Kronach pushes road rehabilitation

on monday, the works committee for the municipal utility of the city of kronach dealt with the annual financial statements for 2019 and the business plan for 2021. in addition, the focus was on the priority lists for road and bridge construction measures in preview for the years 2021 and 2022.

the chairwoman, mayor angela hofmann, and the committee were impressed by the positive budget result for 2019. With the loss compensation payments in the amount of 1 649 528.95 euro on the reported annual loss of 1213 004.96 euro, the balance sheet result is 436 523.99 euro. This is the best result since the company was founded, emphasized commercial director johannes meitner after detailed discussions.

According to the company’s statutes, the city council of kronach is responsible for determining the audited annual financial statements. the committee unanimously recommended that the city council approve the annual result. The good work of the municipal utility and the meticulous preparation of the figures by johannes meitner were praised across party lines. Mayor angela hofmann thanked the mayor for the clear presentation of the figures, but also plant manager jochen loffler for the good performance of the municipal utility and its employees, which led to a better result in some operating branches than in previous years.

Ralf volkl (SPD) saw a good basis for the upcoming tasks. The municipal utilities had worked well and the city council had also done its homework. Renovation and renewal work in the water supply and wastewater areas is ongoing. There are high costs, but just as in the cemetery sector, citizens are to be spared high fees as far as possible.

Peter witton (green/FL) praised the good economic performance. Markus wich (CSU) thanked for the excellent breakdown and saw a forward-looking action. the same applied to the 2021 business plan presented by commercial director johannes meitner. The works committee passed a resolution recommending that the kronach city council adopt the 2021 business plan, including the staffing plan for the kronach municipal utility company. In the profit plan, income of 5,835,500 euros is offset by expenses of 7,416,300 euros. In the asset plan, 3,280,000 euros were set aside as available funds in the same amount as the funds required. The compensation for the loss of liquidity by the city of kronach amounts to a total of 1,804,900 euros in 2021, of which 220,000 euros are for planned investments.

The municipal utility company has to pay the city of kronach around 100,000 euros in contributions to administrative costs and around 120,000 euros in concession fees from the water supply. the total burden on the city of kronach from the 2021 business plan is around 1.6 million euros.

Ralf volkl proposed to push renewable energies, as an example he mentioned to equip the high tanks of the municipal utilities with photovoltaic systems and to successively extend LED lights. Chairwoman hofmann also considered the economic plan to be an expression of the political will, which would be taken into account. However, she pointed out that the city and the municipal utilities were facing major challenges that could not be planned as they were still unknown.

Angela hofmann led over to the present priority lists. After all, there is a road network of over 150 kilometers to maintain and there is a great need for it. Around two million euros have been earmarked for this in the budget.

Plant manager jochen loffler described road construction as a major issue. A number of renovation, maintenance and renewal measures are pending in the city area. The current need is greater than can be realized logistically and financially in the short term. For this reason, the municipal utilities (works management and building yard) have drawn up a list of priorities. An annual amount averaging around 2.5 million euros is taken into account.

The list of priorities

The priority list for 2021 provides for an estimated cost volume of 2.2 million euros for the following measures:

Kronach: cross street and karl-broger-street; dorfles: local thoroughfare, footpaths, bus stop; gundelsdorf: park road (it was included at the suggestion of markus wich instead of the krahenberg parking lot); kronach: completion of cycle path on LGS grounds, community connection road gehulz/brand/zollbrunn/kestel; hofles/vogtendorf: old army road (cost sharing for development of building area).

2022 is planned with costs of approximately 3.2 million euros:

Gehulz: bonifatiusstrabe; kronach: burgermeister-mertel- strabe and gerhard- hauptmann-strabe; ziegelerden: bergstrabe; neuses: alte dorfstrabe (at the suggestion of ralf volkl and second mayor michael zwingmann). In addition, various sections of cycle paths are also planned.

At the end of the meeting, werkleiter loffler once again highlighted the great achievement of area manager ralf deuerling and his team at the outdoor pool crana mare. It was only because of their great commitment that it was possible to keep the open-air swimming pool open on the 8th floor during the corona pandemic. June and to continue the pool operation until 20. september to enable. They deserve thanks and recognition. And in the end, the 36,000 or so visitors who took advantage of the offer and spent pleasant days in the adventure pool were also grateful. All in all, the results of the 2020 open-air swimming pool season were quite positive, according to werkleiter loffler.

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