Is the child benefit counted towards the hartz 4 standard rate??

Families with children living in Germany can be considered Tax allowance apply for the so-called child benefit at the Familienkasse (family benefits office). The amount depends on the number of children and is adjusted almost annually to the current price level adjusted. What special features apply in the case of ALG 2 receipt and child allowance?

Is child benefit credited against Hartz IV? Read more about this here

Is child benefit counted towards Hartz IV? Read more here.

Will the child benefit actually be deducted for Hartz 4 benefit credited? If yes, how is the child benefit credited to Hartz 4?? If a Repayment from the child allowance in Hartz IV claim as a Income takes into account? You can read everything else about child benefit and Hartz 4 in the following guidebook.

Use the free child benefit calculator

The most important to the child benefit with Hartz-4-Bezug in short

Yes. All parents are entitled to child benefit. The financial situation does not play a role.

Yes. Child benefit is fully offset against the Hartz 4 benefits from the Jobcenter and reduces the standard rate accordingly.

You can determine the amount of child benefit to which you are entitled with our child benefit calculator.

What is child benefit and who is entitled to the benefit?

Hartz 4 for the child: alimony and child support are considered income

Hartz 4 for the child: Maintenance and child benefit are considered income.

The child benefit is paid in Amount of the subsistence minimum paid to the child and serves to exempt the parents’ income from tax. The subsistence minimum refers to the child’s need for care and education. The child benefit is paid monthly by the family cash office.

Before Hartz 4 and child support, we explain in our guidebook who is entitled to child support at all. German nationals, who have their domicile or habitual residence in Germany receive child benefit according to the Income Tax Act (Einkommensteuergesetz).

Foreign nationals who live in Germany and have, for example, a settlement permit may also have a claim to child benefit. At EU citizens and nationals of an EEA state as well as Swiss already a residence in Germany is sufficient for the child benefit claim.

Child allowance can also claim unchallenged recognized refugees and persons entitled to asylum. You are also entitled to child benefit according to the Federal Child Benefit Act if you are

  • in a Compulsory insurance relationship the agency for work stand,
  • as Development worker or missionary are active,
  • as a civil servant, an institution outside Germany assigned activity exercise,
  • as spouse or partner of a NATO troop member live in Germany or have the nationality of a EU or EEA state possess or
  • are employed or self-employed in Germany, or. Pension under German legislation and live in an EU or. live in an EEA state or Switzerland.

But how does it look if you receive a Hartz-4 rate and child benefit? Will be paid to Hartz 4 benefit the child benefit is no longer counted? Or will the Child benefit deducted from the Hartz 4 rate? You can read more about this in the following sections.

If Hartz 4 recipients receive child benefit?

In principle, child benefit can be paid despite Hartz 4 receipt applies become. However, it is important that the above Requirements are fulfilled. In addition, children

In the case of Hartz 4, the child benefit is counted as income and the standard rate is reduced

In the case of Hartz 4, the child benefit is counted as income and the standard rate is reduced.

  • in the first degree with the Applicant related (this also applies to adopted children),
  • the children of the spouse or registered partner or. be grandchildren whom the claimant has included in his or her Household included has or
  • foster children if the legal requirements are met. In this case, the Relationship of custody and care to the bodily parents no longer exist.

In general, child benefit for children up to the age of 18 is paid in addition to the Hartz 4 standard rate have reached the age of 18 paid. Under certain conditions, the entitlement may also exceed this amount. This is the case, for example, if you education and a first degree up to the age of 25.

How much child benefit is paid for Hartz 4 recipients??

In addition to Hartz IV, the child benefit depending on the number of children paid by the family benefits office. The amount is adjusted almost annually to the current price development. From the 1. January 2018 eligible parents receive the following sums:

Number of childrenAmount of child benefit
First child 194 euros
Second child 194 euros
Third child 200 Euro
Fourth child (and all further children) 225 euros

Provide parents for example three children in the household, you receive a total of 588 Euro child benefit. This sum is paid to beneficiaries in addition to the Hartz 4 standard rate. The amount of the child benefit is regardless of the parents’ income.

Will the child benefit be counted towards Hartz 4?

In principle, child benefit is income of the child. Therefore, in the case of Hartz 4 benefits, the child allowance is reduced Offset. The same applies to the child support of a child entitled to benefits. This is also counted towards the relevant standard rate. In order to avoid the Offset to be able to track, the corresponding standard rate is decisive:

Relevant standard rate Beneficiary
332 euros non-employed adults under 25 years of age in the household of their parents
316 euros Children from 14 to 17 years of age
296 euros Children from 6 to 13 years
240 euros Children under 6 years

In the case of child benefit priority benefit. If there is an entitlement to child benefit, it must be claimed before social benefits such as Hartz 4 or Social benefit can be claimed. Due to the priority of the child benefit the Unemployment benefit 2.

But how does this apply if, in addition to Hartz 4 and the Child benefit child support is also paid by the other parent and thus the relevant standard rate is exceeded? In this case, the Income surplus of the child of the mother are counted as income. However, this is only possible up to the Amount of child benefit possible. In addition, the child falls out of the community of need and the income is no longer taken into account.

What applies to Hartz 4 and the child benefit for adults?

Is child benefit deducted from the Hartz 4 rate?

If child benefit is deducted from the Hartz 4 rate?

Also for children of full age who receive a are entitled to Hartz 4 and have child benefit, the imputation applies as described above. However, if the child no longer lives in the parental household because there is a Training or a course of study graduated, but the parents are Hartz 4 recipients, the child benefit does not necessarily reduce the Hartz 4 standard rate.

With the child benefit it concerns income of the children. However, this is usually paid to a legal guardian paid. However, in order for this sum not to be credited to the parents’ standard rate, benefit recipients must ensure that the children receive the money.

This can be monthly payment of the child allowance to the child’s account can be proved. Also the proof of a cash payment of the Benefit to the corresponding child is conceivable. However, it is important that the child benefit is passed on in the month of the inflow. Otherwise it can lead to a Reduction of the standard rate come.

Is the child benefit taken into account in the case of a repayment of Hartz 4 benefits??

There can be different reasons for a Additional payment of child benefit give. Among the most common is a retroactive adjustment of the child benefit or else a retroactive Application for the benefit. But how is this counted towards the Hartz 4 standard rate?

It is important to note that child benefit is an ongoing payment and therefore an current income acts. The job center may offset one-time payments spread over six months. According to a Ruling of the Social Court of Berlin from 8. July 2016 [Az. S 63 AS 7815/16 ER], however, this may not happen in the case of a child benefit back payment.

Objection against a wrong imputation of the child benefit to Hartz 4

The offsetting of child benefit against Hartz 4 is taken over by the Jobcenter

The offsetting of child benefit against Hartz 4 is taken over by the job center.

Where people work, they also receive Error Made. So it can also happen to a case worker at the job center that he or she is not informed about the child benefit Calculation of your Hartz 4 rate an error has been made. If you assume that your decision is incorrect, you can file an appeal against it.

This is z. B. is also possible, if the standard rate for Hartz 4 has been drastically reduced by the child benefit. An objection is in principle free of charge. Hartz 4 recipients can also receive the notice free of charge Have it checked by a lawyer.

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44 thoughts to " Is with Hartz-4-Bezug the child benefit on the rule set credited? "

  1. Edit21. February 2018 at 11:16

Hello, I used to get Hartz4 support with my parents. Currently my father is working, I am doing an education, my mother was working but now she is unemployed. My parents have claimed child benefit retroactively. because of hartz4 we have to give back money for jobcenter when we get child benefit?

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de26. February 2018 at 8:57

if you receive child benefit retroactively for months in which you also received ALG 2, this may result in an additional payment.

Your team from

Hello, I live half of the month with my mother (HartzIV recipient) and half with my father (self-employed). I am not in their need community any more, since I secure my life existence after the high school diploma by my jobs and I from the need have deregistered myself.

I am now 19 years old and would like to start an apprenticeship in the fall. I will continue to live half the month with my mother and half the month with my father.
Can my father claim child benefit for me?? Or does my mother have to apply for it?
Will the child benefit then be deducted from the standard rate again?
Can my father claim child benefit if I live with him 2/3 of the time and only 1/3 of the time with my mother??
Please help me to clarify this.
Thanks a lot.

  1. hartz4helpsthartz4.en3. April 2018 at 8:09

You can apply for child support yourself. Contact the responsible child benefit office.

your team of hartz4hilfthartz4.en

I just went to the page */child support claim…
However, they currently say, "This is a misconception: the child benefit is a tax relief for the expenses incurred by the parents due to the children. In this respect, as a rule, only the parents can claim this tax relief and make a corresponding application." – Can you explain this to me .
Can my son, if he does an education, receive the child benefit with a declaration of resignation according to the ESTG § 74 or not? . Also Wikipedia says something different than you .. .

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de16. April 2018 at 8:32

this is possible as long as your son does not live at home any more. Provided that the child continues to live with you in the household, the child benefit can be credited to you.

Your team of hartz4hilfthartz4.en

i am pregnant and unemployed. But I have not yet applied for Harz 4. Should I first apply for child benefit and then Harz 4 or does that make no difference in the end to the total amount?

  1. hartz4hilfthartz4.de16. April 2018 at 11:16

Child benefit is counted against your Hartz 4 benefits. But of course, if you find a job, it would be handy to have already applied for the child benefit. Because then it is no longer counted.

The hartz4hilfthartz4 team.en

Hello,I am the Gabriel, am a Harz 4 recipient and my parents(who are employed) have applied for child benefit and get this and keep it for themselves.
My question is, I should give from my money what although I get nothing from it?

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.en23. April 2018 at 8:54

if you do not receive child benefit and can prove this, the job center may not credit this to you.

Your team of

  1. Yvonne18. February 2019 at 21:35

Unfortunately, this also happened to me. Although I can prove that I have often pointed out in writing, not to get child support, we were nevertheless 20 months the child benefit credited and thus reduced.
The 20 months were shortened with the additional payment to 10 months from the ARGE..and the child allowance to 164 Euro,instead of the 194 Euro child allowance. I would have had to get 20 months 194 euro -204 euro.. instead of 10 times 164..
May the Arge cut that simply in such a way?
Thank you for your answer

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de27. February 2019 at 15:05

because we are not allowed to offer legal advice, we can not assess whether it is permissible so. It is best to inquire with a lawyer or a social counseling service.

Your team from

Good day.
I have received a child benefit back payment and since by now a 6 month lock received this is legal?.
Mgf peoples

  1. hartz4helfthartz4.en7. May 2018 at 7:49

unfortunately we are not allowed to offer legal advice, this can only a lawyer.

The team of

Good evening!

I have filed an ALG II application and have the following questions:
I live together with my 3 children (foster children), whom I raise alone.
My oldest is of age and studies in the meantime and gets a scholarship. However, I receive child benefit for them. My younger two still go to school.
According to the law we do not form a need but a HOUSEHOLD COMMUNITY.

Since my granddaughter has come of age, we are no longer officially in a foster relationship, but of course she continues to live with me as my daughter (like millions of other children still live with their mothers as students).

The ARGE has credited me with my first application the complete child benefit as income; but the following basis applies:
"When child benefit is taken into account as income, this reduces the standard rate/social benefit of the children (§ 11 para. 1 SGB II). However, it is a prerequisite that the child lives in a NEEDS COMMUNITY with the parents entitled to assistance.". The income of my big daughter (child benefit) may not be counted as my income, right?.

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de22. May 2018 at 9:35

according to our knowledge in such a case a community of need, no household community would have to be present. The majority changes usually first nothing at it, as long as the child is under 25. However, we can only judge individual cases like this with difficulty. Also note that we are not allowed to provide legal advice. Inquire in case of doubt with a lawyer.

Your team from

Hello, my daughter 19 lives with her boyfriend works on 450, – € basis.
I will be topped up because I still have a 4 year old son. Since 2 months the office charges me the child benefit from my daughter although I give her this depending on the cash or by bank transfer. A notification that she receives it monthly is already available! But the office still imputes the child benefit to me?!
Meanwhile I come to the point where I no longer know how I should come to work!

  1. hartz4hilfthartz4.de28. May 2018 at 9:04

According to the "Regulation on the calculation of income and the non-consideration of income and assets in unemployment benefit II / social benefit" § 1 para. 1 sentence 8 is "child benefit for children of the person in need of assistance, as far as it is demonstrably forwarded to the child not living in the household of the person in need of assistance" not to be considered as income. In case of doubt, ask a lawyer, who will also help you with a possible appeal against the decision.

Your team from

Hello, I am 20 years old and am 2 years from the medical service sick written . Do I still have a right to child benefit ? I get my normal Regelsatz (my 416 €) is the child benefit with it offset ? And how much money do I still have in total? Live alone in your own apartment

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de16. July 2018 at 9:29

You should continue to receive child benefit. This will be fully offset against the Hartz 4 benefits.

Your team from hartz4hilfthartz4.en

Question: My daughter 24 years old and single mom of a 2 year old son gets Hartz4. She lives with her son in her own apartment. She starts an apprenticeship in August and we could apply for child benefit for her again. Must she then report to the job exchange?

  1. hartz4hilfthartz4.de9. August 2018 at 11:11

since child benefit is credited to benefits from the job center, it should be reported to the job center.

Your team from

our child lives 50% with each of the parents.
the mother is a recipient of Hartz 4 benefits. the father is self-employed.
the mother has now applied for hartz4 for the child and I the child benefit.
since it is a shared custody and each spends equal amount of time with the child and therefore also
everyone has additional costs, this distribution is actually logical. does it work like this or have I not considered something?? thanks and greetings

  1. hartz4helfthartz4.de13. August 2018 at 14:57

it is quite possible to split it like this. In the individual case it plays a role, how many hours/days the child spends with each parent, where it has its main residence and whether maintenance is paid. Since we are not allowed to offer legal advice, we can unfortunately not assess the individual situation.

Your team from hartz4hilfthartz4.en

Hello together.
I would have a question.
My boyfriend is a student and has now received a child benefit back payment.
Now the job center charges him the additional payment for the next 6 months.(in addition to the normal child benefit)
I am a bit confused because I read that they are not allowed to do that. Is that true?

  1. hartz4helfthartz4.en3. September 2018 at 10:57

here you should call in a lawyer, because we are not allowed to give you legal advice, because the case is not clear. As a rule, current income such as child benefit must be taken into account in the month in which it accrues. One-time payments such as repayments, however, can be credited to six months, if otherwise the claim to Hartz 4 would be suspended.

The team of hartz4hilfthartz4.en

Hi, I started an apprenticeship now in august and before that I also did an eqj (einstiegsqualifizierungsjahr) at another company and before that I also did other things to find an apprenticeship. Say I was looking for education all the time. I have in these months or over 1 year no child benefit received because I did not know that I am entitled to. My question now: can I apply for this retroactively? If so, will the jobcenter credit me for that and bag the money or else? If not, can I at least apply for child benefit now without the Jobcenter crediting me for it??
About me: I am 22 years old and live alone with my wife and child.

Hello, from June 2017 (when I started to receive ALG2) until August 2018 the child benefit was credited to me (Info: I am the child), although I did not receive any child benefit at all. Now it turned out that the family fund does not pay me the child benefit retroactively because all the applications I made were invalid (address of the mother could not be found for months). Can I now demand the additional payment from the Jobcenter for the past 14 months?? After all, as I said, child benefit was credited to me for this period, although I did not receive any.

Child benefit is counted as income. If you don’t get this income from the family fund, the jc goes in advance, resp. balance this amount and make a refund request to the FK. If the FK has then finished checking and it comes to payment, the amount paid out by the jc is refunded to the jc and the future benefits you receive from the FK. So it should be theroretically, – practically here many mistakes are made.
From the jobcenter you can make a request for review, with the indication that the credited child support has actually not been received. With the FK you only get the last 6 months from application. If your applications were invalid, maybe there was a notice from some side or a request to cooperate… I don’t know enough details about that. I am only surprised that you notice only after 14 months that no KG is paid with you:( 192 euros one notices yes, if they are missing. All the best

Good evening,
Unfortunately, I am currently receiving hartz vier and am also written by the psychologist of the job center at the time unable to work. I am only 22 years old, do not live at home and now have a back payment of 1.358 € from the family fund, ie child benefit received. This was the child support of 7 months. How does the Jobcenter proceed now? Will I be charged the full amount? Understand that not quite with the 6 months. I am very happy about an answer. Thank you in advance.
With kind regards
Laura M.

Hello, I am 22 years old, live alone since 2015 and get the money directly to my account. I got an education in september 2018 and now got a high demand of ca 4400 euro. Can this be and can it be counted because I live alone and I got the child benefit directly to my account. Do I have to pay it back?

Hello my 18 year old son has recently moved out and now lives in another state.
He is currently receiving Hartz 4, he can still apply for child benefit and will it be deducted from his standard rate

Dear Sir or Madam, we get money from Jobcenter and last month have applied for child benefit. We have received 2700 € from Familienkasse and the next 5 months we will receive 400 euros per month. My question: Should the Jobcenter also still provide benefits? At the moment we receive only 400 euros per month for 4 people ( 2 adults and 2 children).
Thank you and in advance.
Greetings from Hamburg

I am a Hartz IV recipient. The family cash office puts me unfairly a reclaim to. I have filed an objection. But until I get a result, I would like to have in installments to pay off the claim. Therefore I have also made an application to Familienkasse. Thus my child benefit will be reduced monthly by 10%. Can this reduction be credited to the standard rate payment of HartzIV, that I can thus receive from the Jobcenter this 10% as a subsistence payment. If so, I should make an application to the job center?
Thanks in advance

  1. Helmut4. October 2019 at 10:22

we receive ALG2, now our 14 year old daughter has started to deliver newspapers.
Her earnings of about 60, – is deducted from us as income, because she comes with child support on 264, -Euros.
Can I go against this or is this correct’?

Hello, I receive Hartz V and still child support from my son. Can the office credit and attract the child benefit with me? Because receive less than before despite child support. How can I avoid that the child benefit is credited to me and my son is entitled to?

I live together with my daughter (13 years). Since now falls out of the BG, because you can cover your needs from 2020 by interest income. From then on probably household community. I have shared custody with my husband and currently 50% of the child support with him on the maintenance (which can then also be omitted) credited.

Will I then in the future the complete child benefit deducted from H4, or only 50%, because the rest my husband is entitled to? Does it make a difference if we share the care 50/50 in the alternating model or if this is distributed differently??

If a minor child meets his or her needs from his or her own income (z.B. If I am able to cover the child allowance (e.g., interest income) and thus drop out of the group and then there is a household community, the child allowance is still credited to the ALG2 benefits of the mother with whom the child lives?

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I drew from the end of July 19 to September each on 28. of the month for the following month Harz4. The child benefit was always deducted. However, the child benefit payment was stopped for October. I received the payment for October from the Jobcenter but with the child benefit amount offset, which was not paid to me by the child benefit office. I then applied to the Jobcenter for payment of the difference and got a part (174€ instead of 204€), which I also do not understand to this day, but good. Now I have applied for child support for October as an afterthought. Should I now actually get a child benefit back payment of 204€ for October and the inflow is in November, the Jobcenter could then retroactively offset this against me and set up a reclaim? I am now since the middle of the month of October back to work.
Many thanks and kind regards

Hello and good evening I live with my girlfriend in a community of need with my 11 year old daughter and my 1 year old baby. I think we are being ripped off by the office we have income child support from the father child support 408 parental allowance 150, – so I get from the office 190 euros transferred to my account and my girlfriend 280 euros is that right can someone help us there I am at a loss as we were not yet in a community of need wahren each of us what to the 400 get on the account

Hello I get since about September my ALG ll and October my child benefit and have the Jobcenter not informed because I’m still new to the matter and have now received the rest of my child benefit do I have to give the Jobcenter the notice and what happens when they see that I lezten month money have received I have to pay something back

Hello I get ALG 2 and have a son who will be next month 1 year and me every month the complete child benefit deducted. My friend also has a daughter in the same age and she gets only 174 € deducted instead of the full amount so she has 30 € allowance how can that go? Either I am credited too much or her too little or?

With kind regards
And thank you in advance.

I have the following facts:

I have my school on the 2. education and during this time I received ALG 2. My father (not a Hartz4 recipient) has directly applied for child support. I did not live in a community of need with my father (entitled to child benefit), but had my own apartment. I was in my ALG 2 a "Bafog rate" credited. This amounted to 120 euros per month. After 2 years my father got a child benefit back payment, because he has not received any child benefit until then. The child benefit was not paid to me until now. Since then 2 years have passed and the following questions arise:

-Who can keep the money?
-Must the money be paid back?
-What to do with the child benefit back payment?

With kind regards,

How does it look if a disabled child 26 years with the parents still lives and receives child benefit or parents for the child. Who but alg2 receive is it right the child benefit then as income with the parents is counted?

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