Increase calorie consumption while jogging – 8 tips to help you do it

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Lydia Kulterer

If you want to increase your calorie consumption while jogging, you are right here! We show you how to burn more calories while running.

The calorie consumption while jogging is high. But of course there is more. You can really make the calories tumble while running.

Most people go jogging because they want to lose weight.

You too? Then you will be interested in our article "Lose weight with jogging".

As a recreational athlete, everyone has set a goal to do something for his or her figure. Because honestly, why else would we throw ourselves into running shoes??

You will learn in this article

When jogging you increase your calorie consumption not only during the run. But also afterwards. People talk about the afterburn effect.

When reaching your goal Calorie consumption while jogging you build muscle and boost your metabolism.

And Muscles are very good for the basal metabolic rate. The more muscles you have, the higher is your basal metabolic rate. So you burn more calories even when you’re chilling on the couch.

How many calories you can burn while jogging

If I jog with my 50 kg for 33 minutes, I consume 300 Calories, says at least my app. My average speed is 6:19 minutes per kilometer. The course is 5.3 kilometers long.

100 grams of chocolate contain up to 500 calories. So I would have to run another 2 km to work off the chocolate.

I can cover the calories with 300 g of banana or 350 g of potatoes.

I don’t want to spoil your appetite with this one. But give you food for thought. Does it really have to be 100 grams that you eat? Are not simply 2 pieces also enough? :)

Slimming jogging

By the way, there are many sports that burn more calories than jogging. On average Calorie consumption while jogging at 500 kcal per hour. In the same time you consume

  • Cross country skiing 1030 calories
  • Inline skating 880 calories
  • Beach volleyball 580 calories
  • Squashing 550 calories

What does the calorie consumption depend on when jogging??

How high your calorie consumption actually is while jogging depends on many factors.

Your speed

The most important point is the speed. So how hard you push yourself.

For example, jogging at 50 percent of your maximum heart rate burns 7 calories. If you run faster and increase your heart rate, you can double this number. At 75 percent heart rate you already consume 14 calories.

Or another example: If you have 55 kg and run for 30 minutes at medium speed (10 km/h). So if you run 5 km, you burn 280 calories.

If you run slower (8 km/h) you only burn 215 kcal.

And at a fast 14 km/h you get just under 400 calories.

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Your weight

The more you weigh and the faster you run, the more calories you burn.

But as a beginner, you should stay away from running too fast. Now it’s all about building endurance and creating a foundation for longer runs.

Your metabolism

Another point is your metabolism. If you have a sluggish metabolism, your calorie consumption while running is also a little slower. But the good news is that exercise is the perfect way to kick-start your metabolism!

The season

Yes, read correctly. There is a difference between spring, summer, autumn and winter.

But that has less to do with the temperature. When it’s hot outside, we don’t feel like eating high-calorie foods, we reach for salads and juices. And in autumn/winter we like to fill up our belly.

We basically move more in the summer. Every single step consumes calories, even without exercise.

Because we eat light, we consume fewer calories. And you also have to run less far when jogging. So maybe just snack a few cookies less :)

The route

I can run 5 km on the bike path. It goes up a few meters at the most and then down again.

Or I can run in the woods over roots and hills. In both cases I run 5 km. That the Calories burned while jogging at in the forest or off the roads but Much bigger I probably don’t need to tell you.

8 tricks to increase your calorie consumption while jogging

First of all, the most important thing: in order to burn calories while running, you should enjoy the sport. Because that’s what makes you fit in the long run.

If you have to force yourself to run every session, it’s not going to happen. The inner pig will catch up with you.

If you want to increase your Calorie consumption during jogging only want to increase lose weight If you don’t like jogging and don’t enjoy it, you should look for a different sport.

One you love. One that you really enjoy. This can be pretty much anything from tennis to squash to climbing to Zumba.

1. Do intervals

Interval runs are great for those who get bored with running and for those who want to increase their calorie consumption while jogging.

Interval training consists of alternating load and recovery. Very often it is trained on the track. You should have a good eye on the distances.

Higher calorie consumption while jogging

On the track you do tempo runs from 400 to 5000 meters long.

The classic is 10x 400 meters with a 90 second trot break. Or 5×1000 meters with 2 minutes of trotting. During the break, your heart rate must drop to at least 70 percent of your maximum heart rate.

2. Eat the right food before running

If you eat the wrong things, you won’t get going while jogging. That’s why you can barely burn calories. When food is in your stomach, running is usually over after the first kilometer.

If you want to increase your calorie consumption while running, you should not eat anything hearty before training.

Ham& Eggs, a big portion of pancakes with chocolate sauce and the like are not suitable. It tastes good, but you won’t get far.

For me it is easiest to eat normally 2-3 hours before the run. And if I get hungry right before the start I take a banana.

It activates metabolism, gives power quickly without you feeling it with each step.

3. Start slowly

Especially beginners tend to rush immediately and go full throttle. The magic word here is: slow down! Run in first, get warm and then increase the pace.

How to last much longer. By the way, stopping immediately at the first gasp is not good either. Just take it down a notch, breathe in very deeply through your nose and out quickly through your mouth.

Burn more calories while running

If it’s no longer possible, bet on fast walking. Only you should not stand still.

Always stay wild.

4. Go for tempo running

Unlike interval running, tempo running involves jogging fast for a longer period of time. At a brisk and fast pace, you run at 85 to 88 percent of your maximum heart rate.

This method is not for beginners. In order to keep this up, you need a good basic stamina.

Typically, this method is used by marathon runners. You run 12 to 15 kilometers at your marathon race pace.

5. Find a hill or mountain

Running uphill strengthens your leg muscles. But it also boosts your calorie consumption. Find a route with an incline. This can be a mountain or just a small hill.

Try to keep up the pace on the incline. Very skilled runners can run 10x 1 minute uphill.

The downhill stretch you trot slowly and breathe in and out very deeply. This is how you get ready for the next climb.

6. Integrate strength training into jogging

The more muscles, the higher the calorie consumption when jogging and resting. Muscles burn energy – i.e. calories. So you should not only concentrate on endurance training, but also include strength training in your workout.

Increase calorie consumption while running by strength training

Interrupt your workout if you want. Benches, tree trunks and the like invite you to do dips, push-ups, lunges and the like.

If you don’t want to stop, you can do some bodyweight exercises at home.

7. Hold back on eating after the run

While jogging you have increased your calorie consumption, now you are hungry. Logical. The energy stores want to be filled again.

But now you have to pay attention. Because just because you have been running is not a free pass for a feeding frenzy.

Now hold back a little and eat healthy. Even though you might be craving chocolate, grab a yogurt with fruit and oatmeal.

But also for this you should give your body a little time. Immediately after jogging you still burn a lot of calories.

You should be able to go without food for at least an hour. Use the time for stretching and showering. Afterwards you can treat yourself to something tasty.

8. Drink a lot before and after running

Drinking is so important. Still, few do it in sufficient quantity. Especially we women tend to drink too little all the time. You too?

Find tips and tricks to help you stay hydrated. Water and teas stimulate the metabolism and digestion.

Increase calorie consumption while jogging

And this in turn activates the calorie consumption during jogging, before and after. Drinking plenty of water also makes you less hungry and therefore consumes fewer calories.

If you know you’re going to run tonight, drink plenty of still water throughout the day. Drinking a huge glass right before the run makes little sense. You will have to stop on the way because your bladder is full.

Besides, you will hardly be able to run well with a water belly. It makes you slow and sluggish. Drink only half a glass before the run and drink fluids regularly throughout the day!

How long you need to run to burn off snacks

There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself once in a while. But if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, you should keep in mind how long you have to run to burn it off again.

Our examples are based on a woman weighing 70 kilograms and running at a pace of 6 minutes per kilometer. So she’s running 10 kilometers per hour. To make it easier, let’s call her Lara. Lara consumes 68 calories per kilometer run.

To lose a croissant during a run

A tasty croissant for breakfast is quite something. But it also has a lot to offer. It consists, nevertheless, to the largest part simply only of butter.

A mere croissant can have up to 400 calories.

Calorie consumption while jogging Croissant abtrainieren

To work off this Lara has to jog for about 35 minutes. Or in other words: 5.88 kilometers.

Chocolate off while jogging

Sometimes it simply must be. There is really no other way. And because it is so tasty, we just eat a whole bar of chocolate in one go. And then comes the guilty conscience.

Because in order to consume these calories again, we have to put in quite a bit of effort.

A bar of milk chocolate has up to 500 calories.

Calorie consumption while jogging

To work off these calories, Lara has to jog for 45 minutes. Or in other words: 7.35 kilometers.

Train away the calories of pizza

Mhh Pizza. Could I eat regularly. But I should not. Because a salami pizza can contain up to 800 calories. Depending on the size and amount of the topping, it can of course be even more or a little less.

Increase calorie consumption while jogging

To work off the calories Lara has to run for one hour and 17 minutes. Or in other words: 11.76 kilometers.

Eat nachos with cheese

Today I feel like going to the movies or to the Mexican restaurant? What should not be missing are nachos topped with cheese. The fattier the better.

If you take a small portion size with 170 grams, you are with cheese nachos at 530 calories. For a large portion of 320 grams, it is already 990 calories.

Train away the calories of jogging nachos

To work off the small portion, Lara has to run 47 minutes or 7.79 kilometers. For the large portion, Lara has to run one hour and 45 minutes or 14.56 kilometers.

Chocolate cream off while running

Chocolate spread. No more words needed. That’s right? The chocolate spread is just awesome. In the morning on a roll, with a spoon in case of lovesickness or just because it suits you.

But beware: a jar of chocolate nougat spread (400 g) contains 2165 calories. Per serving there are 80 calories.

Lara has to run for 3 hours and 17 minutes or 31.71 kilometers to get rid of the chocolate cream.

For a small portion she runs 1.18 kilometers or 7 minutes.

Train away from cola by jogging

A refreshing glass of coke is good after long days at work. It’s a great alternative to alcoholic drinks at parties. What speaks against it? Well maybe the calories that are in it.

0.5 liters of cola contain 210 calories.

Calorie consumption while jogging

To get rid of the cola Lara has to run for 18 minutes and 30 seconds or 3.09 kilometers.

Beware of thinking errors!

If you have eaten a salami pizza and have been running for 1 hour 17 minutes, you have burned it off. You are then exactly at 0 and balanced. With this tactic you can’t get fit and you can’t lose weight.

What I want to say again: In order to increase your calorie consumption while jogging, you need to eat healthy and balanced food. It’s best to stay away from pizza, chips, cola and co.

Put fruits, vegetables, lots of protein and water on your menu instead. How healthy nutrition works, we have revealed in the article: "So simple is healthy eating".

Our conclusion

If you want to increase your calorie consumption while jogging, you have to focus on variety on the running route, intervals and proper eating before and after running.

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