Lilminip is a Pokemon with the type Plant, which exists since the fifth game generation. It is the first stage of development of Dressella. Furthermore it is the counterpart of Waumboll.

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Appearance and Physique

Lilminip is a rather small, plant-like Pokemon whose physique resembles a sapling. It is mainly light green. On its comparatively large head grow three elongated, dark green leaves and its face is mainly white. On it there are two oval brown eyes. Its neck is decorated by a dark green coloring, which reminds of a collar. The light green lower body consists of five stumps, two of which function as arms and two as legs, respectively.

In its iridescent form, Lilminip’s otherwise light green body is yellow-greenish and its eye color is purple.

Attacks and abilities

Lilminip is a fragile Pokemon, but it can certainly defend itself with its special powers. The root Pokemon mainly learns status attacks by leveling up, mostly of the Normal or Plant types, such as Growth or Aroma Cure. Through its roots it extracts energy from others with Megasucker or GigaSucker or throws attacks like Energy Ball or Leafstorm at the enemy.

Lilminip has close links with sunny weather. It can cause this by means of sun day and heal itself with the help of synthesis, which becomes more effective in sunshine. It also has the abilities Chlorophyll, which doubles its initiative in sunshine, and its Hidden ability Florashield, which protects Lilminip from status changes in sunshine. Other specimens with tempo maker cannot be confused.

Behavior and habitat

Lilminip prefer nutrient-rich areas, with abundant growth of flowers and other plants. So you can find it in places like the Eternal Forest or the Grove of Deception. The Pokemon is therefore considered a messenger of rich harvests, as it chooses the best soils as its habitat. The leaves on its head have an extremely bitter taste, but are not only edible but even extremely healthy. Its refreshing effect is excellent against symptoms of exhaustion. When the leaves fall out, they grow back very quickly. If cut back regularly, it can be used to support Lilminip’s growth.


Lilminip is the first part of a two-stage developmental series and can develop into Dressella.

The evolution of Lilminip to Dressella represents that of a bud to a flower. The Pokemon grows twice as large, and it is especially noticeable that its physique takes on humanoid features as a result. Two arms are formed from light green leaves, an equally light green leaf on the head is reminiscent of a hairstyle of long hair. A flower of five orange blossoms forms on it, with a crown-like pistil in the center of it.

In the games of the main series, the evolution is triggered by the insertion of a sunstone.

Lilminip Sunstone Sunstone Sunstone Sunstone Sunstone (only in Hisui) Sunstone (only in Hisui) Sunstone (only in Hisui) Dressella Dressella (Hisui shape)

Origin and meaning of the name

Lilminip’s appearance is probably based on a small sprout of a small vascular plant or the bulb of a lily plant . Furthermore, its design also shows similarity to a mandrake .

Its international names are composed of words mainly related to flowers or plants.

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