Iphone: swap apps – this is how useful it is and how to disable it

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To prevent your iPhone’s storage space from filling up too quickly, there is a setting for swapping out apps. We explain how outsourcing works, how useful the option is and how to undo the setting.

Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone’s memory cannot be expanded with a microSD card. If you have decided on a storage variant, the space must be sufficient until you buy a new smartphone. So that you don’t have to constantly suffer from capacity problems, you should activate the option "Outsource apps" turn on.

iPhone: Offloading apps – The little cloud next to the app icon

The option is useful for apps that are installed on your iPhone, but are not used regularly. If the function is activated, corresponding apps are deleted from the device and the memory is released. Unlike normal deletion, however, personal information, data, documents and settings associated with the app are not deleted. So if you want to use the app again, you can quickly access saved items without having to set up the app again. The app icon also remains on the home screen. You can recognize a swapped out app by the small cloud icon with the arrow below the app icon.

Iphone: swap apps - this is how useful it is and how to disable it

How to enable the option to swap apps on the iPhone:

  1. Open the settings app of your iPhone.
  2. Select the section App Store from.
  3. Scroll down to the option Offload unused apps.
  4. Activate the option.

If the setting is active, the system automatically detects which apps you have used only very rarely and deletes these apps temporarily.

Alternatively, you can also swap out individual apps manually:

  1. Call up the settings for this.
  2. Control the range General an and select the section here iPhone memory.
  3. Tap on the entry for the app you want to temporarily delete.
  4. Here you find the option Swap out app.

iPhone: Undo the outsourcing of apps

If you find an app with the cloud icon on the home screen, the storage for that app is temporarily unlocked. Do you want to take back the swap, just tap the app icon. How to download the app again.

After the start, all your last saved data, for example chat histories or logins, are still active and you can continue to use the app as usual. If you don’t want apps to be automatically deleted by iOS, disable the swap option as described above.

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