Hsc coburg draws 3. Team withdrawn from play

HSC coburg draws 3. team withdrawn from play

HSC 2000 coburg has withdrawn its third team from play and is thus the first team to be relegated from the handball district’s top division. reasons for this decision are the lack of players and the overload of the A-youths, which could no longer be accepted.

the third team was made up primarily of youth players and veteran hsclers. the line-up changed from week to week – it was possible for the entire Bundesliga youth team to appear one week, and a decimated team that was just about ready to play the next week. Due to the high workload of the A-youth players, who in addition to training and the youth league also play in part in the 3. the team is not able to play in the third league in the long run. "We have a duty of care towards the young people here, the risk of injury would simply be too great in the long term, says sporting director jan gorr.

Match schedule already adjusted

the possibility of poaching players from other clubs and using them in the third team had been categorically ruled out from the outset. "We don’t want to weaken the clubs in the area in order to maintain the third team", says spokesman of the board stefan apfel. Thus it was the only sporty fair possibility to deregister the third team from the play enterprise. "We know that this is not a good solution during the season, but have seen no alternative", explains apple.

The games of the HSC III have already been removed from the schedule, and the respective opponents are off on the weekends in question.

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