Humor: how to play living room golf? – rules of the game

Golf has long ceased to be a sport reserved only for high society. Even small and insignificant variations from the original – for example, punching in your own living room – bring this sport closer to the less well-heeled common man.

Preparations for living room golf

Living room golf rulesTo make the fun perfect, however, some preparations or. Reconstruction measures necessary. First of all, of course, you need a suitable hole in the ground, as the popular "piercing" would otherwise be impossible when playing golf. Inhabitants of a floor apartment should pay attention to the drilling depth here, because not all neighbors are enthusiastic about falling down balls.

If your neighbor is a golf fan, you can simply invite him to a game every now and then – this will increase motivation.

Immediately before the game is best to remove all pictures in glass frames, expensive vases, televisions, etc. – so basically everything that could be broken during the game. Another possibility is to set the ball hardness as the host. After all, even in "normal" golf you do not play with cannonballs.

A funny variant could be rubber balls, which are excellent to play with over one – or more – gangs.


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If there is a "bolter" among the teammates, who is notorious for his hard shots, open the windows as a precaution and sell it to the participants as "king’s golf", where not all the boards may be used.

In addition, you can use the new hole in the living room also in everyday life. Cooking freaks can deposit a pot of chives there, for example – or (for mom) put a small bouquet of flowers inside. There are no limits to your creativity here ..

After all the essential preparations for living room golf are discussed, we come to the rules of the game:

Rules of the game for living room golf

  1. The host sets the rules. It is good manners for fellow players to accept the host’s instructions. Prolonged exchanges of words or fisticuffs when setting the ground rules are considered impolite.
  2. Bringing dogs, cats or other animals that chase balls, influence their position or eat each other, etc. is not allowed., is normally strictly prohibited.
  3. Small children are also to be banned from the golf course because of the risk of injury or to be adequately armored. This also applies if, for example, some teammates find it amusing to knock over your son’s building blocks.
  4. To allow older children or teenagers to participate meaningfully in this parlor game, send them out into the backyard to search for the missed balls (with the windows open) or. return to the living room.
  5. When teeing off, the concentration of the hitter must not be impaired. It counts as stupidity to stand wide-legged behind him and then complain when you get the club in your soft parts. After all, the batter can’t have his eyes everywhere.
  6. Since it is allowed to play over the "rail", it may happen that the ball comes to rest on expensive upholstered furniture – or the like. Here, the host may require teammates to remove shod cowboy boots or stilettos so that the furniture is not too strained.
  7. If the ball lands on a high or wobbly cabinet, it is part of the gentleman agreement to help the teammate on the cabinet or. to hold wobbly pieces of furniture so that they cannot fall over.
  8. Fellow players should have understanding if the host has to close the golf course – due to occasional, subsequent maintenance work – from time to time. It is recommended not to make jokes about the maintenance in such a situation.
  9. If a ball lands under a piece of furniture, the participants have to lift it so that the player can hit the ball properly with the club. If you already have sore muscles from the last game – or there are players who cannot lift your oak furniture to the appropriate height – it is allowed to plug the cavities under the furniture with newspaper.
  10. The number of participants must be limited in such a way that a free trajectory of the ball is guaranteed. If this is not feasible due to the size of the room, all participants standing in the possible trajectory of the ball must wear helmets, or. At least wear protective goggles for your eyes. It is also advisable to keep your mouth closed during a tee shot.
  11. Agree, if possible before the game, what excuse you will give (to relatives, friends etc.) choose when a teammate accidentally gets knocked out. If the blackout lasts longer, you can also use it as an obstacle (as in minigolf).
  12. The aim of the game is to get into the hole with as few strokes as possible.
  13. Meta-rule: Each host is allowed to agree on further rules of the game – before the start of the game! – with the participants before the start of the game. This meta-rule is necessary because some fields can be very different in size and layout.

Have fun with living room golf!

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