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February 2019: Just before my Mazi proposed to me, I decided to start my life over again. Spring in your step – just do it! In this blogpost I mentioned that I really want to learn how to snowboard. (And surf, play ukulele on the beach in Cuba, get a tattoo, take an American road trip, etc.pp.) That was also not only stupid babble because of "Leeeuuutee, I’m going to detox now and only drink green smoothies and do everything better anyway!" but my bitter seriousness.

Now – exactly one year later – I can proudly pat myself on the back and tick off the snowboard point. As an old ski bunny who has learned to ski since childhood, this was really an uphill battle. CLICK And since I often get questions about it, I’ll chat a bit about it now!

Snowboard VS. Ski – Advantages& Disadvantages

By the way, I’m typing these lines with the third after-snowboard full-body muscle soreness of my life! CLICK Everything just hurts me in general, and I didn’t know you could even have sore muscles in your neck – but alright. Why did I want to learn snowboarding at all, when I could ski already? I’m afraid I don’t have a fact-based argument here about "Snowboarding lowers cholesterol levels much more than skiing" or "Statistically speaking, snowboarders are 50% more successful at their jobs than skiers are."

It’s just FOCKIN’ cool. Point. I find the feeling of sliding down the mountain on a board a thousand times more awesome than on skis. It is a lot of fun but of course there are advantages and disadvantages in both sports!

Advantages of the snowboard

  • You have only ONE board, not two skis. The less equipment you need, the better, and a snowboard is easier to carry around.
  • No sticks, you have your hands free!
  • The boots are incredibly comfortable! Running in snowboard boots is so much more pleasant that you don’t even push to take them off again as soon as possible.
  • Snowboarders look undeniably cooler!
  • Snowboarding is a kind of royal discipline because it is more difficult.
  • Tired? Sit down. Beautiful view? Sit down. Easy as that.
  • The snowboard does not fly in all directions when falling, but always stays nicely on the binding.
  • The cholesterol mirror… – fun.

disadvantages of snowboarding

The cruel beginning in snowboarding

Learning to snowboard is really cruel in the beginning. I don’t know if it’s worse if you can ski like a pro before or if you didn’t learn anything at all. Mazi said about. I learned to snowboard 3-4 years ago and never stood on a slope before that. The beginning was just as hard for him, only he didn’t know the feeling of skiing down a slope in general. It makes you extra nervous. (Which is suboptimal!)

I’ve known since I was little what it’s like to speed down a slope extremely fast in a shot. I mastered it very well and was not afraid of it. Accordingly, I approached snowboarding naively: "I can ski, so I can do this." CLICK The reality then hits you pretty hard because the ski technique does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you and you have to start completely from scratch. So, as old hands at skiing, you have the advantage of knowing what it feels like to ski down a slope, but be prepared to feel like a complete beginner. CLICK

Snowboard group course or individual course?

With this naive "Pff, I can do it anyway." mentality, I first did a beginner group course and it was the most frustrating four hours of my life. CLICK It seems impossible to move when both legs are strapped to a board. The four hours consisted only of: Running uphill, buckling up, waiting, sitting, fear, falling down, pain. Even more frustration came up when I saw the little bouncers on their boards, who could jump over any jumps after two hours, because they just have absolutely no fear and don’t even know what they could potentially break in the process! CLICK, CLICK and CLICK.

Among the twelve million falls I had in the group course, there were two that put a final end to it all. It put me on my back twice as much& Banged on my butt that I couldn’t sit properly for weeks. I was sure that even in 5 years I would not be able to snowboard properly.

Then a year later I booked a two hour private course. It was expensive, it hurt, but I could ride down a whole mountain in turns afterwards. Therefore, I can only highly recommend it: Bite the bullet for once and book yourself a private course! A good instructor who can teach you the most important basics correctly and watches non-stop what you do wrong is worth its weight in gold. I hear all the time that the friends or relatives try to teach it to someone and never get much out of it. Mazi tried to explain to me in the beginning what I have to pay attention to, but it didn’t help me much.

It was the two most exhausting hours of my life but the pure euphoria when I suddenly could follow my instructor in curves was really indescribable. CLICK

Just stay cool.

My biggest problem was my head. The instructor immediately realized that my fear was preventing me from focusing on the essentials. As trite as it sounds now, he was just saying:"Take it easy, if you panic say to yourself: Don’t worry, be happy!"

I KNOW, that sounds so incredibly cheap. But guess who, FROM THIS FOCKIN’ POINT OF TIME, COULD SKI DOWN AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN IN CURVES AT ONCE?? EXACTLY. This girl, here. I turned off my head. I thought to myself, take it easy, you just slide down there now and suddenly everything made sense. Dudum!

Do not underestimate this point! The fear of not being in control, of going too fast, or of other people on the slopes is usually the problem. The two most important factors in turns are to ALWAYS bend your knees and put weight on your front leg. This way you can’t cant and at the same time you have the best control over the board. Especially when the slope gets hilly and you have to compensate the bumps with your knees.

When you’re scared, you automatically stiffen up, don’t get down on your knees and lean back because you think you’re "slowing down" that way. But with this you only make everything worse, because then you really completely lose control of the board and only get faster.


Constant learning process

So after my private course, I could snowboard in general. As we drove back towards the mountains, I panicked again. "What if this was just a single stroke of luck??" – "Without an instructor, I’ll never be able to ski properly" – "HOW DID THAT EVEN WORK, AAAHHH?!"CLICK In addition, unfortunately, the ski area was much more crowded than usual. More people, less open space, MORE PANIC. CLICK

This led to the fact that I could not even stand properly on the board, and the first 2 hours were again cruel. I flew there all the time because I was afraid of all the people. "Do they see me at all? Do they know that I have to drive a bigger radius in the curves? THEY DRIVE ME RIGHT IN? WHERE IS MAZDAK? AH THERE BEFORE -" BaM. Fall. BOOM. Full on the knees! CLICK

I was so frustrated again that I wanted to give up. But Mazi has already recognized correctly that men head is again my biggest problem. I was constantly watching where he was going, what the other people were doing and that I wasn’t crashing into anyone. So he rode ahead without me, I took three deep breaths, plugged in my headphones, turned on my favorite music, really just focused on where I had to go and that I was just ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS going to my FOCKIN’ knees.

Who could drive like a pro after that? THIS GIRL HERE. CLICK and CLICK.

When it gets crowded

The third time I was mentally a bit calmer, because I knew: I can actually do this! The next hurdle was then to make nice turns when the slope is full of people and it is also getting narrower. In such situations, you have no room to make huge turns and slow down your speed. I tended to just slide down at first because I got scared and didn’t know how to handle it. But then my Mums plopped into my mind, which has always complained about skiing back in the day:"These snowboarders were just sliding down here and pushing the snow away!! Just drive your beautiful Boglis Duni!!" CLICK And for the love of my Mums, I had to change that!

I watched the other snowboarders and realized that it is quite possible to make short turns! You just had to use your back leg as a kind of "rudder" and steer your board that way. I tried it out and was full of euphoria again! THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. Mazi had permanently tried to explain me exactly that, but I had to figure it out by myself.

The fourth time I was full of confidence and I will never forget the feeling when I was able to slide down the slope at full throttle with my music in my ears and even in tight spots I was able to cruise around the other people. Especially when the sun is shining, you see your shadow while riding down and realize:" That’s me! THAT’S ME. "

The most important tips& Protectors

These were my experiences and maybe they help the one or the other something further& I would like to recommend you only the most important protectors, because I would have liked to have them ALL already in the beginning. In the beginning I only owned a fraction of it and have steadily expanded it because: PAIN.CLICK It might make you feel like a little Michelin man, but you really won’t regret it! A bruised tailbone is so FOCKIN’ painful! So we summarize the whole thing again:

The most important tips

  • Always get on your knees! This is the only way to have the best grip and control over your board.
  • Lean forward! When you want to make a turn, you have to lean forward first and put weight on the front leg to maintain control.
  • Take it easy! Focus primarily on where you want to go and on your board. Try to keep a cool head. Of course you have to pay attention to your surroundings, but everyone on the runway will also pay attention to where they are going.
  • Have confidence, that you can learn this! Also when it comes to getting out of a FOCKIN’ lift. At some point it will click and you realize what is important.
  • Book one at the beginning Individual rate with a good private instructor!

The most important protectors

After every snowboard day I had such a strong muscle soreness all over my body that I could hardly move! That got weaker each time, but you still use muscles you never used before! (And you burn a lot of calories ;))

That’s why I think it’s so cool that there are these day trip ski buses! We are so exhausted after each day on the slopes that none of us wants to drive anymore. So we sat down in the bus, swish a beer (in my case a gingerberry! Yummy!) and let’s go home relaxed ♥

So my dears! I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions or feedback, I’m happy about a small comment! Have it fine ♥

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