Iphone 13: last-minute leaks on price, battery and camera

We collect all news about the upcoming iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 in our ticker. What is already known about the next iPhone?

Dummy of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple has introduced the current 12-generation iPhones in October 2020. Now the successor is soon in the starting blocks. Here we collect all the info that is already known about the next model, which will possibly be called iPhone 12s or iPhone 13. What features can we expect that didn’t make it into the iPhone 12? Are there further design changes? We keep adding to the article with all the news and rumors that emerge about the iPhone 2021 and the following models.

iPhone 13 Pro

New iPhone: specs, pricing, release

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The new iPhone is official: Apple has presented four new iPhone models. Here you can find all information about iPhone 13 (Mini) and iPhone 13 Pro (Max).

10. September 2021

iPhone 13: Last-minute leaks on price, battery and camera

After Apple announced the iPhone event for the 14. After the announcement of the new iPhone 13 on September 8, the Twitter account PineLeaks, behind which leaker Max Weinbach stands, once again makes a sweeping blow with current leaks about the upcoming devices.

It starts with what most potential buyers are probably most pressing about: pricing. There should be no general price increases compared to last year here. It is already known that the devices will be somewhat thicker and heavier than their predecessors. He emphasizes that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will differ from the iPhone 13 Pro – presumably not only in display size.

The batteries of all models are said to be larger, giving the iPhone 13 Mini about an hour more endurance. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are supposed to use the same battery, the Pro model should have a weaker endurance due to the 120 Hz display. In power-saving mode, the Pro models’ displays are said to be throttled to 60 Hz.

All camera sensors are said to capture at least 15 percent more light, the ultra-wide angle even up to 40 percent. Various movie and photo modes are said to have been improved.

7. September 2021

iPhone 13: A15 chip turned up in a benchmark

A benchmark is supposed to show the performance of the new Apple A15, which will be used in the upcoming iPhone 13. According to leaker Tron, the first benchmark tests were made with an Apple A15, which comes from a production batch in July. The results are discussed in the Korean forum Clien.

In the Manhattan 3.1 benchmark, the processor achieved a peak performance of 198 FPS, but throttled down to 140 to 150 FPS in the second round of testing. The peak values are significantly higher than those of the Apple A14, which is hardly surprising.

6. September 2021

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Video shows MagSafe cases with names

Is this another indication of the name iPhone 13? MagSafe cases from Apple are said to have been seen in a video. However, the video has since been deleted again, as 9to5Mac reports. The iPhone cases showed the imprint "iPhone 13 Pro Max, we can see from screenshots.

If the video did indeed show actual MagSafe cases, that would be another hint at the naming for the upcoming iPhone generation. Of course, this could also have been a fake.

1. September 2021

iPhone 13: More details on the satellite function

After Ming-Chi Kuo unexpectedly brought up a new feature on the iPhone 13 earlier this week, more details are now coming from Bloomberg. According to this, the satellite radio will probably be limited to emergency calls for the time being. For example, the technology Apple is working on should make it possible to send emergency text messages or emergency calls via satellite when you don’t have cellular reception, such as in remote mountainous areas or on a ship.

Short messages could then be put through to emergency call centers and emergency contacts, for example. In addition, coordinates or information from the Health app could be transmitted to the emergency call center.

Bloomberg also notes that even if the iPhone 13 is already equipped with the necessary hardware, these services may not be available for a year or more. It is also unclear in which countries and regions this would be usable.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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30. August 2021

iPhone 13 should support satellite telephony

Making calls even if there is no mobile network in range? This could be possible with the iPhone 13. At least, that’s how analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects it, whose latest prediction is quoted by 9to5Mac. This is supposed to be made possible by a special version of the Qualcomm X60 modem, which is supposed to support communication via satellites. The connection will be made via "LEO"-satellites (low-earth-orbit).

How the whole thing will look in practice is not clear from the report. Will the satellite connection be limited to individual services like iMessage and FaceTime, or will you be able to make calls and access the Internet as usual?? It’s also unclear which providers will handle the connection and what the costs might be.

27. August 2021

iPhone 13: Name confirmed?

There has long been speculation about the name of the upcoming iPhone. Many leakers have already settled on the name iPhone 13 when talking about the new iPhone generation. Others, however, believe that Apple wants to avoid the unlucky number. Thus, Apple could still switch to iPhone 12S this year and subsequently establish a new naming scheme.

Now a clue to the possible naming has surfaced. Twitter user DuanRui posted a photo originally published on the Chinese portal Weibo. It shows stickers with the words "iPhone 13", also "Designed by Apple in California and "Assembled in China. From the looks of it, it could be the seals of iPhone boxes. You can peel off the sticker at a line to open the package.

Of course, this could be a fake. This is not yet a final confirmation of the name.

26. August 2021

iPhone 13: Face ID with mask and foggy glasses?

While production of the iPhone 13 may already be in the home stretch, Apple appears to be testing one last feature. As FrontPageTech reports, numerous Apple employees are said to have received a special case for the iPhone 12, which contains an additional array of Face ID sensors. Apparently, this is to test new Face ID hardware without putting a yet unreleased iPhone model into the hands of too many employees.

Size and layout of the module to be tested are said to correspond to previous leaks about the iPhone 13. The tests are about using Face ID with a face mask and glasses. Employees should first register Face ID without glasses and mask and then test different scenarios with mask, different glasses and also fogged glasses.

Apparently, Apple is trying to enable real facial recognition via Face ID despite a mask or foggy glasses in the process. Currently, unlocking with a mask only works via an Apple Watch.

From the information FrontPageTech has, it is not clear if the feature will already be available on the iPhone 13. It is actually too late for hardware tests now, after all, production of the iPhone 13 should already be underway. It is possible, however, that the feature can be subsequently activated via a software update, and Apple is now collecting the necessary data to do so.

iPhone event on 14. September?

At the same time, information about the release of the iPhone 13 is also becoming more dense. According to IT Home, pre-sales for the new iPhone models should begin on 17. September start. With Apple’s usual approach, this would mean that the iPhone event would take place on 14. September and the sale of the devices will take place on 24. September would launch. Leakers like Jon Prosser and Max Weinbach also confirm the information based on their own sources.

23. August 2021

iPhone 13 Pro: Rose Gold model seen in photo?

Will there be the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro in Rose Gold? This hope is at least fuelled by photos that user Majin Bu has published on Twitter. The images show an iPhone in a pink hue, which may appear relatively dark due to the lighting. The triple camera identifies it as a Pro model, but users do not have any further information about the smartphone shown.

However, it seems that the camera unit of the iPhone shown is larger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro, which would indicate that it is one of the new iPhone models. Even though this could still be a prototype that will ultimately not go on sale, there is at least a hint that Apple is experimenting with new colors.

19. August 2021

iPhone 13: Release in the third week of September

The release of the new iPhone 13 is not long in coming. Currently, there are indications of a release of the new model in the third week of September. According to MacRumors, Tuesday the 7th. September, the 14. September or the 21. September one of the dates for the official launch of the iPhone 13.

In the rumors around the release date also harden the assumptions for an iPhone 13 with more internal memory. MacRumor further states that according to sources, the storage space will be expanded to 1 TB. So twice as much as in the iPhone 12.

In addition to the iPhone 13, there should again be a Pro, a mini and a Pro Max version for Apple fans. You don’t have to wait long until September for the right model, after all.

10. August 2021

iPhone 13: Portrait mode for videos

Apple is said to be planning several new camera features for the upcoming iPhone. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that. According to this, the new models will also be able to use the portrait mode in videos, which gives the shots a blurred background. As with the portrait photos, the bokeh effect is also to be achieved in the videos with the help of the depth sensors. The effect should also be able to be adjusted after the shot has been taken. Internally, the feature is called "Cinematic Video".

In addition, there is a new video format called ProRes, which should deliver a higher quality. This should open up more possibilities for post-processing the videos. However, this will also make the files significantly larger. This feature, like the ProRAW format introduced last year, could be reserved for the Pro models.

For photos, there should also be a filter system to adjust the colors and brightness of the images. Unlike the previous filters, the new system is supposed to apply adjustments to objects and people more precisely with the help of AI.

27. July 2021

iPhone 14 to get titanium case

Currently, the frames of the iPhones are made of aluminum or stainless steel. This will probably also be the case for the upcoming iPhone 13 models. Next year, however, Apple might resort to a different material, as 9toMac reports with reference to JP Morgan Chase analysts.

According to this, Apple is to use a titanium alloy at least for the more expensive iPhone models in 2022. So far, Apple has already used titanium on some Apple Watch models, but not yet on iPhones. The advantage of titanium is that it is stronger and lighter than steel at the same time. The iPhone would be better protected against scratches and bending. However, the material is more susceptible to fingerprints. However, Apple is said to be already working on a special coating to solve this problem.

JP Morgan Chase also expects iPhone 14 to see significantly larger upgrades than this year’s iPhone 13. The report also confirms previous rumors that Apple will abandon the 5.4-inch model after this year.

100 million processors for iPhone 13

Meanwhile, reports from China say Apple has ordered more than 100 million of its A15 processors from supplier TSMC. Most recently, it was said that Apple was planning to produce 90 million units of the upcoming iPhone models by the end of the year. Possibly the first batch will be even more extensive than previously suspected.

On the other hand, some of the processors could also be meant for the iPad Mini 2021. Current reports assume that the iPad model, which is also expected in the fall, will have the same processor as the iPhone 13.

19. July 2021

iPhone 13 with always-on display?

Bloomberg’s Marc Gurman brings up a new feature for the upcoming iPhone: In his Power On newsletter, he hints that the iPhone 13 could have an always-on display. This feature is already being used on the Apple Watch.

There has been speculation about the OLED display on the iPhone since the introduction of the iPhone X, but Apple has not yet implemented it. Previous leaks firmly believe Apple will implement the 120 Hz display on the iPhone this year. An always-on display was not part of the rumor mill recently, though.

15. July 2021

iPhone 13: Apple expects high demand

Apple is apparently planning for high demand for the upcoming iPhone 13 models. As reported by Bloomberg, the company is said to have prepared its suppliers to produce up to 90 million units of the next-generation iPhone by the end of the year. In recent years, production of each new model has been relatively stable at around 75 million units between launch and year-end.

After people had severely limited themselves last year, Apple could now speculate on an increased buying interest. Huawei’s troubles could also give the company additional market share.

Apple, on the other hand, is said to be less affected by the ongoing chip shortage that has affected the launch of some smartphones this year. The company’s suppliers typically plan months in advance for the next iPhone launch. As the largest customer of chipmaker TSMC, Apple has a certain position of power here. But again, Apple gets the benefit of TSMC not being allowed to manufacture for Huawei due to US trade restrictions.

13. July 2021

iPhone 13: LiDAR only for Pro models after all

As recently as June, rumors had suggested that all iPhone 13 models could get a LiDAR sensor. Now the information is pointing in the other direction again. According to leaker Dylankt, as in the previous year, only the Pro models will be equipped with the sensor. This is also in line with the most recently published dummy models, where there was no room for a LiDAR sensor in the camera modules of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

06. July 2021

iPhone 13: That’s how much bigger the camera is

In earlier leaks, there was already talk of the next-generation iPhone getting bigger cameras. A new photo now gives an idea of how much bigger the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera module is expected to be.

The picture shows the iPhone 12 Pro with a smartphone case, which is supposed to be made to fit the iPhone 13 Pro. The case appears to fit the iPhone 12 Pro, though the cutout for the camera module is significantly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro’s existing camera module.

However, the texts accompanying the image cause some confusion. In the original post on Weibo, user UnclePan writes that it’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max and a case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Twitter user DuanRui, on the other hand, thinks he’s seen other pictures and it must be the smaller iPhone 12 Pro.

The fact that there are already cases for the next iPhone generation is not surprising. Finally, we assume that Apple will introduce the iPhone 13 in about two months. Accessory manufacturers are already receiving important information for production in advance.

I saw a few more new photos. It seemed that "UnclePan was wrong. The photo I shared earlier should be the iPhone 12 Pro placed in the iPhone 13 Pro mobile phone case.

— DuanRui (@duanrui1205) July 6, 2021

05. July 2021

iPhone 13: Wireless charging should become faster

Upcoming iPhones could get slightly larger coils for wireless charging. This is reported by EverythingApplePro with reference to the leaker Max Weinbach. The larger coils, for one, could compensate for the stronger MagSafe magnets that are expected to be used this year. It would also allow for better heat management and higher wattage. The iPhone 12 charges wirelessly via MagSafe with up to 15 watts, this could increase for the iPhone 13.

Also possible is that Reverse Wireless Charging will finally be used on the iPhone 13. However, there are no concrete indications for this yet.

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28. June 2021

iPhone 13: New images of iPhone dummies surfaced

Images of dummies of the iPhone 13 models have surfaced again. Published by Twitter user Sonny Dickson. The picture shows the backs of four models, two with three cameras each, two with two cameras each. These are likely to be the two Pro models, as well as the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini.

The dummies are models that are manufactured according to leaked CAD files or current rumors. The latest image largely matches previous leaks. You can also see the new dual camera arrangement on the cheaper models. Whether the upcoming iPhones will actually look like this is not yet certain.

iPhone 13 and 13 Pro dummies. All 4 sizes still in the running. Camera module placement changed on the regular 13s. Pro Max looks slightly larger pic.twitter.com/RqxNiOfBnb

— Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) June 23, 2021

25. June 2021

iPhone 2022: Cheaper 6.7-inch model?

This year’s iPhone models are expected to come in a similar lineup to last year’s, meaning a smaller model with a 5.4-inch display, two 6.1-inch models and the 6.7-inch Pro Max. For next year, however, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects a change, as 9to5Mac reports.

That Apple wants to discontinue the iPhone Mini after 2021, he had already reported some time ago. Now he added that a second 6.7-inch model could be coming instead. He predicts the cheaper 6.7-inch iPhone will be priced below $900.

He also expects the 2022 iPhones to have an under-display fingerprint sensor. This was at times already expected for the iPhone 13, but may now have been postponed to next year. The Pro models are also expected to get a significant camera upgrade with 48 MP.

For the iPhone SE, which could be released in spring 2022, Kuo expects little change in design, according to MacRumors. However, it is expected to support 5G, making it the most affordable 5G iPhone.

11. June 2021

iPhone 13: Large order of camera parts expected

The supplier industry is preparing for mass production of the iPhone 13. Digitimes reports that Apple has reportedly asked camera component makers to increase production by 30 to 40 percent. A sharp increase in orders is expected starting in July. This is mainly about so-called voice coil motors (VCM), which are needed to focus the lenses.

Improved cameras are expected on the iPhone 13 and especially the Pro models. When it comes to the ultra-wide angle, more lenses could be installed than before, and the 3D sensors for Face ID are also said to be improved. This would also require more components than before.

With the expected increase in orders, Apple alone could reach the level of all Android manufacturers combined. However, this is also due to the fact that Huawei has reduced production due to the ongoing U.S. sanctions, and thus also requires fewer camera components.

04. June 2021

iPhone 13: LiDAR scanner for all, 1 TB storage for Pro models.

Contrary to assumptions from the 14. April, not only the Pro models, but all smartphones of the next iPhone lineup are supposed to get a LiDAR scanner. At least that’s what Wedbush Morgan analyst Daniel Ives predicts. The scanner is mainly used for augmented reality applications and can optimize low-light shots from the camera. However, a storage space of up to 1 TB is to be reserved for the Pro models, according to macrumors.com writes. The non-pro iPhones of the next generation should still reach the maximum of their storage capacity at 512 GB.

02. June 2021

iPhone 13 should get a bigger battery

The iPhone 13 models are said to be slightly thicker than their predecessors. Battery capacity could benefit from this. Leaker @L0vetodream posted a graphic on Twitter with the alleged battery sizes of the upcoming iPhone models. According to this, the largest model (iPhone 13 Pro Max) should have 4.352 mAh capacity, iPhone 13 and 13 Pro 3 each.095 mAh and the smallest model (iPhone 13 Mini) 2.406 mAh.

If these numbers are correct, it would be a significant increase compared to the current models with 3 GB.687 mAh (iPhone 12 Pro Max), 2.815 mAh (iphone 12 and 12 Pro) resp. 2.227 mAh (iPhone 12 Mini). The iPhone 13 Pro would thus again be on about the same level as the iPhone 11 Pro, which came with 3.046 mAh was equipped.

31. May 2021

iPhone 13: Dispay production starts

Production for the OLED displays of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is said to have started. As The Elec reports, this means production will start about a month earlier than last year. So, as things stand, we can expect the new iPhone models to hit the market at the usual time in September. Last year there had been delays due to the Corona pandemic.

The displays are produced by Samsung and LG. Samsung will produce LTPO panels for the iPhone 13 Pro with 120 Hz support, while LG will manufacture the displays for the iPhone 13.

17. May 2021

iPhone 13: This is behind the smaller notch

It is almost certain that Apple will reduce the size of the notch in the upcoming iPhone 13. However, there are probably less aesthetic considerations behind this, it seems to be more about saving space. As Digitimes reports, the chips for the 3D sensors of Face ID are to shrink by 40 to 50 percent. This not only allows for a narrower notch, but also frees up some space in the case, which Apple can probably use for the expected larger camera sensors.

12.May 2021

iPhone 13 is supposed to increase twice

Apple news portal MacRumors is said to have blueprints showing the new iPhone 13. According to the report, the new model will lean on the iPhone 12, though it is expected to increase in mass. Thus, the hardware has become 0.17 mm thicker, so it is 7.57 millimeters in total.

There are also supposed to be some changes in terms of the camera. The previous iPhone12 and 12 Pro models have camera bumps in the 1.5mm to 1.7mm range. The camera module of the iPhone 13, on the other hand, is said to be up to 2.51 mm thick. The iPhone 13 Pro is even said to have a 3.65 mm thick camera module.

The expected larger camera lenses should protrude less from the thicker camera hump, similar to the iPad Pro 2020.

11. May 2021

iPhone 2023 could get Apple’s own 5G modem

At the moment, Apple relies on Qualcomm modems for the wireless chips in the iPhone. That’s likely to remain the case this year and at least next, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tells investors in a note, according to MacRumors. Apple’s own 5G modem could then be used in 2023 at the earliest. Apple had bought Intel’s smartphone modem business in 2019, taking on employees, production equipment and patents in the process.

06. May 2021

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Dummy shows cameras and notch

After several render images and first 3D mockups of the upcoming iPhones have been circulating in recent weeks, Unbox Therapy now shows a very realistic-looking iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy in a video. This, like all other models, is based on the information currently circulating, which is said to come from Apple’s supply chain. So there is no guarantee that the next iPhone will actually have the mentioned dimensions and features.

Still, this is a first look at what the iPhone 13 Pro Max might look like. You can see the smaller notch, which has shrunk by a few millimeters, and the camera lenses, which are visibly larger. There are no other design changes according to this model. We are curious to see if the predictions will prove to be true.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Early Look

03. May 2021

Foldable iPhone could come in 2023

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken out once again. This time it’s about a foldable iPhone. After hinting back in March that Apple would explore the possibilities of a foldable model, he now reiterates the statements again.

In a note to investors obtained by MacRumors, he predicts Apple could introduce a foldable iPhone in 2023. He assumes that the device will get an 8-inch OLED display from Samsung. Kuo expects Apple to sell 15 to 20 million units in the first year.

20. April 2021

iPhone 13 Pro: Render images show design

After the first images of an iPhone 13 dummy showed the smaller notch and 3D render images showed the possible new camera layout of the iPhone 13, now also come the first render images that should show the iPhone 13 Pro from all sides. This one has been published by 91Mobiles.

There are no big surprises in the pictures. The smaller notch was already known, the rest of the design remains largely the same. However, the camera module appears to be minimally larger, which would indicate larger sensors. Also, the data used shows that the iPhone 13 Pro is supposed to be minimally thicker, which gives hope for a slightly bigger battery.

16. April 2021

iPhone 2022: Farewell to the iPhone Mini?

Apple introduced a new form factor with the iPhone 12 Mini just last year, but it looks like we’ll soon have to say goodbye to it again. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in his latest report obtained by MacRumors, assumes that Apple will once again introduce four iPhone models in 2022, but that it will do without the 5.4-inch display. According to the report, there will be two models each with 6.1 and 6.7 inches. As in the current lineup, it should be two Pro models and two cheaper versions.

High-end models are expected to get a 48-MP camera in 2022 that can either output images at full 48-MP resolution or combine four pixels at a time to create 12-MP images. Videos are said to be possible at 8K, which should lead to better AR experiences.

A periscope camera is not expected until 2023, and Face ID could also move under the display, making the notch disappear. In 2022, it had predicted a punch-hole display in an earlier report.

Ming-Chi Kuo has often been right with his analyses so far, but the current reports still reach far into the future, so a lot can change until then. What’s clear is that the iPhone 12 Mini probably won’t sell as well as hoped. Still, there should be another 5.4-inch model this year.

14. April 2021

iPhone 13: New camera layout?

After the front of the iPhone 13 was seen in a 3D mockup a few days ago, there are now render images showing the back as well. MySmartPrice has published the images, which are said to be from industry sources.

In general, the images do not show major design differences from the iPhone 12. On the front, the narrower notch can be seen, which we already know from the 3D model. The back shows the camera module with two cameras. However, these are arranged diagonally here and not one below the other as in the iPhone 12. Accordingly, the microphone moves to the left side of the camera module.

According to these data, the iPhone 13 will not have a LiDAR sensor. This will presumably still be reserved for the Pro model.

iPhone 13 render from MySmartPrice

06. April 2021

iPhone 13: First 3D mockup shows narrower notch

Japanese website Macotakara has obtained a first 3D-printed model that is said to show the design of the iPhone 13. The model is probably based on the same source material as the previously leaked display panels.

The comparison to the iPhone 12 shows a narrower notch, the earpiece slides to the upper edge of the display and the Facetime camera is to be on the left side of the notch in the future. The dimensions given by Macotakara are 26.80 mm in width (instead of the previous 34.83 mm) but with 5.35 mm in height minimally thicker than the current models (5.30 mm).

There are no visible changes to other design elements, such as the camera unit at the back.

3D mockup of the iPhone 13 by Macotakara

25. March 2021

iPhone 13: image is said to show smaller notch

Macrumors has published a photo that supposedly shows the display design of the upcoming iPhone 13. The image comes from a Greek repair service provider and shows three glass panels in the sizes 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. The notch, which is smaller than on the current models, is clearly visible on the picture. This is apparently made possible by the telephony speaker, which moves up to the edge of the display, freeing up space in the notch for the other sensors.

What can be seen in the image is in line with various rumors, but some of which already existed regarding the iPhone 12. In the end, Apple did not implement the design with the smaller notch last year. Whether Apple is actually planning the design change this year remains to be seen.

As for the components in the picture, it is absolutely unclear where they come from. Apple itself is unlikely to provide any components to an outside repair shop several months before the unveiling that would indicate the design of the upcoming model. So they could either come from supplier circles or be assembled according to previous rumors.

iPhone 13 Front Glass Reveals Smaller Notch With Earpiece Relocated to Top Bezel https://t.co/3eAmyPSCq0 by @rsgnl pic.twitter.com/0xnzkYVuoS

— MacRumors.com (@MacRumors) March 23, 2021

10. March 2021

iPhone with periscope zoom not until 2023

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken out again with predictions about the upcoming iPhone models, as AppleInsider reports. This time, it focuses on the cameras. According to this, Apple wants to use a "unibody" for the camera next year-Set design. The voice coil motor of the camera will be integrated into the lens array. Currently, these components are separate from each other. The new design is said to save space and make the construction more robust.

A periscope zoom, which Kuo had initially predicted for 2022, he now expects only for the 2023 iPhone. But for the models launching this year and next, at least the lenses are expected to be improved by using more lens elements.

02. March 2021

iPhone 13: Lightning connector remains, outlook on further models

Ming-Chi Kuo has given a comprehensive outlook on the upcoming iPhone generations. The analyst has good insights into supply chains and is often correct with his predictions. In a note to investors obtained by Macrumors, he begins by confirming a number of rumors that have been circulating for some time.

He assumes that the iPhone 13 lineup in the fall of 2021 will consist of four smartphones equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 modem, as was the case last year. They are expected to have a smaller notch than the current models. The two Pro models are to be equipped with energy-saving LTPO displays with 120 Hz.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s sensor-shift image stabilizer is expected to be extended to the full lineup. The Pro models of the iPhone 13 are to get a new ultra-wide-angle sensor with a larger aperture, the LiDAR sensor will also be reserved for the Pro iPhones.

Contrary to earlier statements, Kuo now assumes that Apple will continue to rely on the Lightning connector for all models in 2021. The MagSafe technology is not yet developed enough to do without the connector completely. However, he is sure that Apple won’t use USB-C for the iPhones. The Lightning connector is to remain until the iPhone becomes completely wireless.

iPhone 2022 with punch hole, iPhone SE 3 with 5G, folding iPhone 2023

Kuo also looks further into the future. This is how the iPhone 2022 will finally manage without a notch. As with many current Android smartphones, Apple is then said to be using a punch-hole display, although it’s not clear how this will incorporate Face ID sensors. The front camera is expected to get autofocus in 2022.

In 2023, an iPhone with a full-screen display without a notch or punch hole could be introduced. However, this would depend on the future progress of development. Kuo also probably doesn’t expect a periscope camera until 2023.

A new edition of the iPhone SE is to be released in the first half of 2022. The design should continue to be based on the current model, with a 4.7-inch display and Touch ID. The biggest changes would involve a 5G modem and processor upgrade. Another affordable iPhone with Face ID based on the iPhone 11 could appear in spring 2023.

Kuo does not expect a foldable iPhone before 2023. Then Apple could release a model with a 7.5- to 8-inch display. So far, however, the project is still in the research phase. In order to produce a foldable iPhone by 2023, Apple would have to clarify crucial issues around the technology and mass production this year.

01. March 2021

iPhone 13 without ports? – Recovery via WLAN

An iPhone completely without ports is said to have been in planning for a while and could become reality as early as this year. How the recovery of the iPhone without cables is supposed to work, the blog Appleosophy gives insight into this.

According to the report, Apple developers are said to be currently working on several levels on how an iPhone without connectors can be recovered by the user without having to send it in for repair. This is to become possible primarily by a feature called Internet Restore. If the iPhone is in Internet recovery mode, it should be able to be found by iTunes on the PC or in the Finder on the Mac via WLAN. The user should be able to start the Internet recovery mode manually, but it should also be possible automatically. The user will then be guided through the necessary steps. A similar solution via Bluetooth is said to have been rejected by the developers because of stability problems.

Another possibility that is probably being worked on is a hidden contact, which could be hidden either in the SIM tray or elsewhere behind a flap. This way, you could still recover the iPhone wired if necessary, should the wireless way fail. However, this sounds like it would require special equipment. Presumably, you’d have to send the iPhone in to support for that then.

The wireless restore solution is said to work reliably in initial tests, but is still comparatively slow. Whether this is developed far enough by the release of the next iPhone in the fall remains to be seen. Several prototypes are currently being tested, and Apple will not make final decisions until shortly before the start of production.

16. February 2021

iPhone 13: 120Hz and always-on display

Leaker Max Weinbach has revealed, according to a video from EverythingApplePro, that the or one of the next iPhone(s) will not be launched with only a 120Hz display. To that end, the screen will also support always-on features that Apple users have only been able to use on the Apple Watch so far. Other quoted voices from the video report to the name that Apple is planning an iPhone 12S instead of iPhone 13 for 2021. The sources besides Weinbach are well-known individuals from the iPhone rumor world, such as Jon Prosser, Ming-Chi Kuo, and the Wall Street Journal to boot.

The case will be very similar to the current devices, but according to Weinbach, it will be 0.26mm thicker. Prosser goes so far as to say that Apple is doing away with physical ports altogether in favor of optimizing MagSafe with stronger magnets – according to him, there’s a 70 percent chance of such a design decision. In addition, there are supposed to be changes to the camera: an improved ultrawide sensor (f/2.4 to f/1.8) for improved low-light performance, the Pro’s telephoto lens is said to be the same as the Pro Max, and Apple is working on a portrait video mode. From Ming-Chi Kuo comes the info that Apple is going for vapor-chamber cooling this year and is reducing the size of the notch.

09. February 2021

iPhone 13: Apple probably still planning with mini model

A JP Morgan analyst has made predictions regarding the production of current and upcoming iPhone models in a report obtained by Appleinsider. After the rather sluggish sales of the iPhone 12 Mini, he assumes that the production of the smallest iPhone model could be suspended in the second quarter.

Still, he expects Apple to introduce four iPhone models again this year. The production volume is said to be higher than for the iPhone 12, although he does not go into detail about individual models.

He also believes suppliers are already planning for production of the iPhone SE 3, which could be released in spring 2022. It is said to be similar in design to the current iPhone SE. Due to the still high demand for the iPhone 11, he also considers a new affordable model in this form factor possible.

19. January 2021

iPhone 12s with Touch ID in the display?

The fingerprint sensor could return to the iPhone. After the rumor already made the rounds last year, it has now been reaffirmed by several sources. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believes Apple will introduce an in-display fingerprint sensor in the upcoming iPhone. Apple could use the new sensor that Qualcomm recently introduced for this purpose. Leaker L0vetodream, who has often been right with predictions about Apple products, also confirms that Touch ID will soon return to the iPhone.

Aside from Touch ID in the display, however, Gurman assumes there will be mostly minor updates to the 2021 iPhones. After the design changes and the introduction of 5G last year, an S-model with only slight adjustments is now to follow. However, the abandonment of charging ports does not seem to be off the table yet. At least a part of the iPhone 12s models could completely rely on wireless charging. Which features Apple will ultimately be able and willing to implement will become clear in the fall.

15. January 2021

iPhone 13: Apple tests cooling system with vapor chamber

According to Appleinsider, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is currently working on a cooling system with steam. It is currently in a testing phase and could be used in one of the next iPhone models, it said.

The cooling system would involve vaporizing a liquid to remove heat from smartphone components. Vapor collects in a chamber where it cools and condenses. Due to pressure differences, the liquid is then distributed again in the pipes that run through the case.

The higher heat generated by 5G use and more powerful processors, which also produce more heat, call for new solutions for cooling components. It is unclear if the steam cooling is already available for the iPhone 13. So far, it seems Apple has not been satisfied with the

11. January 2021

iPhone SE 3 coming in April and iPhone 13 with smaller notch?

The Japanese site Macotakara has collected some information about the upcoming iPhones from supplier circles. According to this, the iPhone 13 should be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12. The camera module could be a bit bigger and is said to be completely protected with sapphire glass. The notch on the front is expected to be smaller, as earlier rumors had also suggested. This is supposed to be possible by moving the earpiece to the edge of the case.

Macotakara also expects an iPhone SE 3 to hit the market in April. No further details are given. However, the new iPhone model is expected to appear at the same time as a revised AirPods Pro model. Just in November, however, Ming-Chi Kuo had again underlined that there will be no iPhone SE 3 in the first half of 2021 (see entry from 11. November 2020).

04. January 2021

Two foldable iPhone prototypes pass initial tests

Apple has reportedly been testing components for foldable iPhones since November (see entry from 16. November 2020). The first tests at Foxconn are now said to be completed, as the Chinese website Money UDN reports. Two designs have reportedly been tested, both of which have passed initial quality checks. Apparently, mainly the hinges of the folding mechanism were tested.

One of the designs is said to fold similar to the Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr. This model is said to have a foldable display. The second design is said to be a dual-display model. Apple will likely do more testing before deciding on a design. A foldable iPhone is not expected to hit the market until 2022 at the earliest.

31. December 2020

iPhone 13: 120 Hz display for Pro and Pro Max only

The website gizmochina.com cites a Korean report that the next-generation iPhone will finally get a 120 Hz OLED display. As it was said before the unveiling of the iPhone 12, the ProMotion display is only intended for the Pro and Pro Max models (which turned out to be wrong in 2020).

In the report from etnews.In addition, there is the information that the 120 Hz display uses LTPO technology (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide), whereas the "normal" displays are not iPhone 13 models are supposed to have an LTPS display (low-temperature polysilicon). The former can save power in 120 Hz mode – a common shortcoming of already available mobile devices with modern high-speed displays.

02. December 2020

Apple seeks suppliers for periscope cameras

Apple probably wants to further improve the zoom capabilities of the iPhone cameras. The manufacturer is apparently currently looking for suppliers who can produce "folded cameras", presumably with periscope technology, can produce, as ETNews reports.

So that a large zoom lens does not protrude too far out of the case, the lenses and sensor have to be placed horizontally in the case and the light redirected accordingly. However, there are only a few companies that can produce periscope cameras for smartphones so far. Many patents are held by Samsung, so Apple might have to approach the South Korean company.

Current speculation is that Apple plans to use a periscope zoom on an iPhone for the first time in 2022.

16. November 2020

Apple tests components for foldable iPhones

Apparently Apple is getting serious about a foldable iPhone. According to a report from udn.According to com, Apple is currently testing components from various suppliers to be used in a foldable smartphone. This is primarily about displays and hinges.

According to the report, both OLED and mini-LED panels from Samsung are being tested for the display. The folding mechanism is said to be up to 100.000 times to be opened and closed. By comparison, MacBooks typically sell components for 20.000 to 30.000 opening and closing operations tested.

According to current plans, the first foldable iPhone will probably be released in September 2022.

11. November 2020

No iPhone SE 3 in the first half of 2021

A new report from Ming-Chi Kuo dampens hopes for an iPhone SE upgrade anytime soon. According to MyFixGuide, the analyst, who has often been right with his predictions, believes Apple will not release an iPhone SE 3 in the first half of 2021.

Whether an iPhone SE could still come in the second half of 2021 is not addressed in the report. However, since Apple is likely to be fixated on the iPhone 13 generation in the second half of the year, an iPhone SE is rather unlikely in that time.

There were four years between the original iPhone SE and the iPhone SE (2020). An upgrade after only one year is therefore unlikely anyway. In earlier publications, Ming-Chi Kuo had already predicted that an iPhone SE 3 could be expected in 2022 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, there could be a bidding war between various supplier companies for the iPhone 13. The report assumes that several manufacturers will split the production of the ultra-wide-angle lenses for the iPhone 13.

28. October 2020

iPhone 13 with 1 TB storage?

"I hope you’re all ready for 1TB iPhones" – With this cryptic message, leaker Jon Prosser stirs up hopes for larger storage variants in the next iPhone models. The statement is not very concrete yet, but that is not to be expected at this point in time. The 2021 iPhones are currently in an early development phase, and the unveiling is unlikely to happen before September 2021.

But Jon Prosser is known for his Apple leaks and seems to have insights into the development process at Apple through his sources. Up to now, the iPhones have had a maximum of 512 GB of storage. It is possible that Apple is now planning to further increase the memory sizes.

hope y’all are ready for 1TB iphones

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 28, 2020

20. October 2020

iPhone 13: Smaller notch, 120 Hz, no ports – what we know so far

Even before the release of the iPhone 12, there were numerous hints about features that Apple is only planning for next year. This includes the 120 Hz display, for which it was not certain until recently whether it would make it into the iPhone 12. In the end, Apple decided against the higher refresh rate for the current models, one reason is said to have been the high battery consumption.

iPhone 13: ProMotion, Notch, Touch ID

That is supposed to change next year: Display specialist Ross Young assumes that at least the Pro models of the iPhone 13 will get a ProMotion display with variable refresh rate. Apple is likely to tackle the battery issue by using LTPO displays, which consume less power.

The notch will remain in place in the coming year, though. However, it could be somewhat smaller than before. Leaker Ice Universe recently raised hopes for a new notch design. In the iPhone 13, it should still have the same width as before, but the height should decrease.

Another innovation is mentioned by the leaker @L0vetodream. In a short tweet, he hints that iPhones will have an under-display fingerprint sensor in the future. This would fit with a patent Apple received just under a year ago. This was about an optical fingerprint sensor, which could also be used under the display. However, it is not clear from the info so far whether this will actually be implemented next year.

iPhone 13: Better cameras

With the iPhone 13, Apple could also continue to improve the cameras. The Ross Young leak also indicates that the iPhone 13 will adopt the larger camera sensor of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Pro models of the 2021 iPhone, on the other hand, are expected to have even larger sensors.

While this year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max has a better camera setup than the iPhone 12 Pro, the two models could become more aligned again next year. At least the leaks so far don’t hint at any differences. Both Pro models are to receive the sensor shift technology in 2021, which is reserved for the largest model this year.

Periscope zoom, now common on some Android smartphones, won’t be available until 2022, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Like DSCC, Mizuho Securities also says no new iPhone SE model in 2021, have to wait till 2022. They do say all iPhone 13 models will have integrated touch, BOE will join LGD on both 6.1" models, mini and 13 will adopt 12 Pro Max camera sensors& sensor size will increase on Pro. pic.twitter.com/G9f6cz8dm0

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) October 2, 2020

iPhone 13: MagSafe instead of Lightning connector

There are also numerous rumors about the ports of the upcoming iPhone generation. There has been speculation for some time that Apple could replace the Lightning connector with USB-C in the iPhone as well, as is already the case with some current iPad models.

Instead, however, Apple could simply do away with the port altogether. Ming-Chi Kuo had already predicted this for the 2021 iPhones last year. With the introduction of the iPhone 12, this scenario becomes even more likely. Apple has introduced MagSafe on the current iPhones.

A magnet in the iPhone’s back automatically docks corresponding accessories, and the charging standard enables wireless charging at 15 watts. The launch this year could be another step towards iPhone without ports. It remains to be seen whether all models in 2021 will actually be without a Lightning connector.

iPhone 12e: Cheaper iPhones in spring?

In July, a rumor had also surfaced that spoke of two cheaper iPhone models to be released in spring 2021. Said to be priced between the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone 12 Mini. For the time being, iPhone 12e has been put in the room as a name.

Allegedly, there are two models with LCD displays in 5.4 and 6.1 inches. Like the iPhone 12 models, they are said to use the Apple A14 Bionic, but do not bring 5G with them.

So far there have been only a few rumors around these two models. So whether it will actually exist is still questionable. An iPhone SE 3 is not expected to appear until 2022, but Ming-Chi Kuo had also hinted at an iPhone SE 2 Plus for spring 2021.

iPhone 12e – coming March 2021
(Name not confirmed)
– LCD 5.4", 6.1”
– 4G (LTE)
– FaceID
– A14 Bionic
– Dual 12MP Camera
– 5.4"- 549$, 6.1”- 649$

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