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Leni Klum posts special Instagram photo – she shows herself with pimples

02.02.2022 updated: 15:23

Heidi Klum's eldest daughter Leni at the premiere of the Netflix film 'The Harder They Fall

Leni Klum can often be seen perfectly styled as a model. Now shows on a private snapshot without makeup and coiffed hair.

NRW/USA – Seemingly flawless is how many celebrity ladies look in pictures from professional photo shoots. Leni Klum has also shown up on Instagram, but usually with makeup for it. But now she’s advocating for more reality on the social media app known for seemingly perfect photos.

Topmodel Leni Klum
Born 4. May 2004 (age 17), New York City, New York, United States
Parents Heidi Klum, Flavio Briatore, Seal
Siblings Lou Sulola Samuel, Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel Uncle

Leni Klum shows herself without make-up: daughter of Heidi Klum gives courage to Instagram fans

Leni Klum’s presence on Instagram also makes her a great role model, especially for younger users of the platform. In an effort to dispel the preconceptions of a seemingly perfect appearance, the 17-year-old recently revealed that she too struggles with a typical teenage problem.

Especially the right cheek seems to be affected by the acne problem. But the internationally sought-after top model also shows that these apparent flaws do not detract from her beauty. And more importantly, the 17-year-old shows that she accepts herself as she is (more celebrity and TV news at RUHR24).

Leni Klum on Instagram: Top model publishes surprising photo

This is also shown by the red heart, which, including the message “Make-Up Free”, can be seen on the snapshot she recently took of herself. The 17-year-old also apparently does without the photo filters that are otherwise popular with celebrities.

A gold chain and matching bracelet adorn the neck and one wrist of the model. This is not the first time Leni Klum has shown such a snapshot, in which she shows herself quite naturally.

According to Bild, the model is said to have published a similar photo on Instagram as early as January 2021. Not only with the photo she made her fans already last year courage, but also with an important message. She reportedly advised her followers that “these problems too shall pass”.

Leni Klum poses on the catwalk

Leni Klum: Daughter of Heidi Klum shows herself on Instagram again without make-up and filters

To do so, she chose the text “#nomakeup” and explained that her skin also has blemishes on bad days, as with many other teenagers. That this is not a rarity with her, the influencer has now proven with the latest photo.


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