Learn to snowboard or ski?

What is actually easier to learn, snowboarding or skiing?? What are the differences between these two sports? There are many questions that can be asked when deciding which of the two winter sports to choose. In the following we will get to the bottom of the most important questions.

Learning to snowboard or ski

Snowboarding or skiing: The differences

The biggest difference between skiing and snowboarding is, of course, that in skiing there are two skis and two poles, and in snowboarding there is only the board. The question of convenience can be answered clearly.

Just standing on the slopes is much easier with skis. With the snowboard, on the other hand, you have to constantly balance while standing in order not to fall over. On the slopes, snowboarders are often seen sitting down during breaks. When it comes to skiing itself, skis have another advantage over snowboards. On a flat track can easily regain momentum with the poles by so-called diving into the snow.

Since there is no stick on the snowboard, the back foot must first be unstrapped in order to dive with it. Furthermore, riding the ski lift with skis also proves to be much more comfortable, as there is no need to unstrap your foot here either. In snowboarding, the back foot is unbuckled, just like in ski lifts.

Learning to ski or learning to snowboard

Snowboarding or skiing – what is easier to learn??

What is easier to learn, can not be said in general and depends on various factors. Learning to ski takes more time because you have to control not only one board but two skis and also the poles. There are numerous movements to control here. Especially for adults, snowboarding will therefore be easier to learn.

If you want to learn snowboarding, you "only" have to learn the feeling for balance. In the end it also depends on the individual person. Children learn both quite fast whereby also here the snowboard driving learn probably somewhat faster goes. But also individual talent or previous experience in other sports can play a role. If you already have experience with skateboarding, you will learn snowboarding very quickly.

Learning to ski

Where to learn snowboarding or skiing?

Nowadays, there are numerous possibilities to watch instructions for snowboarding or skiing, for example, as a video and then apply what is shown yourself. Here, of course, you have to rely on doing everything right yourself right away.

Snowboarding easier

If you want to learn snowboarding or skiing professionally, there are numerous opportunities to participate in courses. There, the basics are explained by a trained rider and then applied on the slopes. The instructor can always point out mistakes directly to the students here or answer questions in case of uncertainty.

So before hitting the big slopes, basic elements such as the V-step in skiing should be clear in order to be safe on the snow.

All ski resorts, even the small ones, offers ski and snowboard courses suitable for beginners. An overview with ski schools can be found on the website of the German Ski Association: Website. Important tips are given in the following video:


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Snowboarding or skiing – the equipment

If you plan to learn snowboarding or skiing and to ride more often, sooner or later you will have to think about having your own equipment. For the skier, in addition to the skis, the ski poles, as well as ski boots and a binding belong to it. The snowboarder needs his board, as well as boots and also a binding. In terms of price, the two types of equipment do not differ greatly from each other.

Of course, if you buy a high-quality raceboard, you will pay more than for two skis. However there are also for the Snowboarder inexpensive alternatives. In addition to the board or skis, the driving utensils include a ski suit, a ski mask, snowboard gloves and a ski helmet.

Snowboard or ski – Conclusion

Whether snowboarding or skiing, both sports have their appeal. Even if skiing is fundamentally a bit harder to learn, it’s a good idea to try both once and find the right one for you. Maybe a passion for both sports will develop!

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