Kindergarten birthday: here’s how to make it perfect

Celebrating a birthday in kindergarten

Most daycare centers organize a small treat in the respective groups when one of the children has a birthday.

Singing a group serenade together is a wonderful idea to honor the birthday boy or girl. Of course, a little surprise should not be missing.

A collection of different games can be found here. It is usually the case that the birthday child is allowed to choose one or more games themselves.

The chance that the child’s birthday falls on a kindergarten day is quite high, and therefore parents ask themselves what should be planned and observed on this day. Of course, the day should also be honored in kindergarten and many institutions have a special ritual for such occasions. birthday party in the kindergarten

It is first important to discuss the children’s birthday with the kindergarten teachers: how will the birthday party be arranged in the kindergarten and what do the teachers and children expect from the birthday child? This allows both sides to plan better and to explain to the excited (or even worried) birthday child exactly what will happen on that day.

Planning a birthday in daycare

The birthday is a special day in the kindergarten.

Usually there is a "throne" for the birthday child or a special birthday place at the common breakfast and all sing a song. Maybe also a birthday crown is presented. Some kindergartens have a gift chest from which the child can choose something.

In many institutions, it is also customary for the birthday child to bring something with him or her. This can be – depending on the preference of the educators – something edible like z.B. Cake or candy can be or a small bag with sweets or. Gifts for each child in the group, which is only opened at home.

1. Something edible

Ideal is finger food that spills little and is perhaps even healthy. It should be remembered that there is often little time for preparations in the morning before kindergarten starts. Therefore, if possible, it should be something that can be prepared the day before. Especially working parents or those who take care of younger children at home often do not have so many opportunities to prepare something. Then small foam kisses are usually the rescue and are eaten just as gladly as a self-baked cake.

2. Bags with small gifts

Children's birthday party Kindergarten

On birthdays, there are lots of treats for the children in the kindergarten.

In order to do the environment a favor, one should do without small plastic toys to a large extent and rather put something (usable) in it: A colorfully printed pencil, a small block, an eraser, a dice … children always need these things.

Each piece of candy should be individually wrapped – no loose chewing gum or gummy bears.

3. Birthday invitations

Often the invitation to a child’s birthday is also passed on through the kindergarten. This can be frustrating for the children who are not invited. It is a good idea to distribute the invitation cards for the child’s birthday directly to the parents of the little guests when bringing or fetching them, or to have the kindergarten teachers put them in the bread bags.

4. Birthday clothes

Birthday gifts Kita

You can bring surprises to the daycare center for your children’s birthday.

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