millimeter more (1.3 centimeters) and for African women a little less with 0.9 centimeters. Other factors, such as the time of year or the time of day we are in, also contribute something to hair growth: It happens faster in summer than in winter, while it Slightly slower at night than during the day closes.

With these products hair grows faster

Who can not wait long and as quickly as possible a few extra centimeters of hair If you are looking for a little extra volume, you should help yourself accelerate growth with a controlled diet and the right boosters. Especially popular with the stars, are the so-called Vitamin gummy bears, which in the end are nothing more than the vitamin capsules that can be bought in any drugstore. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cathy Hummels swear by the sweet miracle products – which you can store via Amazon, by the way – and regularly advertise them on their Instagram channels. The delicious fruit jellies are full of Biotin, folic acid, vitamins and many other ingredients that contribute to our Rapunzel mane.

Also the classic capsules, as we know them from our childhood, work wonders: These contain vitamin B7 (biotin), iron, zinc, L-cysteine, selenium and much more. You are also not only for our hair the perfect supplements, but also totally beneficial for nails and skin. After only a few weeks, the appearance of the skin usually improves, the nails appear strengthened and your hair will feel much healthier and more vibrant. The price is between 30 and 40 euros (ca. 120 capsules) for high quality products.

These home and food accelerate hair growth

Important for a healthy growth of the hair is above all an appropriate diet, because when the body is properly supplied, so are the hair roots. There for example 3 percent of whose structure consists of omega-3 fatty acid, you should also regularly Eat foods that give you a good portion of itSo, on the shopping list from now on are Fish (tuna, salmon, herring), Chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts. And because we love healthy food so much, include Broccoli, avocado, bell peppers, green lettuce, spinach and cabbage on our menu as well as oranges, carrots and fresh juices.

For those of you with a sweet tooth who can’t go along with a drastic change in diet and prefer to use external home remedies want, there are, of course, some alternatives: tricks such as Masks of aloe vera, yogurt, avocado, olive and castor oil or rosemary, work wonders. The products simply Spread thoroughly on damp hair, "seal" the head with plastic wrap from the kitchen and ca. Leave on for 20 minutes. When rinsing later, make sure that you do not leave any residue, otherwise the hair becomes greasy very quickly.

Hair grows fastest with these care products

Already with the hair wash you can contribute to a faster growth. It all comes down to the right products on: Shampoos that contain the coenzyme Q 10, are particularly well suited, because this ingredient works from the hair root and stimulates the formation of keratin. For the somewhat experienced ladies this is not a foreign word, because it concerns here the proteins, which form the main component of our hair – and already in many products is contained. And as the number of these hair proteins decreases over the years, we like to use keratin containing care products like special oils or masks – the immediate effect of these miracle products ensures that our mane feels much smoother and healthier immediately after blow-drying.

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