Induction of labor: how to get the first contractions started!

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Induce childbirth

Why you should refrain from self-experimentation

Most moms-to-be know: The wait at the end of pregnancy is a real nightmare – ankles and thighs slowly form a line, every staircase becomes an enemy and a single thought hammers in the head: the baby must finally come out!

Can mothers do anything themselves? What’s the truth about the often invoked home remedies that supposedly induce labor?

Do home remedies help in the induction of labor?

Rather not!

Although rumors say: A Glass of warm beer can induce childbirth. But this is not true, because alcohol tends to inhibit contractions. In addition, you should not drink alcohol of any kind during the entire pregnancy, even towards the end!

A hot bath can be relaxing, but it is also not a birth induction method.

Also from the Stair hopping should be avoided as far as possible when heavily pregnant. Apart from the risk of accidents, the oxygen supply to the baby decreases because more blood oxygen is used for the mother’s muscle work. Even contractions do not come from it.

Should mothers even try to influence their due date?

Better not to try it yourself!

During induction of labor in the hospital, it is mandatory that the health of mother and baby be monitored. There must always be a medical reason for induction of labor with appropriate risk assessment.

Also interesting

Better be patient and discuss the further procedure with the doctor.

How do you actually calculate your due date??

► The starting point is the first day of the last menstrual period. Add seven days and nine months to this. This calculation assumes a menstrual cycle of 28 days. In case of deviations, a few days must be added or subtracted accordingly.

An ultrasound around the eleventh week of pregnancy provides further information: at this time, a determination of the head size of the unborn baby is a good indicator.

► But: only about every 25. Baby is born on the exact day expected. So healthy pregnant women like Duchess Kate shouldn’t worry if they haven’t given birth by their due date.

► Many things can delay the birth – nature determines the date of birth, no matter what we calculate in advance. The baby can z. B. just take a while longer to get into the right position before it is ready to come out.

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When and how do doctors induce birth?

► Pregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks. After the 41. In the first week doctors can consider to induce the birth. Because if the pregnancy goes well beyond the normal period, there is a risk that the placenta will function less well. This can affect the baby’s growth and oxygenation.

► Further reason for induction: acute complications such as gestosis (increased high blood pressure in the pregnant woman with increased protein excretion in the urine).

To induce labor, the pregnant woman is given drugs that resemble the natural labor hormone oxytocin. After that, however, it can still take a few days before the contractions begin. Only in about five percent of healthy pregnancies are births induced artificially.

Risk: Too strong contractions can be induced due to overstimulation. Therefore, means must be available to induce labor if necessary. to inhibit.

By the way, with the first child the pregnancy usually lasts longer than with later children. Scientists do not know exactly why this is so.

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