Learn to play golf – golf simply explained

You know that when learning to play golf you have to put a small ball into a hole with a club, but you do not know the rest of the rules? Learn what you need to pay attention to when learning to play golf, what effect a correct stance has, whether there is a trick, how to grip the golf clubs correctly and many other important components.

Learn to play golf

Golf is steeped in tradition and has since been a popular sport as well as a popular recreational activity. Scotland is known to be the cradle of golf and from there it has spread all over the world. But before you can really get started, you should first memorize the rules of golf. But do not be afraid. They may be a bit complicated for the beginner at first, but you will quickly internalize them.

The simplest rule in golf is that the golf ball must be hit into the hole in as few strokes as possible. While playing golf you have to 18 holes run through. A so-called golf round consists of these courses. You will have noticed that a course has several different areas of rough. So there is a course, which is also called Fairway named and the green around it. Next you will find teeing ground in front and the Hole, where the ball must be hit.

The condition of the golf field

Learn to play golf

The golf ball hole where your ball has to go in is about 10 cm big. Just hitting a ball in there on a flat surface would be too boring. For this reason you will find a lot of information around the tee. the fairways a raised grass in front of. This area is also called Rough called. Up to the goal, the hole, there are further obstacles. These can consist of ditches or hills but also of specially created ponds.

You don’t just hit your ball from the ground during the first tee shot, the drive, but you have to put it on a wooden pin. This pin is also called in the golfer’s language Tee called. Only after your first tee shot is made, you continue directly from where the golf ball landed. A good view is also important, otherwise you will have to look for your golf ball.

Learning to play golf

In order for you to know more than just the condition of the course, you need to know the most important rules of golf. Because only if you know these, you will learn to play the sport of golf. As a basic principle you can remember that you have to take things as they are. This means that the course has to be played as you find it. And of course the golf ball will not be changed. The way it lies, you have to play it.

Your golf ball remains your golf ball. However, it is important that you do not accidentally use another player’s golf ball. Make sure that you hit only your own ball. Therefore, it is advantageous to mark your ball in a way that is suitable for you. This will definitely prevent a scandal. But do not worry. The golfers are peaceful among themselves.

The rules for learning to play golf go into the next round

Your own golf ball remains with you from the tee-off point to the golf hole . This means that you are not allowed to change your ball during this time. However, there are sometimes circumstances that make it necessary to use a new or different finger. make it necessary to hit another golf ball. This special rule is z. B. when your golf ball lands in an obstacle from which you cannot retrieve it. Such insurmountable obstacles put z. B. Ponds. However, the exchange is also only allowed if this is provided for in the statutes.

If your golf ball lands in such an obstacle or cannot be found in any other way, you have to repeat your shot. But not just anywhere. You have to make your shot again exactly where the previous one failed. But unfortunately it is the case that you have to take a so-called Penalty shot get.

Learning to play golf and the rules behind it

In order for you to learn how to play golf from the ground up, the rules are of particular importance. The above mentioned rules are only a small part of the whole set of rules. You must make sure that if you want to play your ball correctly in an obstacle, do not rest your club on the ground. Even disturbing factors such as small branches or the like must not be moved out of the way. Only if you make a stroke outside these obstacles is this allowed and you are not breaking any of the rules.

Unfortunately, it also happens more often that you can’t play a ball any further in any way. It is very important for you, as a beginner, to know that you will receive a penalty stroke for this. But you can also maneuver out of this position again. There are different approaches to this.

Golf for beginners

If you have received a penalty stroke, you cannot undo it, but you can save yourself from this situation. On the one hand you can repeat your shot. You have to do this at the place where you executed your previous stroke. You can also drop the ball. You must do this in such a way that you are in the position where you cannot go any further with your golf ball. Now you have the opportunity to drop your ball or. to drop.

However, this is only allowed between two club lengths. You can also drop the ball from behind. You can also use the dropping principle if there is an obstacle in your way that you cannot move. You can move the other obstacles without dropping them. On the Green there are again completely different rules that have to be observed.

The green and the right grip when learning to play golf

If your ball is on the green, it must not touch the flagpole during the putt, a stroke where the ball may only roll. But this may be unplugged. On the green, you may simply pick up your ball to clear it of debris, for example. But remember that every shot counts, even if you don’t hit the ball. When learning to play golf, especially at the beginning, it is important to learn the simple Baseball grip to master. In this shot you position your right hand below the club handle and your left hand above it.

Left-handed take the opposite position. Another variant is the Vardon grip. It is just like the baseball grip only the right little finger rests on the index and middle finger on the left hand. Another grip variation is the Interlocking grip. Here the left index finger and the right little finger are hooked into each other.

In order to execute your golf movements properly, you should think about how you stand best while golfing. Tilt your upper body slightly forward and let your arms hang loosely and slightly down so that they are figuratively and angularly at the end of your toes. Bend your knees slightly and distribute your weight on both feet. Pay attention to your posture and stabilize it, because this will enable you to make a good golf swing with good results.

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