How to make your instagram pictures even more awesome

How to make your instagram pictures even more awesome

Instagram is growing and growing – only at the end of 2017 the picture network, which belongs to Facebook, announced that it had now reached 700 million monthly users. And due to a change in the Instagram API, we can now also offer Instagram Direct Publishing in SocialHub. Of course, everyone wants to post the most beautiful Instagram pictures.

In total, more than 60 billion (!) Photos have been shared via Instagram. You’ve probably contributed a few snapshots and selfies to it, too, or are regularly on the lookout for good motifs for your employer. But somehow the whole thing does not really work yet. Because to be successful on Instagram, you need one thing above all: really good pictures! And you are not exactly the professional photographer… But that does not matter! You can easily pimp your Instagram images with these tricks and tools.

Less is more

Instagram became famous for its filters, with which you can give your most boring cell phone photos a hip vintage or analog photo look in no time at all. Additional image editing apps offer almost endless effects, so the possibilities for playing around can quickly run away with you.

But if you look at the photos of very successful Instagrammers (z.B. On the Instagram blog), then it quickly becomes clear: Less is more! The pictures are indeed edited, but the art is that a clear and ‘natural’ look comes out of it and they look as little alienated as possible.

Also Picture frame are totally out, rather only disturb the overall impression of your own "gallery" and make it difficult for you to reuse the images later for anything else.

By the way, less is more also applies to the Choice of motif to: Minimalist and calm, not too colorful pictures come particularly well, such as z.B. at @berlinstagram:

Even if it’s hard: Do without frames and alienation effects! Become more minimalistic!

Get your pictures in line

Do you also often see pictures on Instagram that would be really MEGA, but your index finger remains halay above the screen and suddenly can’t bring yourself to double tap… Something disturbs, the picture is somehow… crooked!? Just a tiny tick to the left, or to the right, or more centered, that’s it, that’s what’s missing for the perfect picture, you think to yourself. You won’t believe how often this happens.

How to make your instagram pictures even more awesome

Since I myself manage to take 50% of my photos somehow crooked, I’m even more thankful that Instagram has introduced salvation for that as well: In the edit menu, there’s a Straighten Images feature that will make your pictures a little more perfect in about a second.

Sounds unspectacular, but it should not be underestimated: Straighten your images!

Find unusual perspectives

Try to take unusual perspectives more often. Get down on your knees, capture the reflection in a puddle, take just a frame or focus on a detail, shoot something against the huge sky, focus on an object in the foreground (or deliberately leave it out of focus), wait for someone to walk by or cycle through your image, and and and.

There are no limits to your imagination. You still have no ideas? That’s the great thing about Instagram – you can get all kinds of inspiration there.

Try something new more often!

Edit your Instagram pictures with the right apps

You’ll be amazed how much better your Instagram pictures will be if you edit them with the app Snapseed before posting them to Instagram. The app offers a lot of great features, from vintage filters to tilt-shift to HDR effects (but hey, see point 1)!).

But for the best results, simply use the "Tune Image" toolbox, which allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, white balance, etc. by sliding and swiping the screen. can quickly adapt. The "drama" function also works wonders for many a gray, boring photo – but here, too, it’s better not to overdo it!

While Snapseed will give you very clear, high-contrast, bright images or HDR photos, you can use apps like Afterlight or VSCOCam to achieve a very hip, analog look with soft tones and contrasts.

You can get an impression about the aesthetics from z.B. here in the VSCO Grid.

So instead of always using Instagram filters: With third-party apps like Snapseed& Co your Instagram pictures become much more awesome!

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