“Let’s dance” star motsi mabuse confesses to ex-boyfriend – what will her husband think??

Motsi Mabuse doesn't mince words in her new girls' talk show

On the dance floor it often gets hot with Motsi Mabuse. Now the "Let’s Dance" star surprised with an intimate statement about her ex-lovers.

  • Motsi Mabuse became known to a wide TV audience through "Let’s Dance "*.
  • Now, however, the professional dancer has made a name for herself with extremely private glimpses into her romantic life.
  • In her new Madls-Talk, the South African-born actress also spoke about her relationship with her ex-boyfriends.

Swaying hips in the Rumba, nestling together in the Tango, floating together in the Viennese Waltz – on the dance floor is Motsi Mabuse (39) In the course of her professional career, she has already come very close to one or the other of her dance partners. Motsi was with dancer for 11 years Timo Kulczak Married. 2017 she has her dance partner Evgeny Voznyuk married. Just recently, Motsi posted a sweet proof of love to her husband*.

But in her private life seems to be the „Let’s Dance"-Juror also maintain a good and close relationship with their ex-partners. How good that is exactly and where Motsi sees the danger for their outwardly so happy marriage, has the 38-year-old now in a aubert private conversation betray.

"Let’s Dance" star Motsi Mabuse chats about her views on her ex-boyfriends

"I also have very good contacts with all my exes," explains Motsi in the new video chat "Let’s talk, girls," in which she likes to address one or two delicate topics with the support of other prominent ladies. So Motsi confesses in regard to her former partnerships For example: "I have no limit for me quasi with my exes".

Necessary is there however a certain „Respect for the relationship" and to understand that this may not be a nice thought for the current partner. So although she is the one former partner would still invite you home, but for a new partner would not be able to do that in some cases. „And I think you have to see this discipline for yourself in respect for your new one.“ She herself, however, would be okay with everything, laughs Motsi.

"Let’s Dance" judge Motsi Mabuse wants to learn from ex-relationships

ÜMabuse wants to learn from ex-relationships and the idea of what it would be like for her if her husband were a man ähnlike behavior Motsi has not yet given any concrete thought to the question of whether or not her husband would show the same attitude towards his former partners, "although I think it would be okay with me.“ However, it should not be too much, admits the South African-born.

What she thinks is important is to analyze the relationship beforehand, to know why it fell apart, so as to be better able to deal with it in the future new relationship to be. „I think if you have not yet worked through your old relationship [. ], then you drag that back into our new relationship", says Motsi. Accordingly, one should not exaggerate, but she herself talks a lot about her ex-relationships, in order to get out of them with her new partner mistakes of the past to be able to learn. According to Motsi, this is even to a comparatively high degree but it would take "a bit of that contact and awareness of the old relationship".

For Motsi, the familiarity that one has with one’s former partners is "a real joy" a different kind of love, if you can call that love". „A person who accompanied you and observed how you grew up.", which is quite "valuable be. But still, he says, you have to work with some kind of limit.

Motsi Mabuse always dated the same type of man as a professional dancer

On the other hand, when the 38-year-old remembers her own past when it comes to romance, her hobby and later profession clearly seem to have set the limit for her. She grew up in the dance scene, where in a way you’re always looking at same faces and who then also date: "In the end you have dated the whole dance sport", quips the "Let’s Dance" star-Star. But there is one thing she used to say: "I will never be with someone from the television industry, it’s even more crazy than dancing.“

However, Motsi completely rules out the possibility of ending up in bed with one of her exes again, as she no longer seems to feel physically attracted: "No way," the professional dancer decides quite rigorously.

Motsi Mabuse: Today the "Let’s Dance" star loves only his husband

These days, at least, Motsi Mabuse seems to have just one thing going for her: Her former dance partner and husband Evgeny Voznyuk. The "Let’s Dance" judge* already has a child with him and still seems as much in love as on the first day. Not only do the two literally dance through life together, as evident on Motsi’s Instagram account, but the two seem to share the same sense of humor as well. For example, the couple recently showed their more private side in an amused Instagram post.

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