Keep kids busy: 11 great ideas for indoors

Due to the Corona crisis, many families are currently facing a special challenge: daycare centers and schools are closed, many parents are in their home offices, and even public facilities such as zoos, museums, and playgrounds have had to close temporarily. So that camp fever doesn’t break out at home, we’ve collected some tips for you that will keep you busy against boredom at home help and keep children busy. We hope that in the next few weeks, or even on bad weather days, the ceiling does not fall on your head. Lots of fun :)

DIY bowling game

From a few empty PET bottles and one Ball you can make a bowling game in a jiffy. For the mini version, which you can also play on the kitchen table, take 0.5 L plastic bottles and a tennis ball or another small ball. With large PET bottles (min. 1 liter) and a soccer you can build an XL bowling game and also play in the garden. Small tip, if the bottles fall over too easily or on uneven ground, bspw. lawn, not stable: just fill some water into the bottles.

Build a cave

This is what we loved as kids ourselves: building caves or fortresses out of blankets and pillows. Cozy retreats and play areas for fantastic role-playing games. With a few fairy lights it becomes even more atmospheric.

Family Show

For the time you spend at home, you could agree that each family member in turn has to create and perform a Evening program üand perform a puzzle- like in the vacation hotel. These can be very different performances: Fashion show, magic show, dance performance, singing, puppet show, etc. While the children are planning and preparing their performance, you can work in peace and quiet.

Baking for Easter

craft for the Easter decoration

puzzle& Games

A puzzle can take a lot of time to complete, depending on its size. Your child can do a puzzle on his own, or you can choose a larger puzzle that the whole family can participate in. Choose a nice motif that you all like and that is of course not too heavy for the little ones. For the very little ones you can find here some kids puzzles.

Games come in a wide variety of forms: Board games, card games, games for several or to play alone. Depending on how old your children are, you can choose a suitable community game and have a Family game night host. But even with few materials you can play entertaining games. For the following classic games you only need a piece of paper and a pen: Who am I, City Land River, Tic Tac Toe.

Scavenger hunt or photo safari

Requires a little preparation, but your kids are guaranteed to enjoy it: a scavenger hunt or photo safari at home. For one Scavenger hunt Hide your slips of paper with clues, where each previous one contains a hint where the next clue slip is hidden. At the end there is of course a mysterious treasure on the hunters.

For a Photo Safari you need a digital camera, a children’s camera or a cell phone with photo function, which you can leave to your kids. Then you hide cuddly toys, game pieces, etc. in your apartment and write a list to your children, which wild creatures and animals they have to find and photograph for you. Here is also a great reward when all safari motifs have been nicely photographed.

Story time

Children love it when they are read to. Snuggled together you can dive into wonderful fantasy worlds together. If you don’t like reading yourself, you can let someone else do it for you: the range of audio books for children is now huge. But very young children still prefer to look at picture books.

Handicrafts& Painting

The classic for children’s activities at home: coloring books or templates and making something nice together. For example, colorfully painted paper eggs for the Easter bush or a pretty craft egg. Craft flowers are also a great decoration for springtime. But you can also design greeting cards for friends and relatives together, for example a DIY Easter card for grandma and grandpa with the fingerprints of the children.


Speaking of spring, this is also a great time to plant herbs, spring flowers, fruit and vegetable plants. Your child can watch the growth of plants and herbs every day this way. You will get especially fast results with cress. Green leaves grow from the seeds within a few days, and they even taste delicious on sandwiches.

Bake together

If you spend a lot of time at home, you can finally bake again. Whether cakes, cookies, bread or sweet yeast bunnies for Easter. It smells wonderful in the apartment and everyone is happy about something delicious home-baked to snack on. By the way, cookie cutters are not just for the Christmas season. There are also cookie cutters with neutral or Easter motifs.

What may not be missing in the Easter season, of course: colored Easter eggs. You can dye hard-boiled eggs that you will eat later or paint and glue blown-out eggs for the Easter bush.

Cleaning out

That doesn’t sound fun at first- it can become however quite! When we recently looking through old boxes together we sat for a long time over old finds and memories and laughed a lot. It turned out to be a really nice and fun family afternoon, even though it was raining cats and dogs outside. And in the end we were really proud of ourselves, what we had sorted out, tidied up and thrown away. An activity with a practical side effect :)

P.S. You can also just look at old photo albums, pictures and family videos together. That is done far too seldom these days anyway, isn’t it?? For small babies there are extra baby photo albums where the pictures are kept safe.

Project large building site

For the next few days, you can take on a large project with building blocks, for which there is usually not enough time. A joint building project will certainly occupy you for some time and in the end you can be proud of it Your building present. You can follow the instructions or let your imagination run wild and build your dream castle or a huge fortress.

Last but not least: free time

It is also important and completely okay that you give each other some free time and do not always plan joint activities. This time out is good for you, and the children also need time for free play and learn to occupy themselves in this way.

Keeping children busy is not always easy, we know that. So we hope you found some helpful tips and inspiration to make your time at home creative and exciting. Do you have some ideas how to pass the time indoors?? We look forward to your suggestions in the comments.

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