Karl-heinz rummenigge on schalke: “could have been german champions”

The developments at the FC Schalke 04 do not leave Karl-Heinz Rummenigge unscathed. The chairman of the FC Bavaria hopes that in the future the club will be able to return to its successful past.

Several times FC Bayern and Schalke 04 fought for the championship. Unforgettable is the 34. It was on the fourth matchday of the 2000/01 season that Konigsblau thought they were champions for four minutes before Patrik Andersson scored the decisive goal for Bayern in the away game at Hamburger SV from an indirect free kick in injury time. Schalke has been runner-up four other times since then (2005, 2007, 2010, 2018), but the club is currently far from it.

This season they only made it to twelfth place. For the third time in the past four years, Schalke failed to finish in single digits in the table. Under coach David Wagner, who is allowed to remain in office, the team played a historically bad second half of the season with 16 games without a win. The 2019/20 season was also marked by many negative headlines, which the club, above all the former chairman of the supervisory board Clemens Tonnies, had caused.

Rummenigge: "Schalke is an important club for the Bundesliga"

After HSV, Schalke also threatens to sink into chaos. In the interview with Sport1 Karl-Heinz Rummenigge hopes that Konigsblau will once again play a greater role in German soccer in the future: "Of course, I am now keeping my fingers crossed for Schalke 04 that they will find their way back to their old strength with a new concept, a new spirit and the necessary patience. Schalke is one of the most traditional clubs in Germany and an important club for the Bundesliga."

Tonnies’ resignation weighs particularly heavily. After a Corona outbreak at his meat plant, the pressure on the 64-year-old had increased; due to numerous protests, he resigned from his post. "Clemens has always been the dominant figure at this club," said Rummenigge, said Rummenigge "and after his resignation, the club must now certainly reposition itself."

Schalke "could have been German champions"

In the Bayern boss’s view, everything could have been different if Schalke had been able to retain young talents such as Manuel Neuer, Sead Kolasinac, Leon Goretzka, Leroy Sane or Joel Matip for the long term. "FC Schalke could probably have become German champions in the meantime if they had been able to keep these and many other players whom they had trained first-class in their youth department", Rummenigge is sure. "The pool of their young talent is one of the best in all of Germany."

Rummenigge doubts salary cap: "Not feasible"

Rummenigge was diplomatic about the club’s planned salary cap: "Every club has to find its own philosophy. I wish Schalke 04 every success with their approach." However, he does not believe that the discussions about a general salary cap, which were initiated in the past by UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, are expedient: "A salary cap was not enforceable at the time and I don’t think that will change either, said Rummenigge. Instead, he brings a renewal of the Financial Fair Play into play to curb the extremely high spending of top clubs: "A more stringent Financial Fair Play 3.0 could be the key."

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